Chapter 595: Kirsh Kingdom
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Two days later, a system announcement sounded out in Zhao Fu's mind saying that the Chaotic World Stone Stele had risen to Level 6. Zhao Fu couldn't contain his excitement and immediately went to the stone stele and bought the Trans-Boundary Teleportation Channel.

Looking at the orange ball of light in his hands, Zhao Fu went to the door to the outside world and fused the ball of light into the magic formation. The magic formation immediately activated and gave off waves of orange light.

The gray area in between the door frames became rainbow-colored and gave off mystical-looking light. They could now enter the outside world.

Zhao Fu suppressed his excitement and started to make some preparations. He did not know what it would be like outside, so he had to make sufficient preparations to avoid anything going wrong.

As for everything in Great Qin, Zhao Fu decided to hand over the management to Bai Qi. After all, Bai Qi was the subordinate Zhao Fu thought to be the most capable.

After making his preparations, Zhao Fu went before the door to the outside world and deeply breathed in. He had decided to go out by himself, as it would be quite troublesome to bring others around with him. Moreover, Zhao Fu had already recovered a bit more than half of his strength, so it would be no problem for him to protect himself.

After stepping into the door, Zhao Fu felt a massive power surround him, causing his head to feel a bit dizzy. This lasted for about a minute.

Zhao Fu soon came back to his senses and found that he was lying on a field of grass. He was now outside the Legacy Land. A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face before he found a hidden place and set up a teleportation channel to return.

Zhao Fu did not know where he was or where he was going, so he just continuously flew forward.

The only thing that Zhao Fu knew was that this was the border of a kingdom's territory due to the extremely powerful restrictive power. Almost all teleportation channels would not be able to work here, and even spatial equipment would not be able to be used.

For example, even Intermediate and Advanced spatial rings would not be useable, and only top-tier spatial rings would be useable. However, there were still great restrictions, and they would only be able to bring out small objects.

The border was about 50,000 kilometers wide, if not even wider. This was mainly to prevent other kingdoms from invading – without these territories, other people could directly use teleportation channels to reach the depths of the kingdom and bring a large amount of transportation equipment using spatial equipment.

That would put a kingdom into an incredibly disadvantageous situation, so they used their borders to put the invaders at a disadvantage. Not only would they have to travel by foot, but they would also have to carry their items by themselves.

On the other hand, even though the defending side could not use spatial equipment, they could freely use their teleportation channels and could quickly bring over a large number of people to defend their borders.

After flying for a while, Zhao Fu still had not found anyone or any villages. If he could not use any teleportation channels and relied on flying, it would take him at least two or so days if he could find the right direction.

The first day, Zhao Fu did not find anything, so he could only continue onwards. He took a brief rest at night before continuing onwards the next day.

The second day, Zhao Fu finally found something. It was a group of people with a carriage that was surrounded by a group of wolf-headed people.

These wolf-headed people had human bodies but had wolf heads, and they were incredibly ferocious.

The people who were surrounded had Asian faces, but their skin was a bit green. Their carriage was filled with food, wine, and cloth, and they were most likely a small group of merchants. Because they could not use spatial equipment and teleportation channels here, they could only rely on physically bringing everything.

The two sides started to fight – the merchant group only had ten or so people, and only eight or nine of them could fight. Their cultivations were at around Stage 0-8 to 0-9, while there were 30 or so of the wolf-headed people.

As soon as the fighting began, the merchant group was at an immense disadvantage. Two of them quickly died, while five of them were injured, and they were about to be slaughtered by the wolf-headed people.

A white-bearded elderly man from the merchant group felt immense despair, knowing that his group of people would most likely die here.

The wolf-headed people were extremely vicious towards humans, and even if they handed over everything they had, they would still kill them.

Suddenly, a few rays of sword light descended from above, killing ten or so wolf-headed people. The remaining wolf-headed people were given a big fright, and they soon saw a black-cloaked figure descend from the sky.

Seeing this person descend from the sky, the wolf-headed people immediately scattered and ran, as they felt that they definitely weren't a match for the person in front of them. After all, he had just killed half of them in just a single attack, so none of them dared to remain.

The white-bearded elder looked at the cloaked figure and immediately brought the survivors to pay their respects to Zhao Fu, and he said in gratitude, "Thank you for saving our lives, sir!"

Zhao Fu could not understand them, so he took out a language stone and recorded their words, then used it to learn their language.

Luckily, Zhao Fu had made preparations, or language would have been a big problem for him.

This language was called Grassi, and Zhao Fu automatically learned it. He could understand them perfectly, but it took some effort to actually speak the language, so he barely managed to say, "You're… welcome!"

Even though they felt that Zhao Fu's speech was a bit weird, they did not think much of it or say anything about it. After all, this sort of power could rule the world, and if they accidentally angered him, he might just slaughter them all.

"Where… are… you… going?" Zhao Fu once again spoke the Grassi language with great effort.

The white-bearded elder respectfully replied, "Sir, we're going to the Kirsh Kingdom to sell some things."

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face, and he said, "I… also want to go… I… can protect… you!"

Hearing this ,the merchants felt incredibly happy. With such a powerful person protecting them, they would not have to worry about any dangers.

As such, they quickly invited Zhao Fu in and prepared a carriage for him. Zhao Fu entered the carriage and did not say anything else for fear of revealing his identity.

Just like that, Zhao Fu travelled with the merchant group for three to four days before arriving before a large, grand wall. Zhao Fu had barely spoken during those few days, and the people from the merchant group had not disturbed him, only bringing him some food every now and then.

Essentially, every kingdom had a great wall, which was incredibly important for a kingdom's defenses. The great walls were not only simple defensive structures but also reinforced by the kingdom's power, making them incredibly tough.

The great wall was 20 or so meters tall, with soldiers with powerful auras guarding them. Below, the gates were ten meters wide with many people entering and exiting, making the place look quite bustling.

Zhao Fu saw that the soldiers did not try to check his identity and only took some fees for entering the kingdom, and he let out a sigh of relief.

However, just based on these soldiers' strength, Zhao Fu could roughly estimate the Kirsh Kingdom's strength. The soldiers here were all around Stage 1, the Captains had Stage 2 Cultivation, the Majors had Stage 3 Cultivation, and Generals had Stage 4 Cultivation.<script>chaptererror();</script>



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