Chapter 598: Water of Life
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Now that the two regions had fused, the system asked if Zhao Fu wanted to keep the Void Zones between both regions, and Zhao Fu chose not to. This would make coming and going from the two regions more convenient in the future.

Zhao Fu's next target was East Green because there were not many forests that obscured their vision or made moving around difficult. It was also next to Red Plum Plains and Xianyang, and the three regions could be linked. Zhao Fu once again left this to Great Qin's army.

After clearing out Red Plum Plains, Great Qin's strength had once again greatly increased. Its population was now 9.6 million, and they now had 1.8 million soldiers. From now on, Great Qin would face many battles and difficult situations, so they had to have a powerful military to support them.

As such, they couldn't have a 100:6 ratio of civilians to soldiers. If things became calmer in the future and Great Qin successfully survived this disaster, Zhao Fu would no longer expand the army as quickly.

Right now, they had 19 Great Cities, 4 Cities, 18 Towns, and 1,869 Villages.

After dealing with these things, Zhao Fu gathered all of his Generals in the Meeting Hall and told them about the outside world.

Everyone looked extremely serious after hearing about the disaster that would come in the future, and that was only from the previous world. If other worlds also participated, no matter what the Legacy Land did, they would be easily crushed.

The future was filled with uncertainty, and Great Qin's only goal was to continuously become stronger. Only with enough power would they be able to nullify this disaster.

After discussing, Great Qin started to make preparations.

Zhao Fu went to a large empty area and ordered people to start digging. Zhao Fu wanted to start creating Water of Life, and because of the limits on their situation, Zhao Fu could only create a low-grade Fountain of Life.

The soldiers obeyed Zhao Fu's orders and dug out a large pit that was 30 meters wide and 250 meters deep, then started to build the walls of the well. The walls were made of trees that were at least a decade old, which was not too difficult as there were many of them.

The five dead Trees of Life were cut into small planks and placed every 50 meters down for the walls of the well.

After doing this, Zhao Fu collected a bit of blood from 100,000 Elves, which was quite easy to do, as Great Qin now had 400,000 or so Elves.

Following this, Zhao Fu had people use the blood to draw runes on the walls of the well, and after this was done, Zhao Fu took out a green fruit.

The green fruit was as big as a fist and was quite round and very smooth. It gave off a faint green light and had a faint fragrance – it was a Fruit of Life.

The higher the grade and the older the Trees of Life or Fruits of Life were, the better the Water of Life would be. However, because of various restrictions, Zhao Fu could only use these.

Zhao Fu dug a shallow hole next to the completed well and put the Fruit of Life in there before covering it up. After this, the well started to go through changes and gave off a faint green light.

The blood-red runes on the well walls seemed to come to life, and they completely fused with the well walls. The well walls seemed to also come to life and started to grow as the planks started to fuse so that there were not any cracks, making it seem as if the well walls were the inside of a gigantic tree trunk.

The Fountain of Life was complete!

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face as he had his soldiers throw the thousands of corpses that they had prepared into the Fountain of Life until it was almost full, turning it into a terrifying well of corpses.

However, soon, pure fountain water started to appear as the corpses withered, turning into dry corpses. There was a great contrast between the clear fountain water and the dried up corpses.

One was filled with deathly aura while the other was filled with the aura of life. This scene looked quite evil, but Zhao Fu was long since accustomed to such things.

Beside the well, a small green sprout slowly rose up and quickly grew. Soon, it became a one metre tall sapling.

Zhao Fu looked at the sapling before turning back to the clear fountain water. He took out a small bottle and took some of the fountain water before looking at its description.

[Crude Water of Life]: A crude type of Water of Life that has life energy. Consuming it can quickly heal one's injuries and help one regain one's strength.

After looking at this description, Zhao Fu raised the little bottle and poured its contents into his mouth. Zhao Fu tried his best not to think of those corpses, or it would be like drinking corpse water.

After the Water of Life entered his body, it turned into a wave of green energy that rippled out and quickly healed his body's injuries. The effects were quite powerful, and it was not inferior to a Stage 4 healing pill.

A smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face. Even in the Kirsh Kingdom, very few people would have Stage 4 healing pills. Ordinary soldiers most likely only had Stage 2 healing pills, and this was despite the Kirsh Kingdom being quite powerful.

After all, the higher the level, the better their effects were and the more expensive they would be.

Great Qin had always been using relatively low-level healing pills. Even though they were the best healing pills that they could source, they were less than 10% as effective as the Water of Life. The Water of Life would give Great Qin a very big advantage.

Zhao Fu did not forget about his idea to nurture a large number of Divine Tree Warriors. He cut 100 branches off from the Tree of Life that he had planted. These branches were all quite small, so cutting them off would not harm the Tree of Life too much.

The chances of success for this sort of method was quite low, and the effects were not as good as using a Fruit of Life. However, Fruits of Life cost 100,000 gold coins, and if Zhao Fu wanted to plant 100 of them, he would have to spent ten million gold coins.

No matter how rich Zhao Fu was, he could not just spend money like this. As such, he decided to use the second method, which was to grow new trees using branches. Now that he had a Fountain of Life, he could use this sort of method.

Trees of Life required a lot of space, so Zhao Fu planted them at least 1,000 meters away from each other before pouring Water of Life on them and waiting.

It would take a few days to see if any of them successfully grew. Over the next few days, they would have to continuously water them with Water of Life. Only with many Trees of Life would Great Qin be able to nurture a large number of Divine Tree Warriors. This was quite exciting, as the Divine Tree Warrior profession was a B- grade profession.

Next, Zhao Fu turned his attention to the altar they had obtained. The godly spirit Dokohl was quite weak, and it would not be too difficult for Great Qin to kill its clone.

Zhao Fu already knew what he was going to use its Divinity for – he was going to fuse it with the Black Forest Horse Den. Right now, after using two Horse Jade Souls on it, the Black Forest Horse Den spawned Stage 0-6 to 0-7 horses.

If he fused the Divinity with it, the Black Forest Horses would be, at the very least, Stage 1. No one in the Legacy Land would have Stage 1 warhorses, and it was possible that Great Qin's warhorses would be as strong as the Kirsh Kingdom's warhorses.



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