Chapter 601: Conclusion
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Xianru offered a piece of paper to Zhao Fu. He took it and looked at Nü Lü before lightly laughing, "What, are you feeling shocked?"

Nü Lü came back to her senses and couldn't help but smile. "No one would expect that you are Great Qin's Legatee. The Ying family would never expect Great Qin's Legatee, who they have been searching for all this time, to have always been with the Ying family. You've fooled the entire world!"

Zhao Fu smiled as he said, "That was just to maximize my benefits. Only by shrouding Great Qin's Legatee in mystery can I make people respect him."

Hearing this, Nü Lü nodded and felt that she understood the things that Zhao Fu had done before a bit more.

Zhao Fu took out the Imperial Ruler's Seal and pressed it against the paper. Immediately, the paper gave off waves of golden light, making it seem quite extraordinary, and the light was filled with a prestigious, noble aura.

"We, Great Qin's Legatee, confer on Nü Lü the title Imperial Concubine, and you will receive the acknowledgment of Great Qin's Fate!"

Zhao Fu waved his hand, and the paper turned into a golden light that entered Nü Lü's body. Suddenly, golden Phoenix Qi flooded out, instantly covering the Meeting Hall. Everyone present felt incredibly shocked upon seeing the amount of Phoenix Qi that Nü Lü possessed.


A piercing Phoenix cry that seemed to pierce through the heavens sounded out. The crystal Emperor Phoenix Statue once again became a golden phoenix and flew in the sky as Nü Lü's Phoenix Qi rushed towards the sky.


After absorbing the immense amount of Phoenix Qi, the golden phoenix exploded out with an even more powerful aura and gave off a brilliant golden light, seeming to dye the entire world golden. The golden Phoenix's body immediately became 30 or so meters long, which was many times bigger than before.

A small golden Phoenix descended from the sky and entered the Meeting Hall before being absorbed into Zhao Fu's body. Countless traces of golden light passed through Zhao Fu's body, causing Zhao Fu's injuries from the Fate backlash to be instantly healed.


A massive explosion rang out, and everyone in the Midland Continent heard this. They all looked up at the sky and saw that the weather had suddenly changed.

"System announcement! Great Qin's Fate has recovered, and Great Qin's Legatee's injuries have recovered. The shift in Fate has concluded!"

"System announcement! The shift in Fate has concluded, and the invaders' bonus stats have been canceled. Killing Chinese players will not give any additional rewards, and conquering Chinese territory will not give bonus Fate!"

"System announcement! Congratulations to China for successfully defending against the invasion. All who participated in the defense will receive 100 War Points!"

"System announcement! China should repel the intruders. Killing the intruders will give four times War Points!"

System announcements continuously sounded out in countless players' minds. The 21 invading countries' momentum weakened while China's momentum became much stronger.

Many people from the foreign countries decided to retreat. Now, they were classified as intruders, so if they stayed here, they would be furiously attacked by China.

This was a world where personal benefits reigned supreme. Because of the plentiful rewards, countless ordinary players had attacked China and invaded.

However, now that there were not any benefits, no one wanted to invade anymore. This was a world where everyone pursued their own benefits, and patriotism had its limits. Who would give everything they had for their countries? Perhaps very few people would do so, but their numbers could not compare to those who wouldn't.

When tyrants ruled, people only rebelled because their interests were harmed.

The equipment, skills, and cultivations that players possessed were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and who would want to sacrifice all of that for nothing?

Before, China had been suffering continuous losses not only because they did not have sufficient preparations but because many people did not want their interests to be harmed.

Back when they had been attacking Great Qin, they were extremely passionate because of the massive rewards from the various Dynasty Legatees and factions. Otherwise, who would do such a thing without any incentive?

Some people would claim that they were not afraid of anything and not back down when facing any enemies. However, that was only for the ones who did not have anything.

When one had possessions worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, which would be lost if they died – things that could change their lives – would they still do the same?

No matter which country it was, everyone pursued their own benefits.

Now that the Chinese side had a large amount of benefits available to them, their morale continuously rose. Countless people used Boundary Medallions to go to the boundary regions. The invading ordinary people just wanted to retreat, as there were no longer any rewards and they had already obtained their rewards, so they just wanted to leave now.

China now formally began its counterattack. At the southern side, China gathered 20 million people and defeated the Russian army in one fell swoop. The proud and elegant Oleg, seeing his army being annihilated, had an ugly expression as he ordered a full retreat.

Facing the Mongolian army's terrifying steel cavalry, the Chinese side prepared countless heavy ballistae, armor-piercing arrows, and defensive carts. They no longer passively defended, and they instead braved the countless arrows under the shielding of their defensive carts. They successfully destroyed part of the Mongolian army and sent the rest into retreat.

Facing Kazakhstan, the Chinese side gathered eight million people and forcefully fought back, successfully beating them back.

On the eastern side were the ones who put up the most resistance, Japan and South Korea. These two were the most arrogant countries, while the other countries had all been sent into retreat by China.

Facing the resolute resistance from these two countries, the Chinese side gathered in the Flowing Wind Region and Great Sun Region for decisive battles, and the Chinese side finally successfully sent the two countries into retreat.

The battle forces between China, Japan, and South Korea was roughly the same, and the only reason China was able to win so decisively on all fronts was because everyone on the Chinese side was united and filled with battle intent. On the other hand, the two countries with ordinary players had long since wanted to stop fighting. The Chinese players valiantly rushed up to kill their enemies, most likely because of the increased rewards.

Many Japanese and South Korean players were caught by the Chinese side, and they knelt on the ground and continuously cried out.

"China's the strongest, and we admit our loss. Please spare us!"

"We're sorry! We'll kowtow to you, so please let us off!"

"Lord! Please forgive us this once. Everything I have on me is all I have; please spare us just this once!"

"Chinese people are the most powerful in the world! Please let us inferior existences off!"

In the face of losing everything that they had, all of them submitted and wanted to live. Just like what they had done, China humiliated the other side – now, their positions were completely reversed.

The northern side of the Midland Continent was still the calmest. After all, there were not many people there, and because the countries over there feared Great Qin, they had not invaded much.

After the system announcements sounded out, those countries had silently retreated from the regions they had conquered and returned to their own territory, so there was not much conflict up there.

On the western side, seeing that they had lost the advantage, Shama could only choose to retreat. However, they had no intention of giving back the regions that they had conquered; they only gave up on delving deeper. They continued to occupy the 13 regions close to India's territory.



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