Chapter 602: Time of Peace
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Apart from India on the western side, China was able to reclaim all of the regions that it had lost. Some players instead started to invade the original invaders' territories, but most people had stopped.

After all, they did not receive any bonus rewards from invading their territories, as the system announcement only stated that they would be given additional rewards for repelling the intruders. If they went to other countries' territories to kill people, they would not receive any additional bonuses and only gain the standard amount for killing people of other countries.

China's crisis was now over, which was what Great Qin and the other Dynasty Legatees wanted. China now had a brief time of peace again.

Most people were quite happy about this, and this was especially so for the Hundred Schools of Thought, the Ancient Clans, and the governmental faction. Now, China could stabilize again.

This period of time should have been one for development, and if they had internal conflict, China would continuously be weakened and perhaps something like this could happen again. What they wanted was for China to be at peace internally.

Within an ancient-looking room, a handsome young man with an extraordinary aura mumbled with an expression of disbelief, "This is impossible. Lil Lü would never willingly marry someone else. Back then, we already made an agreement!"

This young man was Xuanyuan Xiu, the Xuanyuan family's Legatee, and the 'big brother Xuanyuan' Nü Lü referred to.

Thinking about everything that had happened between him and Nü Lü since they had grown up together, as well as that sweet promise they had made, Xuanyuan Xiu felt as if his heart was being ripped apart. Tears trickled out of his eyes as he continuously shook his head, unable to accept this.

The elderly woman sighed and tried to comfort him, saying, "Lil Xiu, this was a decision made by Nü Lü. I tried to persuade her otherwise, but now that the shift in Fate has concluded, this means that she has become Great Qin's Legatee's person. She is now within Great Qin's territory, so it's impossible that you'll see her again. She left you a letter to help you forget about her and start anew."

After saying this, the elderly woman handed Xuanyuan Xiu a letter before leaving with a worried expression.

Xuanyuan Xiu hurriedly opened the letter, and after reading its contents, he bitterly wept in pain and collapsed to the ground as he howled.

China's number one beauty marrying into Great Qin made many people feel sorry for her. It could be said that China's peace had been brought about by her singlehandedly.

Many famous poets and artists wrote poems and songs to honor Nü Lü for her selfless sacrifice. In just a moment, Nü Lü's fame rose to a terrifying level.

It was a pity that none of them would ever be able to see her again because they all understood who she belonged to now.

If the person was a good person and treated her well, they would not feel any pity and would instead congratulate her. However, that person was not only cruel but also licentious. Nü Lü's life would be ruined after marrying such a person.

However, this was not something they could change now. With how terrifying Great Qin was, they could only sigh and mourn for Nü Lü.

Back at Great Qin, after a few days, nothing had happened. Nü Lü had thought that Zhao Fu would hold a banquet and formally marry her before consummating with her.

However, unexpectedly, Zhao Fu had not done anything after making her a concubine and had only told people to look after her. Nü Lü felt quite disappointed, and she realized that she was only an ordinary person in Zhao Fu's heart and not special at all.

However, Nü Lü did not choose to leave. Instead, she often remained within the Meeting Hall. This was the center of Great Qin's power, and all of the important decisions were made here.

Nü Lü had another aim, which was to change Great Qin. Here, she would be able to directly talk with Great Qin's Legatee.

Zhao Fu did not chase her away because even if she heard about their important plans, she could not be able to communicate that information to the outside world.

Now that China had gone into a time of peace, Great Qin focused on developing. Its main job was to clear out the remaining three regions around it. Great Qin now had 1.8 million soldiers, and the speed at which they cleared the regions was much faster than before.

By now, they had cleared around one-fifth of East Green, and Zhao Fu decided to relocate Mountain Willow Town back to Great Qin. Liu Subai and the others did not mind because this way they would be able to integrate into Great Qin more.

As for Shattersteel Iron, it was a good material to backstab others, so Zhao Fu established a town that was focused on mining Shattersteel Iron. Perhaps it would be useful in the future.

Talisman Equipment was also mass-produced now, and they had produced roughly 700,000 or so pieces. These were all ordinary Talisman Equipment, as they had to do some research into more advanced Talisman Equipment. Zhao Fu had bought 50 Gold grade Talisman Stones, and he wanted to use them with Gold grade materials to create advanced Talisman Equipment.

The Talisman Equipment created from a White grade Talisman Stone and Blue grade materials could rival an exquisite Silver grade weapon, so if a Gold grade Talisman Stone was fused with Gold grade material, just how powerful would the Talisman Equipment be?

Hearing Great Qin's various decisions, Nü Lü felt incredibly shocked. She had never thought that Great Qin would be this powerful.

After the meeting, the various Generals all had their orders and went to carry them out. Zhao Fu remained in the hall and read through the books that he had bought from the bookshop.

Zhao Fu had gone through some of the books and had some basic understanding of the Grassi people. The ten or so books that he had bought were all very thick, and Zhao Fu was not able to read through them quickly. The Grassi people had a very long history and many different ethnicities, similar to Earth.

It started from low-grade creatures evolving into high-grade creatures, who then went to unify the world. Their social structure and nation structure were similar to Earth's.

Even though Earth's people and the Grassi people were both called Humans, they had different races, different-colored skin, and different histories.

The Grassi people were not weak at all and had Nation Armaments and Clan Armaments. They would be Earth's greatest enemies in the future, and Zhao Fu wanted to understand them more. This would be useful when fighting against them in the future.

Soon, it was night time, and after reading for the whole day, his eyes were quite sore. Just as he was about to rub his eyes, a figure darted to his side and gently rubbed his temples.

"Lord husband, are you feeling better?" Nü Lü lightly smiled as she asked gently.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and immediately understood. Now that he had made her a concubine, she was indeed entitled to call him 'lord husband.'

Nü Lü gave people a sense of familiarity, and even though Zhao Fu had only met her for a short amount of time, he felt that he had known her for a long time. She was one year older than Zhao Fu, but she had a very mature aura. This was especially so because of her unique motherly aura that made people feel even closer to her.

Nü Lü did not think too much about this. Since she had become Zhao Fu's woman, she was determined to be a good wife to him.

After meeting Zhao Fu and observing him, she found that he was not as ruthless and licentious as the rumors had said. Instead, he seemed like quite a gentle person. She had no idea how those rumors had spread.



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