Chapter 607: Beginning of Preparations
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"I've decided to make a move against India!" Zhao Fu said to Nü Lü in his arms.

Hearing this, Nü Lü kissed Zhao Fu on the cheek and lightly smiled as she said, "I knew lord husband would do something about this!"

Zhao Fu also laughed. If it wasn't for the method that the golden dragon had mentioned for stealing Nation Armaments and Clan Armaments, Zhao Fu would not have been able to make this decision.

"Alright, I'm going to return to the real world," Zhao Fu said.

Nü Lü nodded and thought of something before saying, "Lord husband, I've been at Great Qin for a while and haven't told my family how I am. Can you pass on a message for me to the Ancient Clans and tell them I'm doing fine and for them not to worry?"

Zhao Fu nodded and agreed before returning to the real world.

After his consciousness returned to his body, Zhao Fu called over Mu Guilin and had him bring all of the information they and on India before asking someone to invite Su Yuyan.

After a while, Su Yuyan arrived and looked quite surprised. It was quite difficult to meet with Zhao Fu, and this was the first time that Zhao Fu had taken the initiative to request to meet with her.

"What is it? Don't tell me you missed me," Su Yuyan said amusedly as she sat down next to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed, "Looks like a superstar like you is quite narcissistic. I want Flower Moon to help me find information on a person; I'm sure it will be quite easy with Flower Moon's abilities. I'm considering working together with Flower Moon, and I will no longer do anything to people belonging to Flower Moon. Additionally, I can also protect Flower Moon and provide it a sanctuary within my kingdom in the future."

Su Yuyan's expression became serious – she knew how important this matter was. With Great Qin as a big tree to lean against, Flower Moon would be much safer in the future, and they would not have to worry about any danger.

"Whose information are you after?" Su Yuyan asked.

Zhao Fu did not hesitate and replied, "I want information on everyone in Shama's family!"

The Ying family was powerful, but their power was limited to China. Even though they could find some information, it would not be very detailed. However, Flower Moon's forces were all over the world, and they specialized in dealing with information, which was why Zhao Fu wanted to work together with them.

Su Yuyan understood and asked in surprise, "Is Great Qin going to make a move against India?"

Zhao Fu did not mind and nodded.

Su Yuyan smiled and said, "I can represent Flower Moon to cooperate with Great Qin, but what about our three sisters who you captured?"

"We can't let them go as they've already become the Legatee's imperial concubines, but I can help you take care of them," Zhao Fu said apologetically.

"What? They've become imperial concubines?" Su Yuyan said in surprise and delight.

She and the others from Flower Moon had thought that their sisters had been made into sexual objects for Great Qin's Legatee, being tormented every day. With how cruel Great Qin's Legatee was, that was perfectly possible.

She had never expected that they had been made imperial concubines – this meant that they would have a high status within Great Qin and that they would not have to worry about them anymore. What Su Yuyan did not expect was that every woman Zhao Fu had taken had been made an imperial concubine.

Zhao Fu lightly nodded in response.

Su Yuyan happily scooted over, and Zhao Fu wondered what she was doing. She suddenly leaped at him and pushed him down on the sofa, and her lisp heavily pressed against his. Her tongue dove into Zhao Fu's mouth, continuously moving around, and their tongues soon intertwined as they passionately kissed.

A few minutes later, Su Yuyan heavily breathed as she flirtatious looked at Zhao Fu and said, "Thank you! It was most likely because Great Qin's Legatee is willing to work with Flower Moon and made our sisters imperial concubines, right?"

Zhao Fu was quite surprised and had never thought that such a thing would happen. He looked at this superstar and wanted to explain.

However, Su Yuyan lowered her head again and once again kissed Zhao Fu's lips. Another few minutes passed, after which Su Yuyan tidied up her clothes and said coyly, "I'm going now! If you want to go further, that'll depend on your behavior."

Zhao Fu watched as Su Yuyan left and felt at a loss as to what had just happened.

Zhao Fu shook his head and did not think about that anymore, and he had the information about his plans secretly spread throughout China. All of China felt quite delighted – they had never expected Great Qin to deal with India.

India was currently China's greatest enemy, and all of the Dynasty Legatees and factions feared it. They had conquered 13 regions, and this was like a sharp sword that pierced into China's heart, making everyone feel pained.

China had taken back most of the boundary regions and had even invaded some regions of other countries, but India had been defending those 13 regions the entire time.

In fact, on the internet, the Indian netizens said that the 13 regions already belonged to India and told the Chinese people to piss off, making them quite furious.

Despite this, China was unable to do anything about it. India was simply too powerful, and with Shama defending, China's various attempts had all failed. This had boosted India's morale, resulting in many mocking threads on the internet.

"China is complete trash. You think you can beat us?"

"Our great India is the best in the world. Even China doesn't dare to do anything to us!"

"It's obvious that lord Shama is invincible; there's no one in the world who can rival him!"

"That's right! Lord Shama is the most powerful. Isn't Great Qin's Legatee incredibly powerful? Call him out!"

The smaller countries that had been defeated were incredibly angry, and now that China was suffering, they naturally felt quite happy. They stood on India's side and mocked China as well.

"We acknowledge those regions to belong to India. Chinese people should scram!"

"India is number one, and China is number two!"

"China is useless! India is conquering your territory, but you come and attack us. You're indeed all useless. You are chickens in front of India!"

"We support India destroying China!"

These words made many Chinese people quite angry, and many of them furiously attacked the regions that India controlled. The various Schools of Thought and Sects thought of various ways, but they were unable to break through India's defenses. They could only suppress their anger, but they were close to exploding.

Some people thought about Great Qin and hoped that Great Qin would help, but they soon gave up on that idea. Great Qin was not in the west of the Midland Continent, and with all that had happened, it was not likely that Great Qin would help China.

Moreover, even if Great Qin wanted to help, they had just recovered and would not be able to use a lot of Fate, so how could Great Qin's Legatee be a match for Shama? After all, Shama had a Nation Armament, a Clan Armament, and a massive amount of Fate, so anyone who came would lose.

However, Great Qin had announced that it would deal with India, which no one had expected. With Great Qin joining, countless people felt much more confidence, and their blood ran hot. Who said that China had no one capable?



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