Shama finally used his Nation Armament's power, and he had unleashed all of its power from the beginning. It seemed that Shama had made his decision to kill Great Qin's Legatee and trample on Great Qin's name. He was determined to have India replace China as the most powerful nation.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised as he looked at the stone pillar descending. The Nation Armament was called Pillars of Ashoka, and it was more powerful than ordinary Nation Armaments. As expected from the Nation Armament of the Maurya Dynasty.

Because of this massive aura, Zhao Fu, who had been charging at Shama, was forced backward.

Shama coldly laughed and pointed at Zhao Fu as a silver light beam shot out of his finger and flashed out, knocking Zhao Fu away. The terrifying power blasted Zhao Fu's body into a mountain hundreds of meters away.

The face of the mountain cracked, and Zhao Fu seemed to be embedded in the face of the mountain. He lightly coughed up a mouthful of blood – this Nation Armament's power was quite terrifying.

Zhao Fu currently could not use his Nation Armament, as Great Qin's Fate had just started to recover, and they did not have much Fate right now, so using it would harm Great Qin's foundation.

Shama walked over in the air, the hundred meter tall stone pillar floating behind him as he looked at the wretched Zhao Fu. He gave a pleased smile – who had ever made Great Qin's Legatee seem so wretched before?

"Great Qin's Legatee! Prostrate yourself before my feet; you should know that it's impossible for you to defeat me. As long as you're willing to submit and pledge your loyalty, I'll give you a few regions after I destroy China and allow you to live out the rest of your life peacefully!" Shama said arrogantly and domineeringly.

Zhao Fu coldly laughed and said in a hoarse voice, "Your Nation Armament is only Level three; do you really think I can't beat you?"

Right after speaking, Zhao Fu stretched out a hand as a black ray of light shot into the sky, exploding out with shocking power. It then gave off massive amounts of black light, forming an enormous orb of black light – it was Zhao Fu's City Lord Seal.

Great Qin's City Lords all sensed something and exploded out with their City Lord Seals' power, causing terrifying power to rush out to the sky.

Around Zhao Fu's City Lord Seal, orbs of light of all sorts of colors appeared, surrounding the Great Qin Seal – this was the power of the various City Lord Seals.

As the main City Lord Seal, the Great Qin Seal could use the power of the subsidiary City Lord Seals.

The 24 orbs of light shined resplendently like stars in the sky, and Zhao Fu gave a large shout as the Great Qin Seal gave off an even more intense black light. Following this, the 23 orbs of light around it started to spin.


Another shocking explosion rang out as the entire sky seemed to descend, and countless people felt their bodies grow heavier. Many trees started to bend under this pressure.

The 23 orbs of light formed a colorful ring of light, causing the heavens and earth to lose color and for the sun and moon to go dim. A terrifying aura filled this entire region.

Zhao Fu's body became covered with a rainbow light as his aura became terrifying to the extreme to the point that even the space around him became distorted.

Shama looked at Zhao Fu seriously and raised his hand. His Nation Armament shot out countless rays of silver light, and under Shama's control, they formed silver spears that pointed towards Zhao Fu.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

When Shama lowered his hand, the countless silver spears shot out simultaneously, flashing by in an instant and drawing out silver lines in the sky. The aura they gave off seemed to be able to pierce through the world, and they were incredibly terrifying.

Clang, clang, clang…

Zhao Fu's body started to spin and continuously unleash sword lights. His surroundings were filled with sharp sword qi, forming a whirlwind of sword qi.

The countless silver spears smashed into the sword qi whirlwind, causing clanging sounds to continuously sound out. Silver light filled the surroundings as the whirlwind continued to spin. In the end, the countless silver spears were unable to break through the whirlwind, and they were instead all destroyed.

Shama's expression changed, and he raised his hand flat as his Nation Armament continuously shrank before turning into a two meter long stone staff.


Shama kicked off in the air as he shot forwards like a ray of light, appearing above Zhao Fu. He grabbed the stone staff with both hands and raised it high as if he was going to split the world apart before striking down savagely at Zhao Fu.


A gigantic explosion sounded out. Even though Zhao Fu used his sword to block the stone staff, a mighty shockwave erupted from this clash and rippled out. Within 10,000 meters, everything collapsed, instantly creating a 10,000-meter wide crater.

The web between Zhao Fu's thumb and forefinger was torn, and a trace of blood leaked out of his lips. Zhao Fu had been worse for wear after blocking that strike, and he had suffered a moderate injury.

Shama's expression became savage as he gripped the stone staff and pressed down towards Zhao Fu, while Zhao Fu's gaze became cold as he chose to retreat.

Seeing this, Shama immediately chased after Zhao Fu and continuously swung the stone pillar at him. His attacks were incredibly fast and ferocious, forcing Zhao Fu to continuously block and retreat.

As they clashed, the staff wind and sword light shot everywhere, continuously destroying the ground beneath them. Every time an attack hit the ground, a large crater would appear, and trees and rocks would be destroyed. No one dared to come near them at all.

Zhao Fu was at a great disadvantage as he continuously retreated while Shama chased after him and attacked.

"Hahh!!" Shama roared as he exploded out with strength. His body shot out countless traces of silver light, which was extremely brilliant, and his aura rose to its peak.

Zhao Fu's expression fell and he lightly yelled, "Godly Demonic Thrust!"

Massive amounts of energy entered the Sin Dragon Sword, causing it to vibrate and give off a hum as boundless sword qi rushed out like streams and the image of a sword appeared.

The aura that the sword gave off was incredibly terrifying, and not only was it abnormally sharp, but it also gave off an aura of annihilation. That sort of power was not something that this world should possess, and all around the sword image, small spatial cracks appeared.

Shama swung the stone staff with all his might, causing the air to explode as the staff battered towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu also used his full strength to slash out with his sword, creating a massive wave of sword qi.


The sword and staff collided, resulting in a massive explosion. The air seemed to explode, and a massive gust of wind swept out. Zhao Fu flew backward, smashing into a small hill and causing it to collapse.

Shama grinned and coldly laughed – he was certain of his victory.

However, in the next moment, Shama found that something was off. Lying within the rocks, Zhao Fu suddenly stretched out a hand and pressed against the air.

Shama suddenly looked up and saw the circle of light formed from the powers of the various City Lord Seals was giving off a boundless power and was descending towards him. Shama hurriedly used his stone staff to defend.


The colorful circle of light immediately landed, making it seem as if the entire sky had fallen. Mountains trembled as a 10,000 meter wide, bottomless pit appeared in the ground.

After a brief silence, aloud shout sounded out as a five-colored divine light shot out of the pit and blasted into the clouds. The heavens and earth gradually darkened, not just in the surrounding regions but also the entirety of the Midland Continent's west, and everyone felt something incredibly terrifying descending.



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