Zhao Fu then brought one of Shama's aunties into his embrace and kissed her lips, then gradually took off her clothes. She passionately responded, and their bodies entangled together.

Following this, Zhao Fu stretched out his hands to the other women.

A lewd atmosphere spread out as seven naked women lay on the ground, feeling completely spent, their faces red.

The one who had reacted the most was one of Shama's aunties. Not only was her body sensitive, but she had also responded incredibly intensely and uncontrollably taken off Zhao Fu's clothes, seeming incredibly desperate. She also wanted Zhao Fu's fingers inside her, and she only collapsed to the ground after five or six times.

After dealing with her, Zhao Fu stretched out his hand to Shama's little sister and lightly kissed her. Her body was quite stiff, mainly out of nervousness, and the feeling of Zhao Fu's hands made her heart beat incredibly quickly.

As Zhao Fu continuously played with her body, Shama's little sister's frown gradually loosened up, and her body was not as tense. Soon, she was able to relax and responded to Zhao Fu's hands.

Shama's little sister whimpered, and more wetness filled Zhao Fu's hands.

Zhao Fu gently lowered her to the ground before looking at Shama's fiancée and brought her into his arms. This serious woman also gently cooperated with Zhao Fu.

She used to be the woman of the Indian Legatee with the most potential, but now, she was being kissed and touched by another man. However, she did not mind too much, as she had simply been a tool of her family for a marriage alliance. As such, she decided to cooperate with Zhao Fu and allow him to do what he wanted.

Shama's fiancee's body trembled, after which she pushed aside Zhao Fu and coldly said, "You've fulfilled your goal already!"

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised before laughing; this woman knew what he was doing.

Zhao Fu looked at the Pillars of Ashoka, which was floating in the air and was bound by countless chains. It was no longer struggling, and the plan had been completed successfully.

However, the glass peacock beside it was still struggling, but after absorbing some of the black and gold aura, its resistance was not as intense.

After all, a Clan Armament represented an entire clan, so it required many different women in order to be subdued. The women from Shama's family belonged to India, so they were able to affect both the Maurya Dynasty's Nation Armament and India's Clan Armament.

Seeing how fiercely the Clan Armament was still resisting, it seemed that they still needed to capture many Indian women, but for now, Zhao Fu's focus was on refining the Pillars of Ashoka.

Zhao Fu withdrew the chains and grabbed at the air, bringing the Pillars of Ashoka into his hand. Now, it did not resist at all within Zhao Fu's hand.

Zhao Fu looked at the nation Armament and gave a pleased smile. He took the Nation Armament as he left this room and had the female attendants at the door take care of the women inside.

Many people in the real world heard about Great Qin capturing many women from Shama's family. India was already extremely afraid after what had happened, and now, it felt quite furious that Shama's family's women were being captured. In the Indian people's hearts, Great Qin was like a demon.

In actuality, Zhao Fu had not captured all of the women from Shama's family. There were many women in such a large family, so his subordinates had only captured a few of the most important ones.

On the Chinese side, because Great Qin had helped beat back the Indian army and had suppressed India's Clan Armament, none of them dared to publicly curse at Zhao Fu for being licentious, and they instead only privately talked about it.

Now, even if people wanted to curse at him, no one would dare to. After all, with Great Qin's mysterious techniques, none of them wanted to die a true death.

Zhao Fu walked out with the Nation Armament, and a woman suddenly came before him and paid her respects as she smiled and said, "Your Majesty!"

Zhao Fu nodded and saw that it was Lu Lingxuan, one of the beauties from Northern Qi, and he asked, "What is it?"

Lu Lingxuan came up, lightly hugged Zhao Fu, and placed her head on his shoulder as she said shyly, "Your Majesty, your servant has missed you so much. Now that you've made your servant a concubine, why haven't you come to spend any time with me?"

Zhao Fu inwardly laughed, as he knew that he was not that charming. Back when he saw Lu Lingxuan in the Northern Qi City, he knew that this woman was quite ambitious and quite sly.

However, having ambition was not necessarily a bad thing, as it could motivate people to work harder. However, it meant that they were much more cunning and sinister.

At most, Lu Lingxuan would become part of Great Qin's decision-making center but would not be able to have too great of an effect.

Zhao Fu put his arms around Lu Lingxuan and smiled as he asked, "Is that so?"

Lu Lingxuan lightly nodded before blushing and kissing Zhao Fu's lips. Her tongue entered Zhao Fu's mouth and continuously played with his tongue, while Zhao Fu responded and started to passionately kiss her back.

After a while, Lu Lingxuan breathlessly leaned against Zhao Fu's shoulder and stated her aim, "Your Majesty, can you give some things for your servant to do? It's so boring in that courtyard!"

Zhao Fu had long since guessed her intent, so he agreed to give her an official position.

Only then did Lu Lingxuan give him a true smile, and she kissed Zhao Fu again before starting to take off her clothes. Zhao Fu hurriedly stopped her – after all, they were in broad daylight, where many people passed by.

"Your Majesty, you're the ruler of Great Qin; what is there to worry about?" Lu Lingxuan said coyly as she hugged Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and patted her round bottom as he said, "Alright, you've already achieved your goal, so you can go now!"

Hearing this, Lu Lingxuan's face slightly paled, but she quickly recovered. After all, she knew that as Great Qin's Legatee, he definitely wasn't an ordinary and slow-witted person.

"Your Majesty, I'll properly serve you; everything I have is yours!" Lu Lingxuan said embarrassedly as she hugged Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu nodded, after which Lu Lingxuan left.

Seeing her leave, Zhao Fu found that he was becoming less and less resistant to the opposite gender, especially those with Phoenix Qi. Zhao Fu was not too sure why this was happening.

By now, Zhao Fu had also prepared the Great World Refinement. It needed ten people with a large amount of Fate and great power.

Zhao Fu felt that Bai Qi and the others would be sufficient, and what they lacked in power could be made up for with the City Lord Seals. As such, he gathered them at the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation.

The people he gathered were Bai Qi, Wang Jian, Wei Liao, Meng Tian, Sima Cuo, Bai Xihan, Sun Hanxiang, Wei Qing, and Xu Liuyi – with Zhao Fu, there were ten of them.

Because Sun Hanxiang, Wei Qing, and Xu Liuyi were Great Generals but did not have City Lord Seals, Zhao Fu temporarily borrowed City Lord Seals from the other City Lords.

At the same time, he gathered the 100,000 Indian indigenous residents. They had all become Great Qin subjects, and they had given over their Fate to Zhao Fu, which would allow him to use the Nation Armament.

Following this, the Great World Refinement activated, and the ten people stood around the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation.



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