After signing the Contract, Zhao Fu looked at the women on the ground who were barely breathing. He waved his hand and caused two sword lights to shoot out, which turned into two figures. One was a Seraph, whose name Zhao Fu found out was Mina, and the other was a beautiful young woman in green, which was Celia.

Both of them had powerful healing abilities – Mina's was a holy-attributed healing skill, and Celia's was a life-attributed healing skill. They quickly revived the women and restored their limbs, healing their injuries by half.

However, the women were still in an extremely weak state, and the three women wounded the heaviest were still unconscious.

Only Jing Qianxue, who had not been injured heavily, was conscious. Seeing that the other three were safe now, her tears slightly stopped. Her heart was filled with regret and self-blame – she was the one who had asked the three of them to help her assassinate Zhao Fu, and she had never thought that the situation would end like this.

"Thank you!" Jing Qianxue looked at Xianru and said gratefully. If it wasn't for Xianru, Zhao Fu definitely would not have hesitated to kill them.

Xianru nodded and looked at Zhao Fu. Sometimes, Zhao Fu was incredibly merciless, but this was only after determining someone to be an enemy. If he treated the people around him this cruelly and viciously as well, Xianru felt that she would not have been able to stay by his side.

Zhao Fu had already forced out their City Lord Seals and had four of his City Lords go and relocate their system main cities. As for their residents and soldiers, it would be a pity not to take them.

However, they were separated by many regions, and Great Qin did not have the ability to bring all of their residents and soldiers back to Great Qin without any of the City Lords on the western side noticing. Moreover, without their orders, their residents and soldiers would definitely retaliate. A single City Lord would not be able to suppress so many people, and only by expending a great deal of effort would they be able to completely subdue those four system main cities.

However, Great Qin was currently in a crisis, and they greatly needed the population and soldiers to fight against the eastern side.

Now that they had Reality Harming Talismans, not a single player dared to oppose Great Qin anymore. As such, their opposition was mostly system main city factions, as they did not fear Reality Harming Talismans.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Fu looked at Jing Qianxue and said, "Come with us and bring all of your residents and soldiers!"

"No way!" Jing Qianxue immediately refused. Now that she and the three other City Lords had fallen into this demon's hands, how could she bear to allow her residents and soldiers serve such a demon?

Zhao Fu lightly laughed. He knew that she would answer like this, so he said, "Then I'll kill those three women right now and slaughter all of your cities. With our City Lords, slaughtering a city without a City Lord will be extremely easy, and the other regions won't step in at all!"

Ji Qianxue was angered to the point that tears almost started flowing again. Facing this sort of threat, she could only grit her teeth and agree to go with Zhao Fu and persuade her residents and soldiers to surrender.

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have conquered a system main city and obtained 5,000 Achievement Points."

"System announcement! Because you are a Legatee and you have conquered a system main city, you have obtained a large amount of this region's Fate."

"System announcement! You have relocated a system main city and obtained 890,000 EXP."

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have obtained 200 War Points."

"System announcement! Fresh Flowers Region's four system main cities have all been conquered and relocated. The region will no longer spawn players."

"Congratulations! You have conquered a region and obtained a Region Treasure Box!"

The plan went quite successfully, and with Jing Qianxue persuading them, the residents and soldiers of the four system main cities did not resist at all. The residents and soldiers of the other system main cities knew of the close friendships between the four City Lords, so they trusted that Jing Qianxue would not lie to them or trick them.

In the end, Zhao Fu successfully obtained four system main cities, 1.9 million residents, and 400,000 Stage 1 soldiers.

After gradually transporting those people over, Great Qin's strength once again greatly increased. Zhao Fu smiled – those four had delivered a big piece of meat right to Zhao Fu's mouth.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu gave the four women some Water of Life, helping them fully recover. The three heavily-injured women also woke up.

Xianru then handed over four sheets of paper, and Zhao Fu took out the Imperial Ruler's Seal and stamped them, forcing the title of Imperial Concubine on them.

Jing Qianxue's gaze towards Zhao Fu was filled with fury and hatred, and there was not a trace of interest or love at all. The other three women's eyes were filled with terror and fear.

A large amount of Phoenix Qi rose up from their bodies and entered the Emperor Phoenix Statue, and the Emperor Phoenix's power once again became much stronger. By now, it had a wingspan of 40 or so meters and was incredibly powerful. It was half as powerful as a Nation Armament now.

Zhao Fu was confident that with enough Phoenix Qi, it would become more powerful than Nation Armaments and even Clan Armaments.

Zhao Fu then had people take the women away and take care of them. He did not care if they hated him; there were already many women who hated him.

Zhao Fu gave the four City Lord Seals to Bai Xihan, Sun Hanxiang, Wei Qing, and Xu Liuyi. Their Loyalty was now at 90, so he could give this sort of top-class item to them.

As for the Maurya City Seal that Zhao Fu had given Bai Xihan previously, out of the Indian indigenous residents he had taken in, Zhao Fu chose an outstanding man and made him a General. He gave that man the Maurya City Seal, allowing its power to be fully unleashed.

Following this, Zhao Fu took out a box covered with gemstones – it was the Region Treasure Box.

After opening it, light shot out everywhere as a shard appeared before Zhao Fu.

This seemed to be a shard of a mask, and it was black and made of wood. It was half as big as a palm, and there were some pictures on it. However, because it was only a shard, it was difficult to tell what those pictures were. At the same time, the shard gave off a mysterious and ancient aura.

Zhao Fu couldn't help but feel quite delighted – it was another Desolate Blood Mask Shard. Now, Zhao Fu had three pieces, and he needed one more piece before he could form the entire Desolate Blood Mask.

Zhao Fu went to the Great Qin City's City Heart and placed the shard next to it, allowing it to also be nurtured by Great Qin's Fate. However, those three Desolate Blood Mask Shards did not react at all or assemble together. Could it be that they could not be used?

Perhaps the golden dragon would have some sort of secret method, so Zhao Fu decided to ask the golden dragon.

The golden dragon quickly replied, "Of course there's a way! However, you need this kingdom's Royal Clan, as this Nation Armament was a core item of their kingdom. Only with their help will there be a chance of this Nation Armament to be restored, or even the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation will not be able to do anything about it."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt a bit disappointed – he had no information about this kingdom, which had been destroyed long ago – how could he find its Royal Clan? Didn't that mean that the Desolate Blood Mask could not be restored?



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