A blood-red pillar of light shot into the sky, dying the sky incredibly red, and it was as if the sky was about to start dripping blood.

A mighty, bloody, ancient aura covered the entire land, causing everything to fall silent. That boundless might caused countless people to feel their bodies sinking downwards, and Zhao Fu's expression fell as he felt just how terrifying this might was. He could not even use his own might to defend against it.

Countless traces of Heaven and Earth Qi gathered, and a berserk wind blew everywhere. Blood-colored clouds roiled about, gathering towards the blood-red pillar of light.

As the qi and blood-red aura gathered, the ancient might in the sky became more and more powerful. It seemed to become corporeal, and it weighed down on everyone below.

"What's going on?"

It was not just the residents of Great Qin but even Zhao Fu who did not know what was happening. However, seeing that the blood-red pillar of light was quite close to Great Qin, Zhao Fu suddenly remembered telling Tuoba Qing to condense a City Lord Seal – could it have to do with that?

Zhao Fu felt quite curious and quickly went over to that place. Some other people from Great Qin had also gone over to see what was going on.

After Zhao Fu arrived, he saw Tuoba Qing within the blood-red pillar of light and Wu Qing, who had collapsed to the ground in terror.

The ground around Tuoba Qing had cracked, and this place was the center of the massive storm. Massive gusts of wind blew outwards, destroying countless trees and sweeping large rocks into the air.

This matter seemed to be linked to Tuoba Qing, but those shockwaves were simply too powerful!

Following this, Zhao Fu went up and took Wu Qing out of the storm before asking, "What happened?"

Wu Qing calmed herself down before saying fearfully, "I don't know; big sis was just condensing the City Lord Seal when her body suddenly exploded out with blood-red light, and then this happened. Your Majesty, will big sis be alright?"

Zhao Fu could feel her body lightly trembling, and he said in a comforting tone, "She'll be fine! Don't worry. I'm here!"

Wu Qing looked at Zhao Fu with her teary eyes and nodded. Feeling Zhao Fu's body heat, a faint blush appeared on her face.

"Your Majesty, what's going on?" The Generals had all arrived, and they asked in shock as they looked at the scene before them.

Zhao Fu looked at the blood-red layer of clouds and the Heaven and Earth Qi being gathered, and his expression became serious as he said, "It's most likely something caused by Tuoba Qing's bloodline!"

The only thing that Zhao Fu knew about Tuoba Qing right now was that she was part of a Royal Clan and had a Royal Bloodline. However, he was not sure as to what bloodline it was.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three rays of blood-red light flew over from the side, and Zhao Fu's pupils contracted. He saw that those were the three Desolate Blood Mask Shards, and they flew towards Tuoba Qing and entered the blood-red pillar of light before covering Tuoba Qing's pretty face.

The three shards formed an incomplete mask, and there was a gap on the left side of Tuoba Qing's face. However, it gave off a mysterious, ancient, terrifying aura. The mask caused Tuoba Qing's aura to become incredibly terrifying, making those around her shiver.

"Zhao Fu! I know what her bloodline is now – She's a Creation Human!" the golden dragon said in a serious tone.

"Creation Human?" Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite confused as he did not know what that was.

Hearing this, the golden dragon explained, "They were the earliest Human Clan at the beginning of the world."

Zhao Fu looked quite shocked as he asked, "Humans who existed at the beginning of the world? Wouldn't they be even more ancient than the Heaven Murder Empire?"

The golden dragon replied seriously, "Her identity might be quite extraordinary, and there may have been some divine meddling in this world of yours. Many people like to use this sort of method to pass their legacy and power into newer worlds and use the advantage of worlds on the edges to escape some enemies and troubles!"

Zhao Fu could hear the golden dragon's wariness towards Tuoba Qing's identity. With how powerful the Heaven Murder Empire had been and how solid its foundation had been, it was the first time that the golden dragon had acted like this.

"Is her identity that terrifying for even you to fear it?" Zhao Fu asked uncertainly.

The golden dragon said in a certain tone, "That's right. Even in the ancient times that the Heaven Murder Empire existed in, the Creation Race was already quite rare. They innately possess the Origin Bloodline, which is more powerful than you can imagine. Even the Heaven Murder Empire at its peak would not want to be enemies with the Creation Race.

"You can easily imagine just how powerful they were; they have existed from the beginning of the world, and it is said that they know the secret behind the birth of the Heaven Awaken World.

"The lower civilizations and your humanoid shapes are all counted as Human, while the Creation Race was the foundation of all of this. Even the Heaven Murder Empire did not have complete information on this.

"Apart from the Creation Humans, there are also Creation Gods, Creation Devils, and Creation Undead, but it is unlikely to see them, and even I haven't seen them many times."

Waves of shock crashed within Zhao Fu's heart; he had never thought that Tuoba Qing, who he had neglected all of this time, would have such a terrifying background. Zhao Fu gulped before asking, "What's going on right now?"

The golden dragon looked at Tuoba Qing and said, "Her bloodline was stimulated by the condensing of the City Lord Seal, and with the Desolate Blood Mask's support, her bloodline is going to go through a slight awakening!"

"Blood!" Just as Zhao Fu wanted to say something, a clear voice sounded out. Zhao Fu immediately felt his soul tremble, and all of his hairs stood on end as a wave of fear assaulted his heart.


The heavens and the earth seemed to split apart as a massive shockwave rippled outwards, bringing with it an incredibly destructive power. As it blasted outwards, the blood-colored clouds and wild wind dissipated.

Everything on the ground was obliterated by the shockwave, including trees and rocks. The City Lords were all given a big fright, and they quickly released their City Lord Seals, but they were still blasted backward.

Zhao Fu's pupils contracted as he hugged Wu Qing with one hand and unleashed his King's Domain with his other hand, causing a black dragon barrier to cover them.


As the shockwave hit Zhao Fu's King's Domain, Zhao Fu felt a massive impact, and his body flew hundreds of meters, crashing into the face of a mountain and forming a crater.

After the shockwave rippled out, the ground continuously shook, and birds and beasts escaped in terror from the white light behind them that had destroyed everything in its path.

After a while, that terrifying shockwave finally stopped, and a 10,000 meter wide, 1,000-meter deep crater remained. The figure at the center seemed to have woken up from a dream, and she looked at her surroundings hazily.



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