After the light receded, a medicinal pill appeared before Zhao Fu.

The medicinal pill was as big as a longan fruit and was pink-colored. It gave off a very enchanting fragrance, and after smelling it, Zhao Fu felt that something was suspicious about this medicinal pill, and he looked at its description.

After reading it, Zhao Fu almost choked – why had he receive a medicinal pill like this? Zhao Fu had never expected it to be the tenth-ranked medicinal pill from the Disaster Festival.

[Hundred Dragon Sun Pill]: A special Enhancement-type medicinal pill that countless men would dream of having. It was refined using all sorts of Yang-type spirit grasses, and after consuming it, one's body will be greatly enhanced in a special way. The enhancement is permanent, and legends say that one will be able to conquer hundreds of women with it.

Looking at the medicinal pill in his hand, Zhao Fu felt quite curious; were its effects really that great? After looking at that description, with the Sovereign Bloodline's bonuses, Zhao Fu felt a bit of disbelief.

However, since he had obtained this pill, Zhao Fu decided that he might as well eat it. He swallowed it and felt as if a ball of fire had spread throughout his body, making his body incredibly hot. However, under Zhao Fu's control, that feeling of heat quickly disappeared.

Zhao Fu could feel that the effects were about half as potent as the Sovereign Bloodline. Even though it did not feel very powerful to him, to other people, it would be incredibly powerful. After all, a Sovereign Bloodline was a bloodline that could only be birthed after creating a true empire.

After consuming the medicinal pill, Zhao Fu's body reacted to it, and looking at Nü Lü's tender figure and her enormous breasts, Zhao Fu couldn't help but walk over.

Nü Lü felt Zhao Fu's burning gaze, and her face became red. She shyly got up and gently hugged Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu showed no hesitation and lowered his head to kiss her before taking off her clothes.

The sound of thumping and moaning continued until dawn, and as the sun rose to the center of the sky, causing bright sunlight to pour into the room, Zhao Fu slowly opened his eyes. He looked at the sleeping beauties beside him and did not bother them, and he instead got up as quietly as he could. After all, he had exhausted them the previous night.

After washing up, Zhao Fu found that everyone he passed looked at him with a knowing smile. Those smiles seemed to have some hidden intentions, and he realized what it was about, but he did not pay them much mind.

Zhao Fu called over his Generals and started to discuss with them Great Qin's next steps.

Now that they had conquered the eastern side, all that remained was to devour all of them completely. Clearing out the six regions would take much of Great Qin's time, as just clearing out four regions had taken a few months.

Great Qin's population was now at 26 million, and Zhao Fu expanded the army to 4.5 million soldiers. The army previously had 3.8 million soldiers, so they had increased it by 700,000 soldiers.

Now, their job was to continue clearing out those six regions; after completely unifying those six regions, Great Qin's strength would once again greatly grow and would help them in their future plans.

Now that Great Qin's focus had turned to clearing out those six regions, Zhao Fu had a lot of free time on his hands.

Around that time, Li Wen came to find Zhao Fu, and seeing him, Zhao Fu grinned. Li Wen had always been in charge of the exploration of the underground region, so he would not come and find Zhao Fu if there was not something important.

The only times he had appeared was when they had enough Soldier Souls or when they had discovered something of significance.

Seeing the smile on Li Wen's face, Zhao Fu guessed that they had collected another 100 Soldier Souls, meaning that Great Qin would have another General Armament.

This General Armament should have belonged to Zhang Han, but he did not have one of the 13 General stars, as they still lacked a few historical Generals' corpses, so he could only give this General Armament to someone else.

During the New Years Festival, Zhao Fu had taken in five Great Generals, and all of them had General Stars and an immense amount of General Fate, and they did not require Zhao Fu to fuse anything.

Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to give this General Armament to Li Mu, as he had pledged his loyalty to Great Qin earlier than the others and had more achievements. He had also integrated with Great Qin more, so he deserved this General Armament.

"These orbs of light are filled with my Heaven Murder Empire's aura!" the golden dragon said within Zhao Fu's mind.

Zhao Fu felt quite startled; these Soldier Souls were obtained by killing the Skeletons in the passageways. Now that he heard this, he understood why they were so powerful – they were soldiers of the Heaven Murder Empire.

Zhao Fu did not want to and could not hide this information from the golden dragon, so he told it about this.

"Mm, looks like they did not die in vain!" the golden dragon replied before not speaking anymore.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised – he had thought that the golden dragon would try to stop him, as they were technically killing the Heaven Murder Empire's people, or rather, their Skeletons. However, the golden dragon had accepted this quite easily.

Since the golden dragon did not mind, there was no need for Zhao Fu to say anything.

Zhao Fu went to a remote area, fused the 100 Soldier Souls into ten Divine Soldier Souls, and gave them to Li Mu.

Li Mu respectfully received the Divine Soldier Souls. He had never thought that Zhao Fu would give such an important thing to him – this showed Zhao Fu's trust in him, and Li Mu became even more loyal to Zhao Fu. He received the Divine Soldier Souls and went to the center of this open area.

The ten Divine Soldier Souls gave off a faint white light and automatically flew into the sky, forming a circle. The soldiers within the orbs of light also turned into traces of violet aura, giving off a corporeal might.


Suddenly, an explosion sounded out, causing the sky to shake. The ten massive orbs of light seemed to be drawn to each other, and the violet auras continuously flickered as a terrifying power exploded outwards.

Immediately, the heavens and earth seemed to dim as dark clouds rolled about and gathered. A massive wind blew, causing trees to sway and rocks to be lifted into the air as if a disaster was about to descend.


In the sky, a massive explosion sounded out as a violet star giving off resplendent starlight gradually descended.

Seeing this, not many people were very shocked, as this had happened many times before. However, everyone was quite interested as to what sort of General Star would be awakened this time.

After the massive violet star, which gave off a powerful aura of suppression, descended, Li Mu drew his Legendary grade sword and raised it to the sky. He gave a loud shout, and countless traces of violet and blood-red aura rushed out of his body.


A violet and blood-red pillar of light shot into the sky, straight into the violet star, causing it to shake, and it turned from violet to a blood-red color. It then gave off a large amount of violet and blood-red light, and its powerful aura also had a trace of evilness to it.

That evil aura made countless people feel quite afraid – this was not the type of fear when facing death but the hair-raising fear when facing ghosts and monsters.

Everyone looked at that violet and blood-red star in shock – this was the Unfettered Star!



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