Those six messages were all the personal message that Zhao Fu had received. He was not particularly close with anyone, so apart from those messages, he only had messages from two groups that he was in.

One was from when he was in high school. After being classmates with them for three years, he had some feelings towards those people. They had all split up and pursued their own goals, and because they might not ever see each other again, Zhao Fu decided to join the group to at least keep in contact.

The other group was his university group, which was created by Zheng Dong, and he had added everyone from their class.

Both of these groups had people speaking, and Zhao Fu opened the first group, which was his high school group.

Hao Qun: "Big brother Gao, you've struck it rich! When are you going to treat your old classmates?"

Zhan Lirong: "Big brother Gao was already quite exceptional in high school, and now, he's doing even better. He's managing a few hundred people and earning $300,000 or so every month. I admire you so much!"

Li Shan: "Big brother Gao, when are you going to treat your brothers to a drink?"

Gao Changfeng: "Haha! I only just created a small faction in the Heaven Awaken World; it's not much. Don't worry! I'll treat you all to a big meal sometime."

Following this, Gao Changfeng sent a $1,000 red packet, and everyone quickly tried to snatch the red packet.

At that moment, someone called Li Ba wrote: "Eh, even Beauty Liu is here? I heard that you're going to be married. Is that true? My heart aches."

Wang Changyong: "That's right! Beauty Liu, are you really going to get married? My heart aches as well. Back then, everyone in our class had a crush on you!"

Zhu Hong: "I also feel sad; an amazing beauty is going to belong to someone else."

Liu Hanyan: "You men… I've already been married for 2 years, but none of your hearts have left me."

At that moment, 'Beauty Liu,' who was Liu Xi, said: "Mm! He's doing quite well, and we've dated for about a year, so we feel that we should get married."

Hearing this, the group went silent for a while – it seemed that there were many people who had been interested in Beauty Liu.

Zhao Fu thought of how Liu Xi had looked – she had delicate features, supple skin, and a slim figure. She was indeed a beautiful woman, and she was the most beautiful person Zhao Fu had known in high school. Hearing that she was going to get married, he couldn't help but feel a slight ripple within his heart as well.

However, after meeting more people, Zhao Fu had met many more beauties, but Liu Xi was still incredibly beautiful even among those people, though not the most beautiful.

Gao Changfeng: "Um… Liu Xi, why don't you consider me? I've secretly liked you before, and with my conditions, I'll definitely be able to take care of you."

After this message was sent out, the group once again fell silent. Within the group, some were still in university, some were working, and some had already gotten married.

In their eyes, Gao Changfeng was doing the best out of all of them, and he was quite generous, so many people said good things about him. He had actually confessed to Liu Xi at such a time, making things quite awkward. Everyone felt quite nervous and wondered how Liu Xi would reply.

Liu Xi: "Haha… I'm about to get married, so why would you say that? Of course I'd reject you."

Everyone relaxed but did not feel happy, as Liu Xi was going to marry someone else.

Zhao Fu flicked through a few messages and felt that there was not much. He was about to close the chat when he saw another message.

Wang Xiao: "Who can lend me $400,000? I'll definitely repay you!"

This sudden message caused the group to fall silent again. With their relationships from the past, they would only borrow a few thousand from each other at most, and no one would be willing to lend such an amount.

Everyone knew that Wang Xiao's family was quite poor, and it would be almost impossible for them to return the money. As such, no one said anything in response.

Even Gao Changfeng, who was doing the best out of all of them, would not be able to casually take out so much money.

Seeing that there were no replies, Wang Xiao felt quite disappointed. However, he did not expect anyone to lend him that money, and he had only wanted to try out his luck.

"What do you need the money for?"

A message suddenly appeared, and Wang Xiao felt a trace of hope. He quickly told them about his family's' situation and his father's serious illness.

Wang Xiao had been Zhao Fu's seat-mate in high school. The high school that Zhao Fu went to did not have great conditions, and because there had been many students, it had always been two people sitting together at one desk.

Because of their living conditions, both of them had low self-esteem, but because of this, they could relate to each other and could be said to be friends.

Everyone felt quite curious. After Zhao Fu had joined the group, he had never messaged before, but they still had a deep impression of him. He had been quite introverted and taciturn, but his grades had been very good, and it was said that he had done well in his exams and entered a top university.

Seeing Zhao Fu send that message, they understood that Zhao Fu had some intentions of helping Wang Xiao.

After reading Wang Xiao's message, Zhao Fu felt that he was most likely telling the truth. After all, he had heard about Wang Xiao's family back when they had been in high school.

"Give me your bank account details; I'll transfer the money to you!"

After seeing this, everyone gasped – this was $400,000, and it would take an ordinary person ten years to earn that much. No one could have expected Zhao Fu to be so willing to lend it.

Following this, Wang Xiao excitedly sent his bank account details over, and soon, he received $400,000. He felt so emotional to the point that he almost cried.

"Zhao Fu! Thank you so much! You're the benefactor of my entire family, and I swear I'll return the money to you someday!"

Zhao Fu did not care about this money, and after being desk-mates for three years, he felt that it was not much to help Wang Xiao. As such, he replied: "No need! Just live well from now on."

Those words shocked the entire group – Zhao Fu was just giving $400,000 away? He was simply too rich! Wasn't he still studying in university? How could he have so much money? Could it be that entering a top university had done something for him?

Gao Changfeng felt quite shocked as well. Even he couldn't just give away $400,000.

"Zhao Fu, how do you have so much money?" some people couldn't help but ask.

Zhao Fu replied simply: "Nothing much, I just have a bit of money. I have some things to take care of, so I'll be going now!"

Zhao Fu did not want to continue talking to avoid any problems. If it wasn't for Wang Xiao's situation, he would not have said anything in the group.

After Zhao Fu stopped replying, everyone else started to talk about Zhao Fu, and some people said that they wanted to ask Zhao Fu for money.

Zhao Fu did not bother looking at his high school group anymore, and he planned to look at his university group. At that moment, he received a private message, and he saw that it was from Liu Xi.

"Are you still there?"

Seeing this message, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised. He had never thought that Liu Xi would message him, and he replied: "Yep."

Liu Xi: "Zhao Fu, you must be doing quite well! You're really standing out!"

With Zhao Fu's current status, he wasn't just doing well or standing out; he was on the level of international fame. However, he replied: "I'm doing alright. What is it?"

Liu Xi replied: "It's nothing much. I've just wanted to chat with you for a while!"



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