Zhao Fu felt quite startled and did not know what to say. Back in high school, he had had a crush on her, but after such a long time, those feelings had disappeared. Now that she was about to get married, it would not be good to disturb her.

"I wish you happiness!" Zhao Fu breathed in and typed out four words, feeling a melancholic and heavy feeling within his heart.

"You… bastard, I never want to see you again!" Liu Xi quickly replied. Zhao Fu could sense that she was quite angry.

Zhao Fu felt a slight trace of pain with his heart – she was the first girl he had been interested in, and things were going to end like this. Zhao Fu thought about his high school period and decided to reply again.

"I'm sorry. I take back my words. I hope that you won't get married so quickly!" Zhao Fu felt quite bad inwardly, and he couldn't help but type those words out and send them.

However, after sending that last message, Liu Xi had already logged off and had not seen Zhao Fu's last message.

Zhao Fu felt a bit disappointed, though he knew that she would see it the next time she logged onto QQ. However, he couldn't help but feel that he was about to lose something.

This was the first time that Zhao Fu had felt such chaos within his heart, and he felt some regret as to why he would say such a thing.

Looking at her gray display picture, Zhao Fu couldn't hold back anymore and asked for Liu Xi's number in the group, and he nervously dialed it.

Ring… Ring… Ring…

The dial tones continuously sounded, but the call did not go through, and Zhao Fu felt his heart sink.

Zhao Fu did not give up and dialed one more time, but Liu Xi still did not pick up.

Zhao Fu felt quite uncomfortable inside, and this was the first time that he had felt like this before. He deeply breathed in and did not think about this matter. He went to the bathroom and washed his face with cold water before settling his emotions and entering the Heaven Awaken World again.

It was afternoon in the Heaven Awaken World, and the sunset's glow dyed half of the sky orange and gold.

Zhao Fu went to the Meeting Hall to see if there was anything that needed to be taken care of. He only found some reports from the teams clearing out the regions, and after going through them, there was not much else for him to do.

Great Qin's main task right now was to clear out the regions they had taken over. Even though they had a large army, clearing out an entire region took quite a lot of time, and during that time, Zhao Fu had a lot of free time. He thought about it and decided to do something that he had put off for a while.

After making some preparations, Zhao Fu started to head out.

Nü Lü had long since woken up, and seeing that it was almost night time and hearing that Zhao Fu had entered the Heaven Awaken World, she diligently made some food and brought it to the Meeting Hall.

Seeing Zhao Fu, a faint blush appeared on Nü Lü's face. Thinking about how he had ravaged her in all sorts of ways the previous night, she was simply too embarrassed. This was especially because Tuoba Qing had been there and seen her and Zhao Fu doing those things.

However, afterward, Zhao Fu had done the same to Tuoba Qing, and after seeing Tuoba Qing do it with Zhao Fu, she did not feel as embarrassed.

"Lord husband, it's getting dark. Where are you going?" Nü Lü felt quite curious when she saw Zhao Fu preparing to go out.

"I'm planning on exploring the inner region of Gloomy Jungle!" Zhao Fu said as he checked through his items.

Nü Lü nodded and felt a bit disappointed as she said, "Lord husband, how about you leave after eating? These…"

"That's alright. I'll be going now!" After saying this, Zhao Fu directly left the Meeting Hall.

Seeing Zhao Fu leave, a slight look of hurt appeared on Nü Lü's face. She felt that Zhao Fu was a bit different today, as he had never treated her like this before.

However, Nü Lü could sense that Zhao Fu's mood was not great, and she wondered what had happened.

If Zhao Fu did not leave, Nü Lü had wanted to do some shameful things to cheer Zhao Fu up. After doing it with Zhao Fu, her body had become more sensitive, and after seeing Zhao Fu just then, her lower half had some reaction.

When had she become this lewd? Nü Lü's face became red, and she couldn't help but think about the embarrassing scenes from the previous night, making her legs feel weak.

If she could have gone with Zhao Fu, she might have been able to do it again with him!

As someone with Nü Wa's legacy, she had extraordinary power, but she had never demonstrated it. Instead, she had only acted as a mild and kind wife.

"I can't keep thinking about those things!" Nü Lü's face was completely red, and she felt that her lower half had started leaking.

"Big sister Lü, where is His Majesty?" Tuoba Qing asked with a slightly red face.

Seeing Tuoba Qing arrive, Nü Lü gave her a knowing smile, causing Tuoba Qing's face to instantly become bright red, and she lowered her head, not daring to look at Nü Lü.

Zhao Fu quickly arrived at Gloomy Jungle. Even though it was dark outside, it was different within this place – the sky was always gray and cloudy here, and there was not much difference.

After Zhao Fu had killed the Goblin King and obtained the King's Crown last time, he had not continued onwards, as he had felt that it had been too dangerous. The soldiers had remained in the outer region, killing some Goblins and Minotaurs, and they did not enter the inner region.

After such a long time, Zhao Fu was far stronger than before. He had long since wanted to explore the Gloomy Jungle, but he hadn't had the time to do so.

There were no longer any creatures in the outer regions of Gloomy Jungle, as they had all been cleared out by Great Qin's soldiers, so Zhao Fu directly headed towards the inner region of Gloomy Jungle.

The scenery around him immediately changed; there was actually a world of ice and fire within the inner region of Gloomy Jungle.

Some places were covered with thick ice, which gave off a bone-chilling feeling, while other places had ferocious flames that gave off blistering heat. Seeing these two phenomena in one place, it seemed quite strange.

Right after Zhao Fu entered this place, he discovered some creatures. They were humanoid and were about one meter tall. They were either formed from ice or fire, and they gave off cold, white auras or gave off extremely hot auras.

These were Ice Spirits and Fire Spirits, and they were part of the Spirit Race. This was because their bodies were completely formed by energies, and they were creatures birthed from energies.

Their strength was comparable to someone at Stage 2-5, which was quite strong. They would be able to easily beat a Minotaur in a one-on-one battle as they had Magic professions and long-range attacks. They could easily kite and defeat the Minotaurs.

If Great Qin's soldiers had entered this place, they definitely would have suffered many casualties. The Ice Spirits and Fire Spirits here were quite powerful, and their fireballs and ice shards were all specially enhanced, giving them great destructive power.

Zhao Fu flew in from the air, and because he had not tried to conceal himself, he was immediately greeted with countless fireballs and ice shards, forcing him back onto the ground.

The Ice Spirits and Fire Spirits here all had some intelligence, and after Zhao Fu landed on the ground, they all retreated into the distance and attacked from there, not daring to come closer.

Zhao Fu unleashed his King's Domain, and fireballs and ice shards crashed against it. However, the black dragon barrier was not damaged in the slightest.

Even though the Ice Spirits and Fire Spirits were not weak at all, just Zhao Fu's Cultivation alone was at Stage 4. With his City Lord Seal's power, it would be no problem for him to deal with these Ice Spirits and Fire Spirits.



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