Zhao Fu felt quite surprised – she wanted to chat with him? He had never spoken to Liu Xi before, and even though they had been in the same class, he had been quite introverted.

However, Zhao Fu still replied: "Sure."

Liu Xi started to talk about things from before: "Zhao Fu, I remember you were so silly the first time I met you. You couldn't speak clearly, and you were so awkward when talking in front of the class!"

Zhao Fu felt quite awkward. During the first year of high school, their teacher made everyone do a self-introduction. Zhao Fu was quite introverted, and he had been nervous to the point that he could not say anything properly at the time. However, that had been five years ago, and even he did not remember it clearly.

He felt quite embarrassed as he replied: "I never thought that you would remember such a thing. I was very introverted before, but I'm better now."

Liu Xi: "Really? I quite liked your personality back then. Do you remember the big sweeping incident?"

Zhao Fu felt even more awkward because all that Liu Xi remembered were dark things from his past, and he could only awkwardly reply.

A while later, Liu Xi had recounted ten or so embarrassing events from Zhao Fu's past, some of which Zhao Fu himself had already forgotten about. Zhao Fu felt quite speechless and replied: "Who would have thought that you would remember all of those things!"

Liu Xi: "Of course! I've noticed you since the beginning!"

Zhao Fu sensed something from this, but he didn't know what to say, and the atmosphere became a bit awkward.

After a while, Liu Xi sent another message: "I only noticed you; don't think too much. I'm about to get married. I've just said something I've always wanted to say during high school. Now that I think about it, it's been so long; what a pity. Now that you're finally online, if I didn't say it now, it'd be too late."

Seeing this, Zhao Fu felt quite complicated and replied: "Mm! I wish you happiness!"

Liu Xi did not reply to Zhao Fu, and he deeply breathed in before looking at the university group.

Zhang Hao: "Things are becoming more and more troublesome. So many shops have closed, and only the big supermarkets are still selling things. However, everything is so expensive!"

Liu Anping: "Things are continuously becoming more expensive, and money is quickly losing its value!"

Zhang Qiuyan: "Yeah! A few of the cosmetics I used to buy aren't even being sold anymore. It's much easier to earn money in the Heaven Awaken World with the 1:10 ratio, and everyone's run into the Heaven Awaken World to earn money!"

Bai Hui: "Don't talk about these things; who should we go into the Heaven Awaken World? Did you know that our old president is planning on creating a faction?"

Zhang Hao: "No way! The president doesn't have any money or power, so how can he create a faction? In terms of pay, Beauty Wu gives the best pay, and the pay offered by all the other factions are so-so. Those with any money or power have already created factions, and it's hard to choose which one to join."

Zhao Fu had never expected Wu Qingniang to be recruiting people within the university as well. She had been the Student President, so she would be quite famous, and because Nanshi University was a top university, it would have quite a few talented people who would be willing to join her.

As for their class president creating a faction, Zhao Fu felt that it was possible. Even though he did not have money or power, he had charisma, so it was possible for him to succeed.

Yang Ze: "Bai Yan and I broke up!"

This sudden message shook the entire group, and some people did not believe it. Yang Ze was the most handsome guy in their class, and he was quite rich. Bai Yan was the most beautiful girl in their class, and her family was quite well off as well.

They had started dating during the first year of university and had always been lovey-dovey, making everyone feel quite envious. To everyone, they were a perfect match.

Hearing that these two, who had seemed so in love, had broken up, everyone felt incredibly shocked.

Liu Anping: "No way! Why did you suddenly break up? What happened?!"

Yang Ze: "Ai, she said that the world had changed and that our relationship should end here. Afterward, she dropped out of uni and did not come again. She doesn't even pick up her phone now, and my heart aches so much!"

Qian Xiao: "Don't feel too sad! There was another beauty in our cohort; she's single now, so you can go and pursue her!"

Yang Ze: "How could I pursue Xiao Xiyun? Her family has billions of dollars, and she has so many people pursuing her. There are many people with better looks and more money than me."

Zhang Qiuyan: "Handsome Yang, how about we get together?"

Wu Xia: "Choose me! I've liked you for a long time!"

Sun Wenli: "Please also consider me!"

As the most handsome man in the class, Yang Ze was quite popular, and now that he had broken up with his girlfriend, there were many girls interested in him, wanting to be his girlfriend. This made all of the other men feel quite envious.

Xiao Xiyun: "What are you all saying?"

Seeing Xiao Xiyun suddenly speak in the group, the group suddenly fell silent. No one had expected her to talk at such a time.

Yang Ze: "Err… nothing much. Xiao Xiyun, you don't talk much in the chat!"

Xiao Xiyun: "I just came out of the Heaven Awaken World and was bored while I was eating. I heard the class president was thinking of creating a faction, so I'm considering supporting him!"

Xiao Xiyun's appearance made it so that ordinary people did not dare to speak, and even in front of her, Yang Ze felt inferior.

Yang Ze: "I heard about that too; it's probably true."

Zheng Dong: "Hahaha… so you all heard about it! I'm indeed thinking about that because I feel like the real world is quite lacking. Every country and large family has thrown all of their resources into the Heaven Awaken World, and I want to create my own faction to make sure that I can sustain myself in the future!"

After class president Zheng Dong appeared, he laughed and explained the matter of creating a faction.

Xiao Xiyun: "Mm! Class president, I can support you. Let me know if you need money!"

Since Xiao Xiyun was willing to support the class president, he would not be lacking in money, so everyone else decided to voice their support as well.

Zhao Fu: "I'm in support as well. If you need help, I can provide some help as well!"

At that moment, Zhao Fu couldn't help but voice his support as well. However, there were too many people speaking, and his message was immediately bumped up by countless other messages.

Only after a while did the class president see his message, and he said in surprise: "Zhao Fu, where'd you go? It's like you just evaporated out of this world! I was worried about you for a long time!"

Only then did everyone else notice Zhao Fu. They remembered that the first day that the Heaven Awaken World had come out, he had dropped out of university. Back then, none of them could understand why, but they could now guess – many people from Nanshi University had dropped out, spent all of their time in the Heaven Awaken World, and made some great gains.

Zhao Fu: "Mm, I had some things to do, but they're taken care of now. Let me know if you want any support. If there's nothing else, I'll be logging off now."

Xiao Xiyun looked at Zhao Fu's name and suddenly remembered that Great Qin's Legatee's representative was also called Zhao Fu – surely it couldn't be that coincidental. How could this Zhao Fu be that Zhao Fu? Their identities were worlds apart. Xiao Xiyun did not think too much and would never guess that he was indeed that Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu closed the university chat, and right as he was about to turn off his computer, he saw another message from Liu Xi: "Actually… if you say no, I can consider not marrying!"



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