Zhao Fu walked over to them, and when he thought about their battle, he felt that their powerful magic would be quite useful in battles. Just Binoche's meteors would be able to insta-kill 50,000 to 60,000 Stage 1 soldiers.

Zhao Fu did not know what sort of forbidden skill Kerache had, but it would definitely be extremely powerful and be able to insta-kill tens of thousands of soldiers as well. If he could have them submit, that would be for the best.

"I'll give you an opportunity to surrender! If you're willing to submit, I can choose not to kill you!" Zhao Fu said.

Binoche glared at Zhao Fu and yelled, "You dirty low-life; how could I, the great Binoche, submit to you? I'll burn you to death and listen to your howls!"

Kerache's expression was extremely cold, and she said murderously, "You despicable man, I want to slice off your flesh bit by bit and make you die from the pain!"

Zhao Fu laughed; these two still did not understand the situation that they were in and had no idea whose hands they had fallen into. Zhao Fu could easily kill both of them.

Since they did not seem like they would submit, did he have to kill them? What a pity!

Zhao Fu thought about it and remembered that he had the all-knowing golden dragon, so he asked it, "Do you have any way to make them submit?"

The golden dragon rolled its eyes at Zhao Fu and said, "I'm sure you know by now – doesn't the Six Desires Celestial Art have a method for subduing women? That's the best method!"

Zhao Fu felt quite awkward and asked, "Is there no other way?"

"There are, but they're definitely not as good as the Six Desires Celestial Art!" the golden dragon replied.

"Alright then." Zhao Fu had no choice but to turn his gaze to Binoche.

Binoche could sense that Zhao Fu wanted to do something, and she yelled, "If you dare to do anything to me, you scum, I'll slaughter you and make you wish that you were dead!"

Hearing her words, Zhao Fu did not feel angry, and he instead smiled, looking at her with pity. He came before Binoche and used his hand to squeeze Binoche's cheeks.

Binoche struggled while hatefully glaring at Zhao Fu as if she wanted to kill Zhao Fu 100 times.

At that moment, Zhao Fu suddenly kissed her, and their lips came together. A large amount of black qi rushed from Zhao Fu's mouth into Binoche's mouth, causing her resistance to weaken. Finally, her face became red, and her eyes looked quite lustful as she took the initiative to stretch her tongue into Zhao Fu's mouth.

Zhao Fu kissed Binoche back while taking off the few articles of clothing that she had and started to do it with her. He even used the chains to try out all sorts of positions that were quite difficult.

By the side, Kerache watched with a fearful look and desperately struggled. However, after hearing Binoche's moans, she started blushing.

A few hours later, Zhao Fu placed the strengthless Binoche on the ground and came over to Kerache.

Kerache turned her head away, not knowing if she felt afraid or embarrassed. Zhao Fu kissed her on the lips, after which both of their bodies became entangled.

After finishing up, Zhao Fu put on his clothes again and felt a bit awkward as he looked at the two women glaring at him and said, "Let's go!"

The two women harrumphed, and even though they seemed like they were ignoring Zhao Fu, they still walked behind him somewhat awkwardly.

Nothing much had happened in Great Qin over the past few days, and Great Qin's soldiers continued to clear out the surrounding regions. Seeing Zhao Fu bring back these two beauties, everyone felt quite surprised.

As two top-grade Mages, Binoche and Kerache had quite a lot of Phoenix Qi, and Zhao Fu made them Imperial Concubines as well. In actuality, even if they did not have any Phoenix QI, Zhao Fu would still make them concubines, as they now had that sort of relatirealized

Zhao Fu also realized that the only two Legendary grade and above City Hearts that he had were the Great Qin City and Maurya City, which were Epic grade and Legendary grade respectively.

Could he still fuse those two crystals into the Great Qin City and Maurya City? Both cities had Legacies, and if he could fuse the crystals into them, perhaps he could strengthen the Legacies.

However, Zhao Fu was disappointed – since both of them were historical legacies, he could not fuse the crystals with them unless he was to destroy the legacies. How could Zhao Fu be willing to do such a thing? As such, he decided to fuse the two crystals into two system main cities.

Zhao Fu found that this was not possible, as those cities already had City Lord Seals. If he wanted to fuse the two crystals into the City Hearts, he had to destroy the City Lord Seals. In the end, Zhao Fu could only fuse the two crystals into two Gold grade towns.

The names of those towns changed, becoming Fire Town and Ice Town.

Zhao Fu then spent some time on internal affairs. Three days later, Great Qin finished clearing out another region, and Zhao Fu moved over a system main city and renamed the region to Wing Province.

Great Qin started to clear out the next region, but soon, they were surprised to find that the boss monster of this region had not left.

Ordinary, after a region's system main cities were conquered, the boss monster of the region would be able to leave and would no longer be restricted to stay within the region.

As such, Great Qin had not encountered any boss monsters when clearing out the regions, but this time, the boss monster had not left. Instead, it had tried to stop Great Qin in clearing out the region and had created many beast tides.

After hearing about this, Zhao Fu immediately went to that region.

When Zhao Fu arrived, he saw that there were a few waves of beast tides, giving off a ferocious aura as they rushed at Great Qin's soldiers.

Great Qin's army had used wood and rocks to create a simple defensive wall, dug out trenches, and set up many traps. The beast tides were incredibly ferocious, and they would not be so easy to deal with.

"Your Majesty, the boss monster here is a massive violet python, and it has been hiding underground this entire time. It's very difficult for us to kill it!" Wang Jian came over and reported.

Zhao Fu nodded and ordered the other City Lords to stay here and help the soldiers defend. There were tens of millions of beasts, and even though Great Qin soldiers could kill ten or so with every hit, there were simply too many of them.

Following this, Zhao Fu brought Bai Qi, Wang Jian, Wei Liao, Sima Cuo, Meng Tian, and Li Mu to the depths of the region.

In the innermost part of the region, there were tall mountains everywhere, and if the boss monster hid underneath these mountains, it would indeed be quite difficult to deal with it.

The only thing they could do was to go underground and lure the boss monster out or kill it underground. If it did not come out, Zhao Fu would not be able to do much to it.

The boss monster was quite big, so it would not be too difficult to find underground. After discussing with the others, Zhao Fu set his plan into motion.



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