Zhao Fu took this opportunity to slash downwards, opening up a three-meter-long wound on the violet python's body. Blood immediately spurted out, which contained a fatal poison, and splashed against the King's Domain. Its incredibly corrosive nature almost burned through the King's Domain.

"Sssssssssss!" The violet python gave a hiss of pain and turned its head as it spit out some violet poison. The violet poison shot out like arrows, and Zhao Fu immediately dodged to the side, not daring to directly receive those attacks.


The violet python grasped this opportunity to use its massive body to slam against Zhao Fu, causing his body to fly backward.

As that was happening, the violet python opened its mouth, condensing the poisonous fog in its mouth into a ball before releasing it towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu finally stabilized his body, and seeing the poisonous ball flying towards him, he knew that there was no way for him to dodge it. As such, he decided to send his power into the Sin Dragon Sword, and countless traces of water vapor gathered, forming a 100-meter long sword.


Zhao Fu slashed out, unleashing an immense sword wind, splitting the incoming poisonous ball in half. The poisonous ball exploded, releasing countless traces of a poisonous aura – this poisonous aura was many times more intense than the poisonous fog from before, and Zhao Fu could only retreat.

Seeing that these attacks were ineffective against Zhao Fu, the violet python furiously opened its mouth and shot out a violet light towards Zhao Fu.

Facing this violet light, Zhao Fu's hairs stood on end, and he immediately dodged to the side.


A massive sound rang out as the violet light shot to the roof of this space, instantly opening up a 100-meter wide hole. Violet-black liquid dripped down, forming smaller holes on the ground, looking quite horrifying.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and slashed down with the Sin Dragon Sword, causing another water sword to condense and fly towards the violet python.


The violet python's massive body had not been able to dodge in time, and a massive injury was opened up by the water sword, causing blood to gush out.


The violet python almost went mad with pain, and its body continuously gave off a violet light. Zhao Fu felt a trace of danger and stepped back, preparing to defend.

Swish, swish, swish…

Countless violet snakes of light shot incredibly quickly out of the massive python's body towards Zhao Fu. In just the blink of an eye, they had reached Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu used all of his strength to sustain his King's Domain, and he also slashed out countless sword lights that destroyed the majority of the violet snakes of light. However, there were still many violet snakes of light, and they continued on towards Zhao Fu like a tidal wave.


The King's Domain was shattered, and Zhao Fu was sent flying backward and coughed up a mouthful of blood before he was able to stabilize his body. Most of the City Lords were currently defending against the beast tides on the surface, so Zhao Fu could not use their power. However, he could at least use Bai Qi and the five others' powers.

A black and gold dragon seal appeared, giving off a large amount of black light. A terrifying aura rippled out like a wild wind in all directions, and Bai Qi and the five others felt Zhao Fu's power calling them. They unleashed their City Lord Seals and sent their powers into the Great Qin Seal.


An even more berserk power rippled out, sweeping through the entire region. A terrifying aura of suppression weighed downwards, causing space itself to tremble. The violet python sensed some danger, but after looking at the Ginseng Tree, a look of determination appeared in its eyes.

The violet python's body gave off a large amount of violet light, which gathered at its horn. The resplendent light that its horn gave off could cause anyone's heart to feel a chill.

Clang, clang, clang…

The sound of chains could be heard as countless chains shot out of the ground and tightly bound up the violet python. The violet python desperately struggled as the light on its horn became brighter and brighter.

Zhao Fu gathered his power into the Great Qin Seal, causing it to give off the boundless aura of a great mountain as it rocketed towards the violet python.

The violet python roared as it pointed its horn towards Zhao Fu, shooting out a violet light. The surroundings were all dyed violet, and wherever the violet light passed, it left behind white smoke. It was as if it could corrode space itself.


The two massive powers collided together, and Zhao Fu's Great Qin Seal, which gave off the aura of a mountain, smashed towards the python's head. Immediately, blood flew everywhere, and the violet python howled in pain.

However, that violet light also continued onwards, instantly piercing through Zhao Fu's shoulder. Zhao Fu coughed up a mouthful of black blood, and his wound was charred as it was quickly corroded.

At that moment, Zhao Fu's Poison Spirit Constitution came into effect. The little green grass within his body lightly swayed and gave off an aura of life as it sent out a large amount of green light to absorb the poison.

Zhao Fu endured the pain and suppressed the poison before once again mustering his strength to use the Great Qin Seal to smash towards the python's head.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After a few hits, the Great Qin Seal finally smashed the violet python's head apart, causing its blood and brains to stain the ground around it. Following this, Zhao Fu received a few announcements.

"System announcement! You have killed the Violet Scaled Great Python and obtained 10,000 Achievement Points."

"System announcement! You have killed the Violet Scaled Great Python and obtained a large amount of this region's Fate."

"System announcement! You have killed the Violet Scaled Great Python and obtained 300,000 EXP."

"System announcement! You have obtained one Legend Point."

Zhao Fu had heard all of these system announcements before, and he also now knew the usage for Legend Points – after the Chaotic World Stone Steles reached Level 6, they also offered rewards for Legend Points.

One Legend Point could exchange for a trash Legendary grade equipment, and 30 Legend Points could exchange for a Legendary grade City Creation Stone.

Even though Zhao Fu knew the use of Legend Points, he would not casually go around killing boss monsters. One reason was that they were difficult to kill, and the other was because of the losses they would sustain from fighting beast tides. Those losses would far outweigh a Legendary grade piece of equipment, and even though Legendary grade City Creation Stones were tempting, the costs were greater than the benefits.

Next, it was time for Zhao Fu to claim his spoils of war. A boss monster's entire body was a treasure, and putting aside the snake blood and snake flesh, the horn would be able to be made into a top-tier Legendary grade weapon, and the skin would be able to be made into Legendary grade defensive items.

The skin could be used as inner armor, and all of Great Qin's leaders could have one. Zhao Fu already had Legendary grade inner armor, but the others didn't.

There were also two more things.

One was a green stone that was as big as a chicken's egg, and it gave off a faint green light and a putrid stench. Zhao Fu did not know what it was, so he picked it up and looked at its description.

[Thousand Year Snake Gallstone]: A gallstone created by a thousand-year-old snake. Consuming it will improve one's constitution, add resistance to poison, and unlock Vision.

The final part of the description made Zhao Fu feel ecstatic. Vision was the fourth sense of the five Celestial Senses. If he ate this gallstone, he would only be missing one sense, and Zhao Fu had been quite excited about Celestial Mode for a long time.

The second item was a small violet cauldron that was as big as a palm. There were birds, beasts, and insects engraved on it that looked quite real. The small cauldron gave off a faint, eerie glow, making it seem like an inauspicious item.



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