After leaving the store, Zhao Fu planned to quickly return to Great Qin, as he felt that time was becoming tighter and tighter. However, after passing the slave market, he sensed the Silver Lake Immortal Shield tremble within his spatial ring. Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and looked around.

He saw that within the slave market, there was a barbarian slave bound by chains being dragged out by people.

Barbarians usually had inferior intelligence but had strong bodies. Because their culture was quite barbaric, they were referred to as barbarians.

The barbarian that Zhao Fu saw was two meters tall and covered with muscles. He had a thick beard and very long hair to the point that it covered his face, making it impossible to see what he looked like. There was also a beast skin around his waist.

This barbarian was incredibly strong and required six or seven people pulling on the chains to drag him. Moreover, that barbarian was continuously struggling, not wanting to move.

Zhao Fu felt the Silver Lake Immortal Shield tremble again, and he now understood its intent.

Seeing the barbarian struggle, the slave master's expression became savage, and he prepared to take out a whip to whip him.

"Wait!" A voice stopped him, and he looked over and saw a mysterious person wearing a black cloak. He felt that the person had a very powerful aura, so he immediately put on a smile and asked, "What is it, sir?"

"How much is this slave? I want to buy him!" That person was naturally Zhao Fu.

The slave master's smile became even brighter, and he immediately said, "Lord, this barbarian was the leader of a small faction, and we spent quite a lot of effort catching him. His Cultivation is around Stage 1-5, and since you're the lord who wants him, I'll sell him for 1,000 gold coins!"

This barbarian was quite difficult to subdue, and the slave master had been thinking of ways to get rid of him. Now that Zhao Fu wanted to buy him, and sensing how powerful Zhao Fu was, he most likely would not care too much about money, so he set a high price.

Zhao Fu did not mind the price, so he threw over a sack of coins.

The slave master happily caught the bag and looked through it before handing over a sheet of paper. This was a Contract, which could decide the life and death of a slave.

Zhao Fu received the Contract and immediately used it.

"Lord, do you want us to send him to your residence?" the slave master smiled and asked. They would normally provide a delivery service for slaves like him so as to prevent anything unexpected from happening.

"No need, you can all let go of him," Zhao Fu said.

Hearing this, the slave master gave the order to let the barbarian go, and the barbarian also stopped struggling. He looked at Zhao Fu, and he could instinctively feel that Zhao Fu was incredibly dangerous. However, he pointed at another barbarian locked in a wooden cage next to him and muttered something that Zhao Fu could not understand.

Zhao Fu looked at the barbarian that the man was pointing at and found that it was a child who was seven or eight years old. The child looked a lot like this man and was most likely his son.

Zhao Fu did not say much and threw another few hundred gold coins to the slave master and bought the son as well.

Zhao Fu walked ahead while the barbarian man carried the child in his arms and followed behind him. The barbarian man did not try to escape or attack Zhao Fu.

Even though there was a Contract, if one was strong enough, they could resist the power of the Contract. However, the barbarian man still did not dare to act, as the aura from Zhao Fu's body was simply too dangerous. This was the first time that the barbarian man had met such a dangerous figure before, so he did not dare to do anything.

After arriving at a boundary region, Zhao Fu used a Language Stone to learn the barbarian language, and he asked, "What is your name?"

The barbarian man replied, "I'm called Ye Ji. This is my son, Ye Wu!"

Zhao Fu nodded and took out the trembling Silver Lake Immortal Shield from his spatial ring and gave it to Ye Ji, saying, "This is yours from now on. As long as you wholeheartedly serve me, I won't neglect you!"

Ye Ji received the silver shield and found that it was a Legendary grade shield. Even though he had led hundreds of barbarians before, he had never seen a Legendary grade item, yet this person had casually given him such a precious item – it showed just how much that person valued him. As such, Ye Ji had his son kneel down with him, and he said, "I, Ye Ji, am willing to serve you, my lord!"

The barbarian child, Ye Wu, also blankly repeated what his father had said.

Zhao Fu smiled, then brought them back to Great Qin. Now, he had found owners for all seven pieces of the Silver Lake Immortal Equipment, which was a big load off his heart.

Following this, Zhao Fu told his Generals what he had learned in the outside world, as he was quite concerned about this.

The situation in the outside world was quite tense, which forced Great Qin to adapt its plans. They no longer continued to clear out the eastern side, and they instead decided to attack the three other sides and restore Great Qin as a nation. After this, they would be able to construct a Great Wall, allowing Great Qin to have more power to protect itself.

However, there were still seven regions that they had not cleared out yet, which was a bit of a headache. They could not just let them sit there, or else they would have more and more regions to clear out in the future.

Their currently clearing speed was actually already quite fast. With the Village Compasses and the Gray Wolves' sense of smell, it was quite easy for them to find villages. It now took less than a month to clear out an entire region, which was many times faster than before.

However, because of the situation in the outside world, Zhao Fu felt quite rushed. Zhao Fu also asked the golden dragon what they could do, and it suggested to use Undead Disasters to clear out regions.

However, if they did that, Great Qin would not be able to obtain much. Each region could provide two to three million people, which Zhao Fu did not want to give up. He also worried that the Undead Disasters would go out of control.

After all, Great Qin could not fully control an Undead Disaster of that scale and could only guide them. However, if the Undead Disaster turned on them, they would suffer heavy losses.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Fu felt quite frustrated, as there was no easy way to resolve this situation.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu remembered that he still had two Region Treasure Boxes that he had not yet opened. They were the Region Treasure Boxes that he had obtained after conquering the two eastern side regions from before.

Zhao Fu opened the first one, and light shot out as a piece of black wood appeared.

The piece of wood was about 60 centimeters long and was as thick as a person's thigh. It was square shaped and gave off traces of a black and cold aura.

[Soul-Nourishing Wood]: Souls and spirits can be placed within this piece of wood, which will provide healing properties.

Zhao Fu did not have much use for this, so he put it into his ring after taking a brief glance. He then turned to the second treasure box and opened it. An intense light shot out, after which a very large beast skin appeared before Zhao Fu.

This bearskin was wrapped up and was yellow-colored, and it looked quite crude. It also had a dense muddy smell to it.

The best skin seemed to be a material, and Zhao Fu couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed. However, after looking at its information, he grinned.<script>chaptererror();</script>



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