Even though this was called a village, it was more like a monster den, because the Corpse Soldiers and Corpse Ghosts did not have any intelligence. They only knew how to madly attack people like beasts. However, because they were of the same village, they did not attack each other.

Zhao Fu found that there were 330 residents in this village: 260 Corpse Ghosts and 70 Corpse Soldiers. It was now very strong, and Zhao Fu led 300 Corpse Soldiers.

These Corpse Soldiers did not have any intelligence, so Zhao Fu could not command them and use any battle tactics. As such, he could only find the best time to attack and just charge.

The Corpse Soul Village did not have any walls, and only had some worn-down houses. The Corpse ghosts and Corpse Soldiers were scattered all over the place, with no one defending. This made sense, as none of them had any intelligence.

After changing profession to Corpse General, Zhao Fu's strength had greatly increased. Zhao As Zhao Fu led the 300 Corpse Soldiers in, both sides roared and ferociously battled. However, Zhao Fu's side had the advantage, and the Corpse Soul Village was forced back.

At that moment, Zhao Fu killed his way through to the Village Hall, where the City Heart was.

"Roarr!!" An incredibly loud roar sounded out, as a Corpse Ghost that was twice the size of the others rushed out – this was most likely the boss of this village.

Zhao Fu narrowed his eyes and slashed out with his sword, and a sharp sword qi flashed at the Corpse Ghost boss' head. The Corpse Ghost boss used its sharp claws to swipe at the air, sending out an air blade.


An explosion sounded out as the sword qi and air blade collided. The sword qi instantly destroyed the air blade, and continued onwards towards the Corpse Ghost boss' head.

The Corpse Ghost boss mustered its strength and used its hands to defend, and was forced back 5 or 6 steps. The boss of a village of 300 Corpse Ghosts and Corpse Soldiers was not very strong.

Zhao Fu shot forwards and sent his strength into the Corpse Ghost Sword, causing it to give off a sharp, blood-red light. The Corpse Ghost boss raised its sharp claws, slashing towards Zhao Fu, but Zhao Fu swung his sword diagonally, cutting the Corpse Ghost boss' arm off.

The Corpse Ghost boss roared in pain, and used its other claw to swipe at Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu did not dodge or retreat, and instead rushed forwards and stabbed the sword towards the Corpse Ghost boss with both hands.


The blood-red sword easily pierced through the Corpse Ghost boss' heart, and it fell to the ground, and its blood-red qi was absorbed by Zhao Fu.

After killing the Corpse Ghost boss, Zhao Fu walked into the Village Hall and looked at the City Heart giving off a blood-red glow. Zhao Fu walked over and chose to conquer it.

A formless shockwave rippled out, and all of the Corpse Soldiers and Corpse Ghosts of the village stopped attacking. Zhao Fu's Corpse Soldiers also sensed something and stopped attacking.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised – as long as he killed the boss of the village and conquered the City Heart, all of the Corpse Soldiers and Corpse Ghosts would automatically submit. This was an unexpected surprise, and this way, Zhao Fu would be able to quickly obtain more soldiers.

Moreover, when Zhao Fu conquered the Corpse Soul Village, Zhao Fu received information that he could bring this Corpse Soul Village with him back to the Heaven Awaken World. However, it would no longer be a Corpse Soul Village, and would instead turn into an unused City Heart.

Zhao Fu did not relocate the village for now, and tallied up his forces. He found that he had 328 Corpse Soldiers and 190 Corpse Ghosts, and he had them stay here for now as he went to look for other villages.

This was because travelling with a large group would take quite a long time, so it would be easier for Zhao Fu to move by himself. After finding a village, he would bring his soldiers to attack.

Apart from this, Zhao Fu also tamed a Corpse Horse by creating some traps and binding it.

With this Corpse Horse, it became much easier for Zhao Fu to move around. Soon, Zhao Fu found another Corpse Soul Village, which seemed to have just been through a big battle. There were many bodies on the ground, and the remaining forces numbered around 200.

Zhao Fu snuck over and killed the boss, then conquered the village, and the remaining 200 Corpse Soldiers all submitted to him.

Relocating villages also gave EXP, and Zhao Fu gave all of the EXP to the first Corpse Soul Village, and brought these 200 soldiers to the first village.

After bringing them back, Zhao Fu's force had once again become much more powerful. Following this, Zhao Fu continued to look for Corpse Soul Villages.

3 days later, Zhao Fu had destroyed 4 Basic Villages and 1 Intermediate Village, and he now had 2,000 or so soldiers. Zhao Fu brought all of these soldiers with him, as he had found an Advanced Village.

This Advanced Village had a population of 5,000, and Zhao Fu decided that using some strategies, as well as the 2,000 soldiers would be enough to easily take down this Advanced Village.

If he could take down this Advanced Village, he would be able to make it his main village, and he would not have to level up his Basic Village into an Advanced Village.

Zhao Fu coming near, Zhao Fu found that this village did not have any Corpse Generals, and at most only had some Stage 2 and Stage 3 Corpse Soldiers.

Zhao Fu first had his soldiers remain some distance away. They did not have much intelligence, so they could not used advanced battle techniques, so Zhao Fu could only use the most simple methods.

Zhao Fu rode his Corpse Horse and came outside the village. He used his Corpse Soul Bow to attack a few times, drawing out a few hundred Corpse Soldiers.


The Corpse Soldiers roared as they chased after Zhao Fu. However, Zhao Fu did not worry, because with his Corpse Horse, he could easily outrun them.

Following this, Zhao Fu led them to where his soldiers were stationed, then gave the order to attack. The hidden soldiers all rushed out, easily deciding this battle.

After dealing with this wave of Corpse Soldiers, Zhao Fu used the same method to draw out wave after wave of Corpse Soldiers. these Corpse Soldiers had no intelligence, so there was nothing for Zhao Fu to worry about.

Finally, the Advanced Village only had 3,000 or so Corpse Soldiers, so Zhao Fu brought his soldiers in and charged.

Zhao Fu's soldiers roared as they rushed towards the Advanced Village, giving off a ferocious aura. The village's soldiers also charged up, and the 2 sides quickly clashed.

Zhao Fu rode on his Corpse Horse and quickly found the boss, and rushed towards it.


The Corpse Horse galloped, and arrived before the boss in an instant. Zhao Fu slashed towards the boss' head ferociously with his sword, while the boss roared and parried his attack.

Half an hour later, Zhao Fu successfully killed the boss, but he had received some minor injuries. He went and conquered the Advanced Village, and now had a force of around 4,000 soldiers, which was double that of before. Zhao Fu was quite satisfied with this.

Now, Zhao Fu prepared to use this Advanced Village as his base and continuously conquer and gather an even stronger force.



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