The boss heavily punched out, destroying the incoming blood-red sword light, and it charged towards Zhao Fu like a ferocious beast.

Zhao Fu quickly leaped to the side, and the boss's massive body crashed into the wall, bringing it down and sending dust up into the air.

In that moment, Zhao Fu's gaze became incredibly cold, and he rushed up, slashing the boss's leg. However, the wound was not deep, so Zhao Fu sent more power into the sword, causing the sword to give off a sharp sword light.

The sword light flashed, deepening the wound to the point that bone could be seen.

The boss painfully howled and grabbed at Zhao Fu, but Zhao Fu immediately retreated and avoided this attack.

The battle around them was also incredibly intense, but the town's side had the advantage, as they had more people. Seeing this, Zhao Fu felt that he needed to finish this quickly, as if his soldiers were killed, he would be completely surrounded.

Looking at the boss rushing at him, Zhao Fu became completely serious, and he gripped his sword with both hands as he gave off a formless aura.

The boss soon arrived before Zhao Fu, swiping down from above and giving off five rays of cold light. Just as they were about to hit Zhao Fu, his body seemed to give off afterimages as he moved to the side and stabbed his sword through the boss's stomach.


In the next moment, the boss backhanded Zhao Fu head, causing his body to fly away.

Zhao Fu fell seven meters away with a few traces of blood flowing out of his head. He vigorously shook his head, getting rid of his dizziness, and looked at the boss that was once again charging at him.

Zhao Fu's sword was still stuck in the boss' stomach, so he had no weapon. Zhao Fu looked around him and picked up a Level 1 Soul Corpse Spear from nearby.

Swish, swish, swish…

The boss swiped with its claws, sending five blood-red air blades flying towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu dodged to the side, avoiding two of them, but because he was unable to dodge three of them, he could only use the spear to defend.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The three blood-red air blades hit the spear, causing sparks to fly, and Zhao Fu was forced back three steps.

By now, the boss had reached Zhao Fu, and it slammed down towards him with enough force to shatter boulders.

Zhao Fu leaned to the side, disregarding the air blades that scraped against his face, and he used the spear to pierce through the boss's chest. Black blood splattered all over Zhao Fu's face, but this attack was only enough to heavily wound the boss. Only the heart and head were the boss's fatal spots.

"Roarrr!" the boss howled in pain and madly attacked at Zhao Fu while he retreated and grabbed another spear from the ground.

The boss was going mad, and a large amount of blood-red aura rose from its body as it rushed at Zhao Fu, wildly swinging its arms.

In contrast, Zhao Fu calmed himself down and stood his ground, not moving at all. Just as the boss' sharp claws were about to hit him, Zhao Fu stepped out and stabbed with the spear like a bolt of lightning.


The spear stabbed through the boss's heart and pierced through the other side of its body. The boss gave once last howl before it dropped to the ground, dead.

Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief and picked up the things that it dropped. One of them was a blood-red crystal that gave off a faint blood-red light.

[Corpse Soul Blood Crystal]: This item can be brought out of the Trial Space. Using it will give one a Corpse Soul Beast Bloodline, which is extremely powerful but has severe side effects. Use with caution.

Looking at the Corpse Soul Blood Crystal, Zhao Fu thought about how ugly and unintelligent the boss was, so he was not interested in this crystal at all.

The second item was a spherical blood-red crystal, which gave off a cold aura. Zhao Fu was not sure what it was.

[Corpse Soul Technique Item]: A mystical item that can cast a Corpse Soul Barrier. It can be taken out of the Trial Space.

After looking at both items, Zhao Fu felt that neither of them was very useful, but he put them away. Looking at the intense battle around him, he quickly went to the Town Hall and chose to conquer the town.

A blood-red shockwave rippled out, and all of the soldiers stopped fighting, as they all now followed Zhao Fu.

However, Zhao Fu did not feel happy at all, and his expression instead became serious, because after conquering this town, he received a system announcement.

"System announcement! You have conquered a town ruled over by the Corpse Soul Lord. You have invoked the enmity of the Corpse Soul Lord."

The Corpse Soul Lord was a City Lord and had the power of a City Lord Seal, and it ruled over this region.

Zhao Fu felt that he could no longer stay in this region. Luckily, this was a Basic Town, so relocating it would not cause it to decrease in level. Zhao Fu did not hesitate to choose to relocate the town. He planned to bring his soldiers and quickly leave because he could not defeat a City Lord.


Suddenly, a massive sound rang out as if there were countless wild beasts charging, causing Zhao Fu's expression to change. He rushed out of the Town Hall and saw at least 100,000 Corpse Ghosts rush into the town, and there was a woman standing in the air.

The woman wore scaled armor and held a blood-red sword. She had short hair, a pale face, and looked incredibly beautiful. Her figure was quite graceful, but her savage, blood-red eyes were filled with cruelty and bloodthirstiness, and she also had two fangs.

She was the Corpse Soul Lord, and she gave off an incredibly terrifying aura that weighed down on the entire town, and it was as if it could cause the heavens and earth to dim.

Zhao Fu gulped. After sensing how terrifying the Corpse Soul Lord was, he quickly turned and ran. Zhao Fu was not a match for this Corpse Soul Lord, as it had a City Lord Seal, and she could instantly kill Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu decided to give up on all of his soldiers, as 15,000 against 100,000 had no chance of winning.

Zhao Fu could only take the town's City Creation Stone and run away. With the City Creation Stone, he could escape to another region and start over.

Moreover, this Corpse Soul Lord had arrived a bit too quickly – he had just conquered the town when he had received the announcement, and she had arrived almost right after.

Right now, he could only escape, and he did not have time to think about anything else. Since he had conquered a town under her control, she would definitely kill him. If that happened, he would fail this trial.

Standing in the air, the Corpse Soul Lord looked at the escaping Zhao Fu, lightly raised an incredibly pale finger, and pointed at Zhao Fu, causing a trace of blood-red qi to flash out.


A muffled explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu felt an immense force slam into him, causing him to smash against a massive rock and cough up a large mouthful of blood.



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