Tang Xuanzong greatly loved Consort Yang, but because of her favor to Li Linfu and Yang Guozhong, who were treacherous court officials, her love led to the An-Shi Rebellion, which lasted eight years, causing the powerful Tang Dynasty to go into decline.

In the year 907, Zhu Wen forced Emperor Li Zhu to abdicate, and he seized the throne, establishing Later Liang. The Tang Dynasty perished, lasting for 290 years.

After the Tang Dynasty was destroyed, another period of great division arrived, which was the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period, and it continued for 60 or so years before the Song Dynasty finally unified them.

After hearing about this history, Wu Zetian felt quite complicated. After hearing about this, she had wanted to kill Wei Xiang'Er and her daughters, as well as Yang Yuhuan, who had brought the downfall of this empire.

However, when she thought about Zhao Fu and Later Zhou, Wu Zetian decided to give them to Zhao Fu as gifts. Even though they were her daughter-in-law and granddaughters, since they would do such things, Wu Zetian decided not to keep them by her side.

This was especially since she knew that Wei Xiang'Er was most likely going to commit adultery with someone else, not only cuckolding her son but poisoning him as well.

Zhao Fu looked at Yang Yuhuan and Li Guo'Er. Both of them were exceptionally beautiful. Yang Yuhuan was the future Consort Yang, and even though she had not fully matured yet, she was already a devastating beauty. On the other hand, Li Guo'Er was definitely the most beautiful woman in the Tang Dynasty.

Li Guo'Er's fame was not inferior to Wu Zetian's and Yang Yuhuan's. Wu Zetian would become emperor while Yang Yuhuan would cause the demise of the Tang Dynasty, but Li Guo'Er's looks were not inferior to theirs. However, she had a trace of unruliness to her.

"General Zhao, please ask Empress Wu to show leniency to us. We don't know what we did to anger her, but we heard that she wanted to kill us. General Zhao, please save us," Wei Xiang'Er begged pitifully.

Zhao Fu sat on his chair and gave a trace of a smile. After Wu Zetian had them sent here, Zhao Fu guessed her intentions and motioned for Wei Xiang'Er to walk over.

Seeing the smile on Zhao Fu's lips, Wei Xiang'Er realized something. She suddenly gave a flirtatious smile, walked over, and sat on Zhao Fu's body. She wrapped her arms around Zhao Fu's neck and kissed him, stretching her tongue into his mouth.

After some passionate kissing, Wei Xiang'Er's face was red as she breathed raggedly and said, "General Zhao, you're so bad!"

Zhao Fu hugged Wei Xiang'Er and lightly laughed. He did not know if it was because she was from the Li family or because of his current mental state, but he did not refuse her and instead wanted to violate her. His hands moved to her large chest and started to move about.

Wei Xiang'Er was quite flirtatious and started to take off her clothes herself while motioning for her daughters to come over. Yang Yuhuan's face went red, and she chose to walk over as well.

After much tussling about, the younger girls had all fallen asleep, but Wei Xiang'Er powerlessly laid on Zhao Fu and said, "General Zhao, my daughters and I are all now yours; please take care of us!"

Wei Xiang'Er had seen what was happening to the Ministers loyal to the Tang Dynasty – Wu Zetian's actions had been incredibly vicious and merciless, so they could only entrust their lives to Zhao Fu.

At the same time, Wei Xiang'Er could not understand why her body had already fallen for this man. They had just met, so she could not actually have any feelings towards him, but her body and heart seemed to be controlled by something that made her always think about him, making her lose control.

Zhao Fu looked at Wei Xiang'Er in his arms, nodded, and agreed. He would mention this to Wu Zetian some other day. Zhao Fu then looked at the other girls and bitterly smiled. He suddenly found that he had become less resistant to beauties.

After a while, the situation had calmed down, and Wu Zetian made preparations for Zhao Fu to become Emperor.

Soon, an imperial edict announced that Great General Zhao Fu had ascended to the throne, and the new Dynasty would be called Great Qin. This shook the entire world, and no one thought that Zhao Fu, who had only appeared for two months, would become Emperor.

Zhao Fu did not mind this at all. He was currently wearing a dragon robe and wore the imperial crown as he stood on a tall platform and looked at the countless people kneeling below. He gave off the supreme aura of an Emperor, seeming like the sun, making countless people submit.

"System announcement! You have become the Emperor and completed this trial. You will be returned to the Heaven Awaken World!"

Zhao Fu wondered why, after completing this trial, there were no rewards – had this trial been for nothing?

Zhao Fu did not understand what was happening, and he felt quite confused as his body became hazy and disappeared.

After looking around at the familiar scene, Zhao Fu knew that he had returned to the Great Qin City. He let out a sigh – the trial had finally concluded. Just as Zhao Fu was about to leave and ask about what had happened after he entered the Trial Space, a rainbow-colored light appeared around him. Zhao Fu was quite startled and surprised to see all of the women he had had relations with him appear around him.

Wu Zetian gave a domineering smile and looked around her, while the other women all felt quite curious and wondered what had happened.

"You were all able to come to the Heaven Awaken World?" Zhao Fu asked as he looked at this scene in shock.

Wu Zetian looked quite pleased as she replied, "Of course! Otherwise, why would I give my daughter to you?"

Zhao Fu understood what had happened – Wu Zetian knew things that he didn't. However, if this was the real Wu Zetian, she would have traveled forwards in time by 2,000 or so years. Ordinarily, the historical figures were within the legacies of their City Heart.

This was the first time a historical Emperor had appeared in the Heaven Awaken World. Zhao Fu felt quite shocked, and he had no idea how Wu Zetian had done this.

Zhao Fu remembered that after passing the trial, the system announcement only said that he would be returned to the Heaven Awaken World, nothing about them. He had no idea what was going on.

Wu Zetian walked over to Zhao Fu, and she smirked as she lifted up Zhao Fu's chin and said with a trace of flirtatiousness, "You didn't want me to come to the Heaven Awaken World? You don't want to be with me anymore?"

"Haha!" Zhao Fu couldn't help but laugh. He didn't understand what was happening, but since things had turned out like this, he did not mind too much.

He pushed Wu Zetian's hand away and said, "Let's go! I'll take you to see Great Qin!"

Zhao Fu brought the group of women around the Great Qin City, and they all looked at the Outlanders and fantasy-like things in awe.

Following this, Great Qin's people heard that Zhao Fu had completed the trial and returned, and they all hurried over.

Zhao Fu heard from them that it was already the sixth day of the Trial Festival, with one more day to go. What shocked Zhao Fu was that he was not within the eight Legatees.



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