The eight Legatees looked at Zhao Fu seriously. Tina Pendragon had already noticed him, but she had not expected him to be Great Qin's Legatee.

Tina Pendragon did not like Great Qin's Legatee very much, as his methods were quite cruel and abnormal, and he was incredibly lewd. He stole women from all over the place, and as a woman, Tina Pendragon felt quite disgusted.

Akhenaten's expression also became quite grim, because now that Great Qin's Legatee had appeared, this final trial would not be as simple, and he felt that it would be much more difficult.

Si Ji also stared at Zhao Fu. He was the Legatee of China's first Dynasty, and all of China should have been led by him to glory. However, all the fame and glory had been snatched by Zhao Fu, making Si Ji feel some jealousy. At the same time, he viewed Zhao Fu as his strongest opponent.

Everyone else's expressions were quite unsightly as well, and they all had their own thoughts. Because of Zhao Fu's sudden appearance, they all felt quite uncomfortable.

Some people decided to act, but at that moment, a system announcement sounded in everyone's minds.

"System announcement! The final trial is about to begin, please make preparations."

This system announcement caused everyone to become serious and look away from Zhao Fu. They all deeply breathed in and out and collected themselves.


About a minute later, a gigantic explosion rang out in all directions, and the rainbow orb at the center gave off an even brighter light, causing a massive, formless energy to weigh down on everyone's bodies.

Everyone felt as if there was a boulder weighing down on their bodies, and they were unable to move at all. Their bodies were covered with sweat, and many people's legs started to tremble.

Right from the beginning, some people could not endure it. Their legs gave way and they fell to the ground, raggedly breathing. They were unable to stand up, and a formless energy moved them to the side, signaling that they had failed.

Zhao Fu looked at the people struggling and felt quite curious – he did not feel even a bit of pressure on him, so what was going on?


Ten minutes later, another explosion sounded out, causing the pressure to double.

Some of the State Legatees started to look quite pained, and beads of sweat rolled down their bodies, but the Dynasty Legatees still looked relatively at ease.

Zhao Fu looked at the three women beside him. They looked like they were struggling, but because he could not help them, they had to rely on themselves.

As time went on, more people could not endure it anymore, and their bodies collapsed to the ground as they panted for air. They were unable to stand anymore and were pushed by the formless energy to the side.

They were left closer to the center than the first group of people who had collapsed. It seemed that the longer one endured for, the better the rewards would be. Many people noticed this, so they became even more determined.


Half an hour later, an even bigger explosion rang out. The rainbow orb gave off an even more intense light, and the pressure became four times as intense, weighing down on everyone like it was corporeal.

Some people immediately collapsed to the ground and were pushed to the outside. They were closer than the second group of people who had collapsed. Some people immediately stood back up and were able to continue on with the trial.

In order to pass the trial, countless people gritted their teeth and used all of their strength to endure. Zhao Fu looked at how much everyone around him was suffering, but he did not feel even a bit of pressure. Just what was going on?

By now, Nü Lü, Xianru and Gao Li were all under immense pressure. They were also gritting their teeth as they endured. Beads of sweat rolled down their bodies, which continuously trembled.

"How are you all doing? If you can't endure, just let it go!" Zhao Fu said caringly.

Nü Lü squeezed out a smile and said, "Lord husband, I can still endure for a while longer. Don't worry about me!"

Xianru also smiled with difficulty and said, "Your Majesty, I can also endure for a bit longer!"

Gao Li was breathing somewhat raggedly and her legs were starting to shake, but looking at the two other women, she deeply breathed in and continued to endure, saying, "Your Majesty, I can also go on!"

Zhao Fu lightly smiled and nodded. The longer they could endure, the better the rewards they would receive.


A massive explosion once again sounded out, and an even more intense power weighed down on everyone's bodies like a mountain. Some State Legatees were unable to endure, and they immediately fell to the ground.

Facing this immense pressure, even some of the Dynasty Legatees started to struggle and wondered if they could continue. Even the eight Legatees felt that they might not be able to continue.

However, Zhao Fu still could not feel any pressure, and by now, he was completely dumbfounded.

Gao Li's legs were fully shaking now, and she was panting heavily. It seemed that she would not be able to go on for much longer. Seeing this, Zhao Fu thought that since he was not enduring much pressure and did not even have to use his strength to withstand the pressure, he could give her some of his strength.

Streams of black aura rushed out of Zhao Fu's hand and entered Gao Li's body, and with that power, the pressure weighing down on Gao Li decreased, and it was not as difficult for her anymore.

Seeing that this was working, Zhao Fu smiled. However, he felt that there was something off with Gao Li: even though she was enduring, her face had become bright red, and her eyes were hazy, her body giving off an intoxicating aura.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu realized that what he had given her was the Six Desires Demonic Qi, and his expression became a bit awkward. He had forgotten that he was cultivating the Six Desires Celestial Art, which caused his Cultivation power to become Six Desires Demonic Qi. This power could not be rashly used, as it had an aphrodisiac effect.

After realizing his mistake, Zhao Fu immediately sent his King's Power into Gao Li's body to suppress the Six Desires Demonic Qi. Gao Li's expression was quite embarrassed as she looked at Zhao Fu.

Following this, Xianru could not hold on any longer, and Zhao Fu sent some of his King's Power into her body as well. Finally, even though Nü Lü was still holding on, Zhao Fu could not bear to watch her in agony, so he also gave her some of his King's Power.

With Zhao Fu's help, the three women were barely able to hold on.

This scene caused everyone else to feel quite shocked. None of them had thought that Zhao Fu would have such immense strength to be able to help three other people while remaining so unflustered. He did not seem to be enduring any pressure at all – just how powerful was Great Qin's Legatee?

Zhao Fu's appearance was a big blow to many people, including the eight Legatees. Their expressions fell because they all felt immense pressure. Just bearing the pressure alone was incredibly difficult, let alone help others.



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