The sudden turn in events caused everyone to feel quite shocked. As Zhao Fu flew towards the rainbow orb, a massive explosion sounded out.

The rainbow orb floated upwards, shining down on the ground like a rainbow sun. The entire region was dyed rainbow, and countless people looked at the rainbow or bin confusion.

Chi, chi, chi…

After reaching a certain height, an ear-piercing twisting sound could be heard coming from the sky.

The sky seemed to be twisting as a boundless heavenly might descended. Everyone felt their bodies sink, and they felt as if their souls fell into a deep abyss. In front of this power, they were all like tiny grains of sand.

A terrifying aura of death spread throughout everyone's hearts as they looked up at the sky in surprise. Their bodies slightly trembled. This included not only the people on the platform but also those still on the stairs; all felt this terrifying power.

Just what had happened on that platform? The people on the stairs wondered.

The countless people on the platform were also quite shocked. They had been waiting for the World Protector to descend, but who would have thought that Great Qin's Legatee would be the World Protector?

Since Great Qin's Legatee was the World Protector, this coming trial would be incredibly difficult. Everyone felt that the trial had suddenly been upgraded to Hell Grade. However, those who had failed already felt quite fortunate and did not have to worry, as they had already failed and would not have to participate in this trial.

The ones who were truly worried were the 50 people who were about to face this trial. They all knew what they were about to face.

The gigantic rainbow orb gradually spread out, turning into countless rainbow butterflies of light. Countless resplendent motes of light fell down from their bodies, creating an incredibly beautiful scene.

However, no one was in the mood to appreciate this beautiful scenery. The figure within the orb of light was gradually revealed – he had an incredibly beautiful face that rivaled the face of a woman and long black hair that went down to his legs. He wore rainbow robes and had cold, blood-red eyes that were devoid of emotions.

Zhao Fu's current appearance was very different to his normal appearance – normally, Zhao Fu was handsome and still within the scope for men in terms of prettiness. Now, he was purely beautiful.

After seeing what Great Qin's Legatee looked like, everyone felt quite shocked. Some of the men felt quite allured, while some of the women felt quite jealous.

Many of the rainbow butterflies of light flew around Zhao Fu, while he looked down at everyone. He now understood what was going on and why he did not have to go through the trial – it was because he was the World Protector.

Now, it was time to test the others. According to the rules, he had to act fairly and could not show mercy to anyone.

"Are you all… ready?" Zhao Fu's voice sounded out like thunder, shaking everyone's souls.

The 50 people below all looked incredibly serious as they made preparations.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu domineeringly smiled as he grabbed at the air, causing a rainbow sword to appear in his hand. He pointed the sword to the sky, causing the surroundings to change as if they had suddenly been transported into another world.

The sky was blood-red colored, and there was a blood-red crescent moon in the sky, giving off a cold moonlight. Everyone was standing on lush, green grass, and even though there seemed to be life all around them, there was an aura of silence and deathliness.

Zhao Fu's smile did not change, and he suddenly turned into a ray of light and shot down towards the people below.

Immediately, everyone felt quite startled. Tina Pendragon quickly shouted for everyone to disperse, and everyone quickly spread out.


It was as if a meteorite had smashed into the ground, and a shockwave that was almost corporeal rippled out, annihilating the ground around it. Countless rocks flew about in all directions with immense force, enough to pierce through bones.

Tina Pendragon gripped her golden sword with both hands and blocked in front of her, forming a semi-circular barrier, blocking the flying rocks. Si Ji stretched out his hand, causing a violet dragon-inscription barrier to appear. It seemed that he also had King's Power, and everyone else used their various techniques to defend as well.


A clear sword hum sounded out as a massive sword wind slashed through the surroundings. The rocks and dust in the air were immediately cleared, and the massive sword wind caused some of the weaker people to be pushed back a step.

After the dust cleared, everyone could see Zhao Fu at the center of the crater. Looking at Zhao Fu, all of them felt a sense of despair.

Zhao Fu looked at Tina Pendragon, smiled, and said, "Come Let me experience Tina Pendragon's legendary power!"

In the next second, Zhao Fu appeared before Tina Pendragon, his rainbow sword giving off an aura that seemed to be able to destroy everything. The space around it seemed to collapse as it slashed towards Tina Pendragon.


Understanding how terrifying Zhao Fu's attack was, Tina Pendragon cried out and exploded out with all of her strength. The ground beneath her cracked as a few golden arcs of lightning appeared around her. The golden sword in her hand gave off a brilliant light and gave off a shocking amount of power.

As Zhao Fu's sword descended, Tina Pendragon also slashed out, causing the two swords to clash together.


A massive explosion sounded out as two massive energies collided. A wave of light rippled out, destroying everything within 1,000 meters.

Tina Pendragon's body slid back ten or so meters before stopping. A trace of blood leaked out of her lips, and her expression was extremely serious. She gripped her sword with both hands as she stared at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu lightly smiled and prepared to attack again when suddenly, a massive arm smashed towards Zhao Fu.

Akhenaten had also acted – he had used his power to create a ten or so meter tall sand giant to attack Zhao Fu. Their task was to defeat Zhao Fu, and since Tina Pendragon had powerful support skills, if she was immediately defeated, it would be incredibly hard to take down Zhao Fu.

Sensing the massive arm, Zhao Fu disdainfully waved his hand, causing an arc of light to flash out, slashing through the massive arm and causing it to turn back into sand.

"Roarrr!!" At that moment, a violet dragon roared as it smashed towards Zhao Fu with immense force. Si Ji had also started to attack.

Zhao Fu treated this attack condescendingly – he had just attacked with his sword, so he stretched out his hand, causing a rainbow-colored semi-circular barrier to appear. The violet dragon crashed against the barrier before turning into countless traces of violet aura and disappearing.


A white spear of light tore through the air, bringing with it an intense heat as it shot towards Zhao Fu. A pair of angel's wings appeared on Geoffrey's back as he also started to attack.

Zhao Fu spun and slashed out with his sword, hitting the spear of light. The spear of light exploded into countless motes of light with a bang. Right after defending this attack, more attacks rained down on Zhao Fu – with how many people they had, it was quite troublesome to defend.



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