Eight rainbow-colored runes that gave off a mysterious light rose up from the eight Legatees' foreheads as they gave off an incredibly terrifying aura. Their auras were tens of times more powerful than before, and the air seemed to solidify under their pressure.

Their eyes were all blood-red, and Zhao Fu wondered what they had experienced, as their eyes were filled with only hatred and killing intent as if they had irreconcilable hatred with Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu did not understand what was going on – didn't he just mock them a bit? Why did they hate him so much?

Moreover, now that they had all awoken the Earth Realm Mark's power, did that mean that his task was complete? However, Zhao Fu did not receive a system announcement, making him have a bad feeling.

"I'll kill you!" the first to attack was Masanori Hano, who cried out with a voice filled with pain and hatred. She grabbed at the air, causing countless traces of devil qi to rush out and form a halberd. She swung it, causing it to tear through the air, and a massive pillar of devil qi smashed towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's pupils constricted, as he could tell how terrifying this attack was. He stretched out his hand, and a rainbow barrier covered his body. As the pillar of devil qi crashed against the rainbow barrier, it gave a muffled explosion, and Zhao Fu could feel the solid rainbow barrier trembling.

Following this, the devil qi rippled out, covering the surrounding 100 meters and obscuring everyone's vision.

"You piece of trash!" A roar suddenly sounded out from Zhao Fu's side as Babilon held a saber and stared at Zhao Fu before sending out a boundless wave of saber qi towards the barrier.


A clear, cracking sound sounded out as a few cracks appeared on the incredibly solid rainbow barrier. This rainbow barrier had previously defended against the combined attacks of 50 people without any problems at all.

"Great Qin's Legatee! I'll have you repay the humiliation I suffered a hundredfold!" Another cry sounded out as Oleg's handsome face became distorted in fury as he rushed forwards like a bolt of lightning with his spear. He had no regard for his own safety and seemed completely fixated on killing Zhao Fu.


Another clear cracking sound could be heard as the spear gave off an immense piercing energy and slammed against the rainbow barrier, causing a few more cracks to form.

"True Sword of Justice!" someone yelled, causing Zhao Fu to feel quite startled. Tina Pendragon's eyes were incredibly cold, giving off dense killing intent, as she raised her golden, glowing sword with both hands. She then ferociously slashed it down towards Zhao Fu.

A massive golden sword light, giving off an energy that seemed to be able to slash through everything, flashed out, causing everyone's hairs to stand on end.


The rainbow barrier shattered like glass, and there was also a sword gash that was hundreds of meters long on the ground. Zhao Fu felt quite shocked, but luckily, he had leaned to the side, or else his body would have been split apart by this attack.

Suddenly, another figure appeared above Zhao Fu – Si Ji gripped his violet sword as he slashed down towards Zhao Fu. This sudden attack startled Zhao Fu, but he grabbed at the air, causing the rainbow sword to instantly form, after which he slashed out.


The two swords collided, resulting in a massive clanging noise. Si Ji looked at Zhao Fu with eyes full of hatred and roared, "Great Qin's Legatee, do you really think I'm inferior to you? Today, I'll kill you to prove myself!"

Si Ji gritted his teeth as he used all of his strength to press down against Zhao Fu's sword.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and gripped the rainbow sword as he vigorously slashed out, sending Si Ji flying. However, Zhao Fu was once again surprised to sense a spear light that gave off a white, burning energy, stabbing towards his back.

He turned and saw Geoffrey with a pair of angel's wings on his back, giving off white light. He was holding a white spear of light, his face a mask of fury as he roared, "I'll purify you, you demon!"

Zhao Fu hurriedly spun and sent out an arc of sword light towards Geoffrey. The sword light and spear light collided, resulting in an explosion that sent out shockwaves in all directions.

"I'll kill you!!" a voice twisted with pain and terror sounded out as Ramis swung an iron club down at Zhao Fu, giving off a massive whooshing sound and forcing Zhao Fu to dodge to the side.

"Skreeee!!" A massive black bird ferociously dove at Zhao Fu while he was still dodging, so he could only use the rainbow sword to block in front of him.


Zhao Fu's body slid back by ten or so meters before he stopped, leaving two tracks on the ground. After receiving this attack, a trace of blood leaked out of Zhao Fu's mouth.

Akhenaten glared at Zhao Fu in hatred and anger, saying, "I'll take revenge for them today; you deserve to die a thousand times!"

Zhao Fu's expression became cold as he wiped away the blood from his lips. He looked at the eight maddened people and wondered why they hated him so much. After thinking about it, he realized that it was most likely because of whatever the world's consciousness had done.

The eight people ferociously attacked, and seeing this, Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and decided to use his full power, or else he would be killed here.

They all possessed the power of the Earth Realm Mark, and Zhao Fu had it as well. A round mark appeared on the back of his hand, giving off a resplendent light. Zhao Fu pointed the rainbow sword toward the sky as he roared, causing a rainbow pillar of light to shoot into the sky.

Within the pillar of light, Zhao Fu's aura rose, causing a terrifying might to descend and making it seem as if the whole world was shaking.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

Massive explosions rocked the heavens and the earth. No matter how strong Zhao Fu was, the eight Legatees did not show any signs of backing down, seeming as if they were willing to die to take down Zhao Fu. They once again began to unleash their powerful attacks.

Facing so many terrifying attacks, Zhao Fu raised the rainbow sword and slashed out horizontally, sending out a 1,000-meter long crescent that collided with the eight Legatees' attacks.


A shocking explosion sounded out, and even the people below felt an immense feeling of fear.

Even though they could not see just what was happening, just from these shockwaves, they could understand just how intense their battle was.

Many people had witnessed Great Qin's Legatee's power, which had been powerful enough to instantly kill dozens of people. These people, who were at the peak of the world, were like ants in front of him, and they had been unable to retaliate at all.

However, the eight Legatees had received some sort of power and were now able to fight on almost equal grounds with the World Protector, Great Qin's Legatee. The others couldn't help but feel admiration towards the eight Legatees and fear towards Great Qin's Legatee.

Nü Lü's expression became quite anxious as she started to worry for Zhao Fu.

Back at the battlefield, a 10,000-meter wide crater had appeared, and it was dozens of meters deep. That massive collision had resulted in a massive explosion, and the eight Legatees had all been blasted back by the shockwave, traces of blood leaking out of their lips.



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