Zhao Fu looked at the bitter reports and felt quite startled. The players were being mass-slaughtered, and most of them had no idea what was going on. It was as if all of the City Lords had agreed to do this at the same time.

Even though the players did not die true deaths, after returning to the real world, they angrily reported this on the internet and cursed at the system main cities.

However, the information did not spread fast enough, and because the City Lords all acted simultaneously, the player side took a big blow.

It was not just the players in China but players all over the world who were slaughtered by the system main cities. Hundreds of thousands of players had been mercilessly butchered in each system main city, making countless people shiver.

By now, no one dared to stay in system main cities anymore. Those who had villages hid in their villages, while those who did not have villages hid in the wilderness. Walking into a system main city right now was equivalent to suicide.

Some players were incredibly furious, and they gathered two million or so players and angrily attacked a system main city. However, the system main cities were still able to use their neutral function to create an energy barrier, making it impossible to break through.

This caused the countless players to feel incredibly sullen, and they felt like they were going to die of anger. This was completely unfair – the system main cities could slaughter players, but players could not do anything against the system main cities in response.

From how Zhao Fu saw it, the time for the players' revenge would come soon. The City Lords were evidently afraid of this retaliation because without their neutral status, millions of player would attack the system main cities, and they would have no power to defend at all.

As such, they had to greatly weaken the players' strength so that even after they could not use the neutral status, they would not have to worry about players.

Of course, not all City Lords were all as evil and vicious; a small minority of City Lords were quite well-natured and were willing to live in peace with the players.

However, they were not stupid either. They were worried about treating the players well and then being killed later, so they also made preparations. These cities started to build player factions that were controlled by the system main city.

The leader of the faction would be the City Lord or a General, who would directly control the faction. They would use players to deal with players.

These City Lords were mild-tempered and did not like killing, so they thought of ways to co-exist with players.

The world was now quite chaotic, and conflicts between system main cities and players continuously exploded out. This caused most players to lose the protection and support of system main cities, resulting in their development to slow down.

This was a big blow to the overall player body. The players had been developing quite well, but after so many of them had died, their overall strength had greatly decreased. This would leave a heavy stroke on the pages of history.

Zhao Fu couldn't help but sigh. Even though he had expected this, he could do nothing about it. He did not want to see the player's side's strength decreasing.

After all, Zhao Fu knew about the matters outside of the Legacy Land, so he was naturally quite worried that they would not be able to stop the invasions in the future. If it wasn't for this, Zhao Fu would have been ecstatic about the players being slaughtered. That way, he would be able to get rid of them easily.

Now, the sense of security from constructing the Inner Great Wall disappeared, and Zhao Fu started to worry again. They were still too weak and insecure.

After returning to the Heaven Awaken World, Zhao Fu received four system announcements.

"System announcement! The final stage of the Chaotic World has been unlocked. Killing anyone, regardless if they're a player, indigenous resident, or Outlander will give rewards."

"System announcement! The final stage of the Chaotic World has been unlocked. Natural disasters will descend, and there will be a decrease and weakening of stats in production."

"System announcement! The third layer of the Heaven Domain Boundary has been closed."

"System announcement! Void Zones have disappeared, and all players can go anywhere they please without any restrictions. However, because the Void Zones between nations have not disappeared, players can only teleport within the territory of their own nation."

After hearing these four system announcements, Zhao Fu couldn't help but sigh. The final stage of the Chaotic World had arrived, and just like he had expected, it was one where people would receive rewards for killing anyone. Moreover, there would also be natural disasters.

Food crops used to be the cheapest resource because of the decreases to growing time and the increase to output. No one lacked food, and every faction had a massive amount of food stored up.

However, because of the impending natural disasters, many people would lack food, and there might even be a famine.

This was disadvantageous to any faction – not just players but also system main city factions. They would all be affected by these natural disasters, and now that the conflict between players and system main cities had erupted, things would become even tougher.

However, this did not matter much to Great Qin. With Great Qin's natural disaster resistance, they would barely be affected.

Even if it was a massive natural disaster, Great Qin would be able to survive it. Great Qin was well-stocked in all kinds of resources because Zhao Fu had been preparing for this ever since he had entered the Heaven Awaken World.

Now that the third layer of the Heaven Domain Boundary had been closed, this meant that the day that the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world was very soon. Zhao Fu had wanted this to come as late as possible in order to make himself more powerful and increase his confidence.

As for the final system announcement, which said that the Void Zones had been canceled, this made things quite convenient.

Before, Zhao Fu was worried that other factions in China would teleport close to Great Qin and attack. However, now that the Inner Great Wall was complete, he was not as worried. Now, it should be them who were afraid of Great Qin.

However, the disappearance of Void Zones also made it more convenient for the system main cities: the various City Lords would be able to work closer together, which would also make it more difficult for Zhao Fu to conquer more regions.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu decided to not make a move against the three other sides for now, and he instead quietly digested the ten regions they had just conquered. Increasing their strength was more important than anything else, as they would not have to worry too much in the face of danger.

Now that Great Qin had so many soldiers, they were able to leave three million soldiers at the Inner Great Wall, led by Bai Qi, Wang Jian, and Wei Liao, while the rest peacefully cleared out the conquered regions.

Now, Great Qin could clear out a region in roughly five days or so. After all, they had many soldiers and all sorts of items, so it would take 50 days to clear out the ten regions.

Zhao Fu discussed with the Generals for a bit longer before making some decisions. Great Qin started to settle down and did not do anything to the eastern, western, or southern sides, and they focused on clearing out the ten northern side regions.



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