Zhao Fu looked at the black crystal peacock and felt the aura coming from it. It had a closer affinity with him than the Imperial Ruler's Seal – after all, this was something created by himself and had fused with his blood, so the connection between it and him was much closer.

At that moment, Zhao Fu suddenly thought about refining the Imperial Ruler's Seal to be Great Qin's own Clan Armament. If he did that, the Imperial Ruler's Seal would no longer belong to China and would instead belong to Great Qin. If that happened, Great Qin would have two Clan Armaments.

The Imperial Ruler's Seal sensed Zhao Fu thoughts and slightly trembled as if it was afraid.

If Zhao Fu refined the Imperial Ruler's Seal, Great Qin would truly be independent. Even its Fate would be independent of the rest of China, and Zhao Fu could not help but sink into his thoughts.

After a while, Zhao Fu decided to give up on this idea. After all, his roots were in Great Qin, and Great Qin's roots were in China. Great Qin belonged to part of the history of China, and whether it was its culture or bloodline, they all belonged to China. Moreover, he could already use the Imperial Ruler's Seal.

Moreover, he was only where he was because of China's Fate, so after thinking about it, Zhao Fu decided not to go down this path.

Now that Great Qin had formed its own race, it had obtained some bonuses to its bloodline. Even though it was not obvious, it would still be quite useful.

That was the conclusion of the Clan Armament refinement. Seeing that it was already late into the night and everyone seemed quite tired, Zhao Fu told them to go back and rest up.

Zhao Fu then took the black crystal peacock, which he had named the Great Qin Emperor Peacock, and placed it next to the Imperial Ruler's Seal in order to guard Great Qin's Fate.

Half a month later, natural disasters started to descend because of the final stage of the Chaotic World. It was just like in the Disaster Festival, with all sorts of natural disasters occurring frequently.

Zhao Fu received a lot of information about other regions: some had continuous rain that caused floods, while others had severe droughts and incredibly high heat, causing the ground to start to crack.

Other places had immense snow and hail, freezing crops to death, and the hail injured and killed many people.

The most common ones were floods, droughts, hailstorms, earthquakes, and cyclones. The other disasters were not as destructive, and they were not as frequent as during the Disaster Festival.

However, there were not any Disaster Beasts that they could kill in order to stop the natural disasters – these were just simple natural disasters that could not be stopped. The only thing that could resist them was the Natural Disaster Resistance stat, and the advantage that the Legatees had was now displayed.

Because of the natural disasters, many cities' production stats had been greatly reduced. Food crops no longer matured as quickly, nor was their output as great. Most cities affected by natural disasters would barely produce anything.

Only about half a month had passed, so no one was panicking yet. However, some of the smarter ones could see the impending danger, so they started to stockpile large amounts of food. All of a sudden, food, which had been one of the cheapest resources, became incredibly expensive.

As the price of food continuously increased, some ordinary people also sensed some danger. No one knew how long these natural disasters would be for, so if they sold all of their food, they could face starvation in the near future.

There was still food being sold, but as time went on, there would be fewer people selling food, and factions would find it quite difficult to gather more food.

The natural disasters did not stop, and with the rewards for killing people, the world indeed became quite chaotic. Players killing indigenous residents, as well as system main city soldiers killing players, were all given rewards.

Even though the rewards for killing a single person were not much, the more people one killed, the more rewards there were, and there was no limit.

Whether they were players or indigenous residents, they were all incredibly cautious when moving around, worried that someone would suddenly jump out and attack them. In this profit-driven world, many people would do anything for benefits. The world became quite dangerous, and everyone lived in fear.

Darkness had descended on the world, and it affected not only all of the players but also all indigenous residents.

What's more, this was only just the beginning. In the later stages, there would be even more chaos and blood. Those who wanted to survive would have to live by the laws of the jungle and natural selection.

Of course, this did not affect Great Qin much – its powerful Natural Disaster resistance stats essentially negated all natural disasters within its territory, and its tough Inner Great Wall was able to stop all invaders.

In half a month, Great Qin had cleared out three regions, and its strength had increased considerably.

Zhao Fu used the EXP gained to level up the fire and ice villages. Zhao Fu primarily did this because Binoche and Kerache's forbidden spells could instantly wipe out 50,000 to 60,000 Stage 1 soldiers.

If they had City Lord Seals, the spells they cast would be even more terrifying. What's more, the fire and ice cities were both special cities that suited Binoche and Kerache.

Zhao Fu felt that the world was becoming more and more dangerous, and it was completely chaotic. Great Qin would be battling more and more in the future, so their power on a large battlefield would be incredibly useful – after all, Zhao Fu had personally witnessed their power before.

The fire and ice cities spawned people with fire and ice bloodlines, which meant that the people could cast fire and ice attacks. Their stats were also much better than ordinary people's, and they could be nurtured as special soldiers.

Late at night, the moon spilled into the bedroom. Beside Zhao Fu, Nü Lü, Tuoba Qing, Binoche, and Kerache had all fallen asleep. Wu Zetian was currently laying on Zhao Fu's chest, breathing heavily.

A while later, Wu Zetian asked, "Zhao Fu, what are you going to do now? The Chaotic World is an opportunity, and I think General Sun's suggestion is quite good.

"The system main cities outside are continuously suffering from natural disasters, and there is already a lot of pressure on them. If they personally see how powerful Great Qin is, many people will be willing to surrender. Moreover, you should send those letters asking them to surrender to even further regions.

"It's best to send them to the 100 nearest regions. This way, there will be more chances of them surrendering. Now that the entire world is like this, there isn't anywhere they can escape to.

"Also, now that the final stage of the Chaotic World has begun, the system main cities can barely take care of themselves. I think you should increase the speed at which you clear the regions, or suddenly attack and destroy those three sides before they're prepared."

Zhao Fu hugged Wu Zetian's slim body with one hand while he thought about what she had said. Right now, Sun Hanxiang's method was indeed the best, but he needed to have some countermeasures in case anything went wrong.



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