Sounds of the air being torn could be heard as countless arrows descended from the Inner Great Wall. They were simply innumerable, and the massive, sharp ocean-like aura could cause anyone to shiver.

The system main city shieldwall had already been broken through by the Ballistae, and seeing this, the City Lords hurriedly wanted to act. However, Great Qin's City Lords suddenly attacked, stopping the eastern side's City Lords from defending their soldiers.


As the arrows poured down like rain, many system main city soldiers were hit, causing blood to fly everywhere and howls to sound out. Soon, the shieldwall was quickly reformed.

Looking at the countless injured and dead soldiers, the eastern side City Lords felt furious. They ordered their Archers to also attack, and they drew their bows and sent arrows whistling towards the Inner Great Wall.

Great Qin's side raised their shields, and with the advantage of being on the Inner Great Wall, they were able to easily defend against this wave of arrows.

If both sides continued to shoot at each other like this, the eastern side would definitely be at a disadvantage. Seeing this, the eastern side City Lords could only give up on this idea. However, there were still marshes in between them and Great Qin, so if they rushed up, they would be greatly hindered by the marshes.

Now, they faced the big problem of how to get past these marshes. Their soldiers could not continue onwards, or they would have to suffer the attacks of the other side while struggling to get through.

One of the City Lords suddenly said, "Please cover me, I have something that we can use!"

Hearing his explanation, the other City Lords started to launch all sorts of destructive attacks towards the Inner Great Wall.

Seeing this, Bai Qi frowned and ordered Great Qin's City Lords to defend against these attacks and tie down the eastern side's City Lords, preventing them from affecting the battle. The battle was left to Bai Qi, while the other City Lords were responsible for distracting the other side's City Lords.

However, at that moment, one of the eastern side City Lords rushed to the front of the system main city army and waved his hand. 100 or so yellow crystals flew out, shooting into the marshes around them.

These yellow crystals had very powerful Earth attribute energy; after shooting into the marshes, rays of yellow light burst forth. The muddy ground became yellow ground that was about 100 kilometers wide and could be walked on. Soon, the system main city soldiers started to walk on it.

Now that Great Qin had lost the advantage of terrain, the system main city soldiers started to charge. Seeing this, the eastern side City Lords felt quite delighted and also turned into rays of light as they went to fight Great Qin's City Lords.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two sides started to engage in a massive fight, and shockwaves rippled out in the sky. Great Qin's City Lords had an advantage in terms of equipment, as they had Talisman Equipment and Talisman Armor.

Their Talisman Equipment were all Legendary grade weapons fused with Gold grade Talisman Stones, which could rival an exquisite Epic grade weapon. With those sorts of equipment, Great Qin's City Lords' attacks were somewhat stronger.

The City Lord Seals of the two sides were about the same strength, so what determined victory or defeat would be their Cultivation, equipment, and skills.

Even though the eastern side's City Lords were slightly at a disadvantage, the ten million soldiers below gave off terrifying auras as they flooded towards the Inner Great Wall with unstoppable momentum.

Bai Qi's gaze became cold as he roared, "Fire!!"

Arrows streaked through the air, bringing with them immense force as they shot towards the flood of soldiers. However, the system main city had clumped together, their auras rising and forming a formless barrier above them that provided solid a defense.

As the arrows descended, most of them were blocked by the combined soldiers' auras, and only a small portion of them hit the soldiers. However, they were not enough to slow down this massive flood at all.

Bai Qi coldly drew the Seven Murders Sword at his waist. The only people present who had General Armaments were Bai Qi, Bai Xihan, and Meng Tian, but only Bai Qi planned to use his – he wanted to gather the soldier aura of ten million soldiers and completely release the Seven Murders General Star.

Bai Xihan and Meng Tian would only dilute the soldier aura, so Bai Qi ordered them to kill City Lords. With their strength, it would be better for them to go and kill City Lords.

Bai Qi slowly breathed out and raised the blood-red Seven Murders Sword with both hands, pointing it towards the sky. He then exploded out with his full strength, causing his eyes to become blood-red as he howled, "Seven Murders General Star… descend!"


A gigantic, blood-red star, suddenly appeared in the sky and slowly descended. The sky was instantly dyed blood-red, and a chilling killing intent also spread out, accompanied by a boundless might that covered the surrounding 10,000 kilometers.

This caused all of the City Lords present to look at Bai Qi, who was at the center of all of this. His body gave off an incredibly destructive aura, and his eyes gave off a bright, blood-red light, making him look like an Asura.

In the distance, the City Lords watching from afar also saw the blood-red star descending. They could feel its aura of slaughter and terror, which seemed almost corporeal, and they could almost see a mountain of corpses and sea of blood. They couldn't help but feel a chill and inwardly shiver.

"Soldier Aura Formation!" Bai Qi roared out as countless traces of blood-red aura streamed out of Great Qin's soldiers' bodies, flooding towards Bai Qi. The massive amount of blood-red aura formed a blood-red orb that was 1,000 meters wide, and it hung high in the sky as it gave off a shocking might.

"Skreeee!" a piercing bird's cry rang out as a gigantic blood-red eagle with a wingspan of 1,000 meters broke out of the blood-red orb. It flapped its wings, sending out blood-red gales that covered the surrounding 100 kilometers and rushed towards the flood of system main city soldiers.

Looking at the terrifying blood-red eagle, the soldiers at the front had resolute looks in their eyes. They did not fear death, and they gripped their weapons as they yelled, "Charge!!"

Immediately, the system main city army's aura once again rose and became even more terrifying. It seemed to be able to destroy anything in its path as it charged towards the Inner Great Wall.

"Kill!!" On the Great Wall, the soldiers' eyes became blood-red after being affected by the Seven Murders Star. They all roared as they sent even more power into the massive blood-red eagle.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the massive flood and the blood-red eagle collided. It was as if two worlds had collided, shaking the heavens and the earth.

After sensing this massive shockwave, the City Lords watching in the distance felt incredibly dismayed and watched as this intense battle unfolded. It was simply too shocking and terrifying.

Clang, clang, clang…

In the end, it was still the blood-red eagle with the Seven Murders General Star's power that was more powerful. The blood-red gales that it sent out were like countless blood-red blades that slashed towards the system main city soldiers, and they were impossible to defend against by ordinary soldiers.

As the blood-red eagle flew past, bringing with it sharp gales, the massive flood of soldiers immediately started to disperse. There was a bloodied path that was ten kilometers wide that ran down the center of the army – this was formed from countless system main city soldiers' corpses and blood, and the scene was incredibly gory. At least one million soldiers had died from that attack.



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