Facing the southern side's City Lords rushing over, Zhao Fu once again ordered the 100,000 Stage 2 soldiers to shoot out Talisman Bolts, and white rays of light once again shot through the air.

The City Lords were furious by this point, and one of them yelled, "Let's gather our power together!"

Everyone stretched out their hands and pressed against the air. Waves of light rippled out from their hands, forming a gigantic, rainbow-colored barrier. Countless rays of light smashed against the barrier, but they were firmly blocked by the barrier.

The City Lords were delighted to see this and sped up as they headed towards Zhao Fu.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu did not order for more Talisman Bolts to be shot out. They only had about half of their Talisman Bolts remaining, and they were no longer as effective anymore. Zhao Fu did not use the Dragon-Slaying Ballistae either and watched as the City Lords flew towards him.

The southern side City Lords all looked at Zhao Fu with savage smiles. After killing so many of their soldiers, they wanted to kill Zhao Fu to take revenge.

A countless number of Great Qin's soldiers blocked in front of Zhao Fu, willing to be meat shields, resolutely looking at the City Lords in the sky.

"Hahaha…" a cruel-looking young man laughed loudly as he pointed at Zhao Fu with his spear and said, "Are you afraid? Let me tell you, even if you kneel down, it'll be pointless!"

Zhao Fu ignored the young man and ordered the countless soldiers in front of him to move. Hearing this, the soldiers could only obey.

The cruel-looking young man was the first to attack. He rushed forwards, turning into a black blur and arriving before Zhao Fu in an instant. His spear gave off a boundless might as he ferociously stabbed towards Zhao Fu's chest.

Zhao Fu did not move and coldly looked at the cruel-looking young man. Only when the spear was about to hit him did Zhao Fu suddenly stretch out a hand and grab the spear.

This caused the cruel-looking young man to feel quite startled; he had never thought that Zhao Fu would be able to stop his attack so easily.

A trace of a cold smile appeared on Zhao Fu's lips as he pulled the spear. The cruel-looking young man was suddenly pulled forwards, making him feel quite surprised, and he hurriedly tried to retreat, but it was too late. Zhao Fu's hand pierced forwards like a bolt of lightning, instantly stabbing through his chest. The cruel-looking young man could not believe that he had been killed just like that.

If it was before, Zhao Fu would not have been able to kill a City Lord so easily. However, he had used his Nation Armament and Clan Armament's power.

The Twelve Metal Colossi were now a Level 8 Nation Armaments, and the Imperial Ruler's Seal was now a Level 7 Clan Armament. The Nation-Suppressing Pillar was a Level 3 Nation Armament, and because Great Qin had only just obtained the Great Qin Emperor Peacock, it was still a Level 1 Clan Armament.

Right now, Zhao Fu had only used the Twelve Metal Colossi and Imperial Ruler's Seal's powers. Otherwise, Zhao Fu would not be able to fight against so many City Lords at all. Even though he had to use up Fate, Great Qin had a lot of Fate stored up, so using some of it would not be a problem. However, he definitely could not use it all up again.

Everything had happened in just an instant, and the City Lords had never thought that Zhao Fu would be able to kill a City Lord in a single instant. By the time they were able to react, it was too late.

"Let's attack together! Great Qin's Legatee is too monstrous!" an elderly man with an aquiline nose yelled.

The other City Lords all suddenly attacked, and powerful attacks giving off destructive auras started to rain towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu raised his hand, releasing his Emperor's Domain. A black dragon-inscription barrier instantly spread out, covering the 100 meters around him. Some of the soldiers who had wanted to protect him were covered by it as well.


A massive explosion rang out as the countless powerful attacks landed on the black dragon-inscription barrier. Countless cracks appeared on the barrier, and at the center, a trace of blood leaked out of Zhao Fu's lips.

The City Lords were all quite surprised that so many of their attacks were not able to break through Zhao Fu's barrier. However, Zhao Fu had evidently been hurt, and smiles appeared on their faces. They once again prepared to attack – most of them had only used half their strength in that attack, and now, they prepared to use their full power.

At that moment, Zhao Fu's body turned into a ray of light and rushed away as if he was trying to escape. The City Lords coldly laughed and followed behind him before surrounding him.

"You're too naïve; did you really think you could escape? Dream on!" a chubby man said mockingly.

Zhao Fu looked at the City Lords around him and suddenly laughed as he said, "What glory is there in beating me with so many people? Come at me one by one if you dare!"

"Do you really think we're stupid enough to fight you one on one? Everyone, don't waste any words with him. Kill Great Qin's Legatee and join with the two other sides to destroy Great Qin. The Great Qin Empire is worth an incredible amount, and even if we split everything evenly, we'll still have massive gains!" a City Lord said as he coldly smiled and looked at Zhao Fu.

The other City Lords did not hesitate and immediately started to attack with their full power. Sword lights, saber lights, staff shadows, hatchet lights, spear lights, and all sorts of other attacks started to fly towards Zhao Fu from all sides.

Zhao Fu could not retaliate at all and could only defend. He was forced down to the ground, blowing open a crater. He coughed up a mouthful of blood, looking seriously injured.

The City Lords savagely laughed as they rushed over. In their eyes, Zhao Fu was already dead; after all, he did not seem to have any power to resist anymore. If they killed him, Great Qin would be like a headless chicken, and they would be able to easily destroy Great Qin and share in its spoils.

Zhao Fu lay on the ground and looked at the incoming City Lords without any fear on his face. Instead, there was an evil smile on his face.

Ten cloaked people holding Ghostwood Staffs stealthily approached and stood in a circle around the City Lords and Zhao Fu. Just as the City Lords were about to deal the final blow to Zhao Fu, the ten people raised their Ghostwood Staffs, and an eerie energy exploded out. A massive gray magic formation appeared on the ground with Zhao Fu at the center.

Immediately, hellish chilling qi erupted out, and ghostly qi spread everywhere, instantly covering the surrounding ten kilometers. Ghostly howls could be heard, and ghostly figures darted about.

The City Lords were given a big fright. They instantly found that something was off, and they quickly retreated.

However, only 30 City Lords were able to make it out, and they looked at the region filled with ghostly qi. Just then, they felt as if they had descended into hell, and their bodies instinctively trembled in fear.

Zhao Fu grinned as he looked at the City Lords frozen around him. Everything just then had been a pretense in order to make the City Lords let down their guards.

The magic formation on the ground was called the Great Yin Qi Formation, and it greatly boosted all ghost-type skills. The ten people holding Ghostwood Staffs were ten Hundred Ghost Illusionists who had received City Lord Seals, and they had cast an enhanced Dark Ghostworld.

Now that Zhao Fu had unlocked Divine Sense, was the City Lord of a Level 5 True Main City, and had received his Sovereign Bloodline, Zhao Fu was able to ignore the Dark Ghostworld.



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