The 100,000 rays of white light gave off terrifying sounds, shocking the many City Lords. In response, they immediately created energy barriers to defend.

Things would have been fine if there weren't too many of the bolts, but because there were 100,000 of them, the City Lords' energy barriers were unable to withstand all of them. Their energy barriers started to crack, making them feel greatly shocked, and they used all of their power to maintain the energy barriers.

Because of this, there was nothing stopping the rocks anymore, and they once again started to fall. The system main city's Shieldbearers roared and pushed up with their shields with all their might, and they were able to barely block one rock each.

However, even more rocks descended, making it impossible for them to defend. Since they could not block or stop the rocks, they could only dodge. However, with so many people, how could they dodge easily?

The countless rocks gave off terrifying sounds as the rolled down the mountain, instantly destroying the system main city soldiers' charge. They crushed soldier after soldier, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Within their energy barriers, the City Lords felt incredibly furious. Just as they were about to try to stop the rocks again, countless rays of white light once again shot at them, and they were forced to defend again.

Great Qin had shot out 200,000 Talisman Bolts so far, and each one would be able to kill 60,000 to 70,000 system main city soldiers. It was a pity that they could only be used to suppress the City Lords right now, making them much less of a threat.

The system main city soldiers were furious and once again charged. As their auras gathered together, they once again formed a terrifying flood as they rushed up towards the Inner Great Wall.

Great Qin's side continuously threw down rocks; Zhao Fu understood how difficult this defense was, so he had prepared adequately.

Looking at the City Lords continuously defending against the white rays of light, Zhao Fu gave out an order, and three gigantic Ballistae were sneakily pulled out. These were the Dragon-Slaying Ballistae, and each of them had to be drawn by six Corpse Soul Commanders with Stage 4 strength.

The Dragon-Slaying Ballistae were equipped with metallic bolts that were ten or so meters long and three fingers wide. There were many talismans on the bolts, and there were also golden Talisman Stones socketed into the head, body, and tail of the bolts.

Apart from this, there were also 36 small crystals socketed into them, making them seem extremely beautiful.

The bolts' bodies were made of Gold grade materials, and their cores were made of Legendary grade materials. Each one of them cost 100,000 gold coins to produce, which was one billion copper coins. They were extremely precious, and Zhao Fu had wanted to use them to kill boss monsters of regions.

However, in the face of such danger, he could only bring them out. With such terrifying Talisman Bolts, just how powerful would the Dragon-Slaying Ballistae be?

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three massive sounds could be heard as three gigantic golden rays of light, giving off power that seemed to be able to pierce the world, tore through the sky.

The southern side's City Lords, who were defending against the white rays of light, were not prepared at all. By the time they noticed something, it was already too late – the three golden rays of light instantly pierced through their energy barriers, stabbing through their bodies and slamming them into a mountain kilometers away.

The heads of the bolts stabbed four or five meters into the mountain, creating ten-meter craters around them, while there was still ten meters of their bodies remaining outside. There were two or three City Lords' corpses strung on each of them, and blood dripped down from them, creating a horrific scene.

The three rays of golden light had instantly taken away seven City Lords' lives. The remaining City Lords were completely dumbfounded, and a chill spread throughout their hearts. They had not been able to react at all and had only seen a flash of golden light.

Instantly, the remaining City Lords flew even higher and spread out, becoming incredibly wary. They quickly saw the three massive Dragon-Slaying Ballistae and it was those three ballistae that had shot out those terrifying bolts.

"Rush him together! If we can kill Great Qin's Legatee, everything will be over!" The City Lords quickly came back to their senses and exploded out with immense power as they rushed at Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu could not allow them to get close, as he could not fight all of them at once, so he once again ordered the soldiers to shoot out the white rays of light.

This forced the southern side's City Lords to once again go on the defensive, and three rays of golden light once again flashed out with shocking power. However, because the City Lords had all spread out and were prepared, the three rays of golden light only took away another three City Lords' lives.

Now, ten City Lords had died already, and the remaining City Lords' expressions were all quite unsightly. The Talisman Bolts that Great Qin shot out were simply too powerful, and because there were too many of them, they were forced to defend.

However, by now, the massive system main city soldier army had paid a great price to finally reach the bottom of the Great Wall.

Zhao Fu waved his hand, and ten figures appeared beside them. The ten Disaster Cavalrymen half-knelt as they said in their eerie voices, "What are your commands, Your Majesty?"

The Disaster Cavalry now had a high level of intelligence, and Zhao Fu looked at them as he ordered, "Begin!"

The ten Disaster Cavalrymen stood up and went to the front of the Inner Great Wall. They drew their swords and pointing them towards the sky, releasing massive auras as ten black pillars of light shot into the sky.

Countless traces of deathly aura gathered to form a massive vortex, and a black magic formation appeared, giving off a chilling black light. A terrifying power filled with a deathly intent soon began to ripple out.

"Roarrrr…" On both sides of the Inner Great Wall, countless Skeletons rose up and ferociously assaulted the system main city soldiers from both sides.

The City Lords' expressions fell, and the system main city soldiers, who were about to attack, had no idea what was happening before they were attacked by the Skeletons.

After clearing out so many regions, Great Qin had obtained many corpses. Apart from a portion that was used for the Corpse Soul Blood Lake, they had about 60 million corpses. There were human corpses and beast corpses, and 30 million corpses attacked the system main city army from each side.

Now, the system main city army was unable to attack the Inner Great Wall at all, and they could only stop. They were proper soldiers, so they quickly adapted to the situation and started to kill the countless Skeletons.

After the initial injuries and deaths caused by the surprise attack of the Skeletons, the system main city army's losses began to decrease. After all, there was a great gap in strength between the Skeletons and the system main city soldiers.

The system main city army still had around nine million soldiers, and it was possible for them to stop the 60 million Skeletons, mainly because of how weak the Skeletons were.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu raised a hand, and the Disaster King Ring on his index finger gave off a black light and shot into the magic formation in the sky. The black magic formation gave off an even more intense black light, and an aura of disaster covered the entire sky.

The black light buffed the Skeletons, causing them to excitedly roar and continued to ferociously attack the system main city soldiers. 90% of Great Qin's soldiers on the Inner Great Wall drew their bows and started to attack the system main city soldiers as well.

Seeing this chaotic scene, the southern side's City Lords once again charged at the Inner Great Wall. If they could kill Great Qin's Legatee, they would be able to end all of this.



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