Zhao Fu did not waste any time and stretched out his hand, the Sin Dragon Sword appearing in his hand. Zhao Fu sent a massive amount of power into it before slashing out, sending an arc of light flashing out. Blood flew everywhere, and the heads of the 60 frozen City Lords fell to the ground.

Following this, the headless corpses also crashed to the corpses, and different-colored City Lord Seals rose from their bodies and fell nearby.

The ghostly qi gradually dissipated, and the City Lords who had escaped finally saw this horrific scene. A chill spread in their hearts, and a look of terror appeared on their faces. They immediately ran the other way without pausing for a single second.

They had just visited hell and come back; 60 City Lords had died so easily without a sound or reaction. This was simply too terrifying, so how could the remaining 30 City Lords dare to stay and fight with Zhao Fu?

Looking at the escaping City Lords, Zhao Fu did not give chase, because the battle at the Inner Great Wall was more important.

By now, many of the system main city soldiers had heard that their City Lords had died, and they furiously attacked the Skeletons around them, wanting to take revenge for their City Lords. However, some soldiers started to run – some of them were ordered to by their City Lords, while others did so because they understood that they had lost this battle.

Seeing that there were still many system main city soldiers who were resisting, Zhao Fu ordered the ten Hundred Ghost Illusionists to cast the Dark Ghostworld before using the Talisman Bolts to kill them.

In the end, Great Qin achieved an overwhelming victory, obtaining 70 City Lord Seals and killing seven million soldiers. Around one million soldiers had surrendered, and four million had run away.

Around 70,000 people from Great Qin died, and there were about 500,000 soldiers who were injured. All of the 60 million Skeletons had died.

News of the southern side's defeat quickly spread to the two other battlefields. The City Lords at the two other sides could not understand just how Great Qin had defeated their strongest side with its weakest side.

The single City Lord and one million soldiers had actually defended against 12 million soldiers and 100 City Lords, and they had won a decisive victory. Not only had they killed seven million soldiers, but they had also killed 70 City Lords. If it wasn't for the fact that the news had come from their own people, they would not have believed such a thing.

Now that the southern side had lost, Great Qin would be able to reinforce the eastern and western sides. However, the system main city sides were already at a disadvantage and the situation would become even worse.

In the end, the eastern and western City Lords could only give the order to retreat. Seeing this, the Vietnamese City Lords, who had been preparing to attack, also silently retreated. It was the Chinese City Lords who had told them that they were going to destroy Great Qin and that they would be able to receive great benefits.

Facing Great Qin's terrifying strength, they felt quite afraid. As such, they hesitated for a while before finally deciding to enter China's territory to attack Great Qin.

However, before they could even attack, they received news that the southern side had been completely defeated, causing the two other sides to retreat. 30 million soldiers and countless City Lords had been sent into retreat – if such a monstrous force had been defeated, then the Vietnamese side with their three million soldiers and 20 or so City Lords would have no chance at all. As such, they decided to retreat to Vietnamese territory.

This could be said to be Great Qin's victory; the battlefield they had suffered the greatest losses on was the eastern battlefield: Great Qin had lost 800,000 soldiers and 1 City Lord, and six million soldiers had been injured.

For 800,000 soldiers and one City Lord to die in battle and six million to be injured, this was the greatest loss that Great Qin had ever suffered, and it was a big blow to Zhao Fu.

War was incredibly cruel, and the intensity of the eastern battlefield was not something that Zhao Fu could change.

However, they had also made great gains on that battlefield. They had killed 15 of the eastern side's City Lords and killed seven million soldiers, while 2.2 million had escaped and 800,000 had surrendered.

The battlefield that they had the least losses on was the western battlefield. Binoche and Kerache's combined forbidden spell had instantly killed 1.6 million soldiers, causing the two sides to enter into a stalemate. No matter how Wang Jian taunted the other side, they were unwilling to advance. Wang Jian could do nothing about this since they were unwilling to attack either.

The western side remained as a stalemate, so Great Qin did not suffer any losses. In terms of gains, they had killed 1.6 million system main city soldiers.

Next, it was time to clear out the battlefields. Wang Jian immediately took three million soldiers and hurried over to where Zhao Fu was. Seeing that Zhao Fu was fine, he let out a sigh of relief.

Zhao Fu ordered his subordinates to conquer and relocate the system main cities and bring back the City Creation Stones. He then had the battlefields cleared, and this marked the end of this massive event.

Great Qin was the victor in this battle, and the surrounding system main cities were forced to relocate. Otherwise, the only outcome of staying would be death. The 22 regions to the east of Great Qin and the 25 regions to the south of Great Qin all became empty regions.

Most of the system main cities on Great Qin's west did not relocate, because they had not suffered too great of a loss and wanted to continue to resist.

They started to build powerful defenses to prevent Great Qin from suddenly attacking them while trying to rope in other City Lords to defend against Great Qin together.

Most of the City Lords watching from the distance finally made a decision. Since Great Qin had such monstrous strength and could still win against such powerful forces, they could only feel admiration. Great Qin was definitely a strong mountain to lean against in this Legacy Land.

With such immense power and stats, they would not have to worry about natural disasters either, so Great Qin was undoubtedly the best master to serve.

After this massive battle ended, roughly 80 City Lords personally went to Great Qin and expressed their willingness to submit. They were truly willing to submit and had no reservations, so they personally went to Great Qin. Part of the reason was to apologize for simply watching the battle before.

Of course, Zhao Fu was quite happy about 80 City Lords joining Great Qin. However, he was quite displeased with them simply watching the battles.

After all, the battle had been quite intense, but they had simply stood by and watched. They had only chosen to join Great Qin because it won, and nobody would be happy about such a thing. Even though they were quite selfish, Zhao Fu could understand it – after all, this was how this world was.

If he did not have the power to make them submit, how could they be willing to serve him? However, because they had personally come to apologize and seemed quite sincere, Zhao Fu decided to take them in.

The 80 system main cities had eight million Stage 1 soldiers and 40 million residents. After accepting their surrender, Great Qin's strength once again greatly increased. This greatly pleased Zhao Fu, so he set up a massive banquet to welcome them.

Of course, part of this banquet was to celebrate their victory and reward some of the Generals. Zhao Fu gave out many rewards to those who had made great contributions – these people were willing to give up their lives for him, so he would never treat them less than they deserved.

Also, after Great Qin killed so many City Lords and relocated so many system main cities and had 80 City Lords join them and relocate their system main cities, this caused Great Qin to once again level up. It was now a Level 1 Capital City.



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