Afterwards, Nangong Shuyue's face was bright red as she lay on Zhao Fu's body. Thinking about how crazed she had been, Nangong Shuyue embarrassedly asked, "Your Majesty, do you think I'm a very perverted woman?"

Zhao Fu could not help but laugh. Thinking about how a virtuous and mature woman like Nangong Shuyue could have such a lewd side, he could not help but smile and nod.

Nangong Shuyue's face became even redder, and she lightly hit Zhao Fu before asking in a small voice, "Do you like me like that?"

Zhao Fu looked down at her embarrassed face and nodded. To be so virtuous and kind in front of others but so lewd in bed, it was not bad at all.

A happy smile appeared on Nangong Shuyue's face, but she then lightly harrumphed, "What if I miss you in the future? You don't come and visit me often, so who knows when you'll be back again?"

There were still many people from the Chai family in Later Zhou City, and they were all players. Zhao Fu was worried about Great Qin's information being leaked, so he banned the Chai family's people from entering Great Qin, but Great Qin's people could freely come to Later Zhou City.

However, things were different now – Great Qin had constructed an Inner Great Wall, so there was not too much to be worried about. Zhao Fu said, "You can come to the Great Qin City anytime!"

Nangong Shuyue smiled happily and kissed Zhao Fu on the cheek as she said shyly, "Then I'll go everyday!"

Zhao Fu smiled and lightly lifted up Nangong Shuyue's chin as he asked, "Do you want more?"

Nangong Shuyue looked at Zhao Fu and shyly nodded. It was as if she wanted to make up for the ten or so years she had been deprived all back in one go. Zhao Fu grinned as he satisfied her request, and they started going at it again.

In the Northern Continent, ripples appeared in mid-air as a black ray of light shot out. A black-clothed young man stood in the air, giving off a powerful aura.

He looked Asian and had black eyes and long, black hair. He had a handsome-looking face, but it was completely cold and emotionless. His body gave off traces of demonic qi, and his aura was extremely terrifying. It was as if a powerful demon lord in front of him would seem like nothing.

After arriving, he looked around him and sensed where a large number of living creatures were gathered. He concealed his aura before flying over to a system main city.

Apart from people with blonde and brown colored hair, there were some people who looked like him; could they be from the same race? However, he stretched out his senses and found that they did not have any demonic qi; it seemed that they only looked similar.

Since they were people who looked similar to him, he did not bother hiding his appearance. In actuality, with his identity, he did not bother doing such a thing.

He went to a street and walked about, looking at the city and the people.

A few muscular, Caucasian men saw the black-clothed man looking at them and felt quite displeased. One of the men cursed, "What are you looking at, you monkey? I'll shove your head into a pile of crap!"

The young man stopped and coldly looked at the muscular men. Even though he could not understand them, he could tell that they were cursing at him.

The muscular men were used to having their way, and seeing the young man stop and coldly look at them, they felt even more enraged. They decided to teach him a lesson, so they got out their iron clubs and savagely walked over.

The young man still did not move, coldly watching the muscular men walk over. One of the men ferociously swung as soon as he got close, smashing the club towards the young man's head. Killing an Asian person like him here would be no problem at all and would be like killing a dog.

The iron club whooshed as it swung towards the young man, but he still did not move. It was only when the iron club was about to hit him when a massive gust of wind blew past.

The muscular man attacking him was suddenly cut into countless tiny pieces and then collapsed, with bits of meat falling all over the ground.

"Ahhhhh…" After seeing this scene, the other muscular men were so scared that their legs became weak, and they collapsed to the ground, looking at the young man with fear. The muscular men weren't all that strong, and they just used their powerful bodies to bully some ordinary people. They were the type to bully the weak and fear the strong.

The young man's cold gaze fell on the remaining muscular men, causing those men to immediately kneel and plead for mercy, "Lord, we were wrong! Please spare us!"

However, he slowly lifted his hand when another person suddenly stepped out. It was a Chinese person, and he said, "Just spare them! This is their territory, and if we offend them, all of us will be oppressed. It's best to stay out of trouble and endure it!"

This Chinese person had lived in America for ten or so years, and he had become used to how things were. He just wanted to live a stable life without causing any trouble.

If they, as Asians, resisted, they would be discriminated against even more by the Caucasians, and they would be slammed by those in China for losing face for them.

As such, the Chinese person understood that it was better to act as the victim. Only then would people sympathize with them.

Those were the unspoken rules here, and the Chinese people and other Asians were used to it already.

However, the black-clothed young man did not hesitated at all. He grabbed at the air, and the muscular men's heads exploded, causing blood and brains to fly everywhere.

The Chinese person who had stood out felt incredibly terrified, and he knew that there was going to be trouble.

"You pitiful worms; you're disgracing the likeness of my race!" the black-clothed young man said in contempt as he looked at the Chinese person and all of the other Asian people looking over in fear. He lightly waved his hand, causing an incredibly sharp and berserk wind to fly past. Everyone present was cut into tiny pieces, and a bloody smell spread out.

Immediately, a few teams of system main city soldiers sensed this and rushed over. They looked at the black-clothed young man standing at the center of the corpses and started to attack. The young man coldly harrumphed and swiped out with a finger, causing a black sword qi to flash out, slashing apart the soldiers' heads. Blood flowed out from both sides, and they fell to the ground, dead.

After killing these people, the young man did not stop and started to commit a massive slaughter as if he despised what he had seen here.


Following this, the City Lord unleashed a terrifying aura and rushed into the sky, furiously yelling, "Who are you? Why are you slaughtering my city?"



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