Liu Subai's face was bright red as she bashfully nodded. Zhao Fu hugged her and lifted her up, taking her to the bed. They took off their clothes, and their bodies started to intertwine.

A while later, after loudly moaning, Liu Subai powerlessly lay in Zhao Fu's embrace, sweetly looking at Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu lightly hugged her and asked, "Do you feel happy?"

Liu Subai grinned and replied, "Of course I'm happy. Your Majesty, you finally decided to accept me. How could I not be happy?"

Zhao Fu felt a bit apologetic. Even though he had known of her feelings, he had kept her waiting for so long, so he felt quite sorry.

Liu Subai smiled as she shook her head, saying, "You don't need to apologize, Your Majesty; you've already made it up to me. I'm very satisfied now, and it was worth waiting so long!"

Zhao Fu looked at her and did not say anything else, simply hugging her tightly. Liu Subai happily hugged him back, and after cuddling for a while, Zhao Fu left the Mountain Willow Town.

After checking up on the various different places, Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin. During that check-up, he had developed relations with two women: the lewd Nangong Shuyue and the pure Liu Subai.

Another ten or so days later, Great Qin cleared out four regions and had once again become more powerful. At the same time, some system main cities joined Great Qin as well.

As time passed, the situation outside became graver and graver. The natural disasters started to become more intense, and people started to act even more chaotically. Not only were there rewards for killing other people, but they could also loot and steal items and equipment. Currently, the Legacy Land had become incredibly cruel and terrifying.

Great Qin continued to send out ambassadors. With Great Qin's might, it continued to maintain friendly relations with the surrounding regions, expressing its goodwill and willingness to take them in.

Because of this, the surrounding regions did not ally together to attack Great Qin anymore. However, even if there were some who wanted to resist Great Qin, they would not be able to threaten Great Qin at all.

This time, 12 City Lords joined Great Qin. Apart from wanting to escape the natural disasters, these City Lords also understood that it would be impossible to stop Great Qin's development.

By now, Great Qin already had 300 City Lords alone, which was comparable to 100 regions. If someone wanted to suppress Great Qin, that person would need at least 400 regions, and just roping in 400 regions would be incredibly difficult, let alone even defeating Great Qin.

If they were destroyed by Great Qin, Great Qin's power would become even more terrifying. When that time came, they definitely would not be as friendly anymore.

They did not want to worry about those things, so they decided to join Great Qin. They had heard from the City Lords who had surrendered that they were doing quite well, so they did not hesitate to join Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu felt quite satisfied – every few days, there would be a City Lord or two joining them. The ambassadors that Zhao Fu had sent had fulfilled their purpose.

Also, the 18 Ginseng Trees had borne Ginseng Fruit. Each of them bore around 300 or so Ginseng Fruits, which was 5,000 or so in total. Zhao Fu kept a small portion and planted the rest, wanting to cultivate even more Ginseng Trees.

Apart from these things, there was also another piece of good news, which was about Fate Changing Pills. When Zhao Fu had destroyed Heavenstone City and killed the Rock Giant, he had obtained the core material for Fate Changing Pills, which was the Fruit of Life.

Now, after cultivating them for so long, they now had 10,000 or so Trees of Life. Each tree could bear nine fruits, so 10,000 Trees of Life were able to produce 90,000 Fruits of Life, which could be refined into 270,000 Fate Changing Pills.

This meant that Great Qin would soon be able to mass-raise people's Grades to S grade. This made Zhao Fu incredibly excited – after all, a higher Grade meant faster cultivation speed, higher comprehension, and greater strength.

Great Qin would be able to instantly create 270,000 S grade soldiers. Usually, Villages only had one S grade person, who was the Village Chief, showing how rare they were.

Even though Great Qin now had 200 million people and 30 million soldiers, the 270,000 S grade people would be incredibly important. They would become Great Qin's highest-Cultivation soldiers in the future, allowing Great Qin to fight with more powerful nations.

However, he needed to continue growing Trees of Life, as 270,000 Fate Changing Pills were not enough to satisfy Great Qin's army's demands. After all, Great Qin's army now had 30 million soldiers, and it was still increasing in size. The Trees of Life bearing fruit once per year was not enough.

Zhao Fu decided to use some fruits and plant others. After all, obtaining a higher Grade as soon as possible was important. That way, they would be able to reach a higher Cultivation sooner.

Zhao Fu decided to properly praise and reward Zhang Baishu. He was the one who had been in charge of this, and he had met Zhao Fu's requirements.

After dealing with these matters, Zhao Fu smiled and returned to the real world. He still did not see Zheng Yuqin, and he started to eat. After hearing that Zhao Fu had returned to the real world, Mu Guilin came over and gave some reports to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu read through the reports while eating and looked through the various things that had happened in China.

"Proxy family leaders, there's a report from the Northern Continent as well. 600,000 people in a system main city were all slaughtered cruelly in a very short period of time. Many of the factions in the Northern Continent think that it was Great Qin's Legatee who did it."

Mu Guilin took out another report that Zhao Fu had not requested for. However, since it related to Great Qin's Legatee, Mu Guilin decided to show it to Zhao Fu anyways.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite confused; why was he being blamed for this out of nowhere? Why would he go to the Northern Continent and slaughter a city for no reason?

However, Zhao Fu only thought about this and did not say it out loud. Mu Guilin would never be able to guess that the person sitting right in front of him was Great Qin's Legatee.

Zhao Fu looked over the report curiously and started to read through it. The person had black eyes, gave off demonic qi, and used extremely cruel methods to kill people. This gave Zhao Fu a bad feeling, and after looking through more of the report and seeing where Moonlight City was located, he felt quite startled, and his expression became serious.

Seeing the change in Zhao Fu's expression, Mu Guilin also started to feel worried.

However, this was quite curious – this was obviously framing Great Qin's Legatee; these days, cowardly people were always blaming things on Great Qin's Legatee, and this had happened many times. He had reported this to Zhao Fu in the past, but Zhao Fu had not reacted that much.

Given that, why would Zhao Fu's expression change so much over fake news like this? Could it be that it really had been done by Great Qin's Legatee? If that was the case, why would he do something like that?

Mu Guilin had many thoughts running through his head, but he did not dare to ask any of them. He was just a minor figure in charge of gathering information, and if he asked too much, he would definitely be killed off.

Inwardly, Zhao Fu felt quite shocked; he had never thought that something like this would happen. He thought seriously about how to deal with it.



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