Zhao Fu needed to confirm if this was done by the Demon Race. If it was anywhere else, Zhao Fu would not have paid it much mind, but Moonlight City's position was too special. It was located in the northernmost area of the Northern Continent, and it was extremely close to the demon world.

Black hair and black eyes were indicative of the Demon Race. After all, their demonic qi was of the darkness element, and it would affect their bodies.

Coincidentally, Asian people had black hair and black eyes as well, but this had nothing to do with the Demon Race.

Before, Zhao Fu had been keeping an eye out for information about the demon world. This was because the Demon Race was innately stronger than humans, and they were incredibly cruel and bloodthirsty. They also had powerful battle intent, and ordinary people would find it difficult to win against them.

The human world was at a disadvantage, and Zhao Fu was very worried about a Demon Race invasion.

After hearing that a person who had black hair, black eyes, and demonic qi, had suddenly slaughtered a city, Zhao Fu immediately thought of an invasion by the Demon Race.

However, how could the Demon Race enter the human world? Zhao Fu thought about it and realized that since he could leave the Legacy Land, why couldn't others enter? The demon who had entered the human world definitely was not a simple demon.

Zhao Fu felt that he should personally investigate this. The situation outside the Legacy Land was extremely tense, and Zhao Fu did not want the Demon Race to mass-invade the human world. If that happened, it would be a disaster for the human world.

If the human world and demon world started to fight, both sides would be greatly weakened, so how would they be able to defend against the Grassi people or the even more powerful Devil Horn Empire?

Even though Zhao Fu did not want this, this was the first omen of a Demon Race invasion.

Should he tell this matter to the eight Legatees? They were incredibly important to the human world, so they naturally would have received some information about the rest of the Heaven Awaken World as well.

However, they only knew some rough details and did not have detailed information like Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to investigate this matter clearly before finding them. If it really was the Demon Race, Great Qin would not be able to deal with an invasion by itself, and the whole human world would be affected.

Zhao Fu did not hesitate to immediately return to the Heaven Awaken World.

Now that Zhao Fu could use the Trans-Boundary Teleportation Channel to go to other worlds, going to the Northern Continent was no problem at all.

Zhao Fu stepped onto the teleportation channel, and his surroundings blurred, making him feel a bit dizzy. He then appeared on a mountain, and he sent his senses out before flying towards a system main city. After looking at the cities filled with Caucasians, he was able to confirm that he was in the Northern Continent now.

The Northern Continent was America's territory, and if the Demon Race invaded, it would be America that suffered first. Zhao Fu had no idea if anyone here knew anything yet, but he hoped that it was not the Demon Race, as things would become incredibly dangerous.

At Moonlight City, ten or so days had passed, but no one had cleared the corpses yet. They gave off a dense, putrid smell, but it was evident that the people had died in horrible ways. It was a true hell on earth.

Zhao Fu went to the center and spread out his Emperor's Domain, covering the entire city, and traces of pure demonic qi started to float about.

Sensing that demonic qi, Zhao Fu's gaze became cold. This demon had been too bold, not putting the human world in his eyes at all. Not only had he slaughtered an entire city, but he had also not tried to cover it up at all.

Now, Zhao Fu was certain that this was done by someone from the Demon Race. Only someone from the Demon Race would have such pure demonic qi.


Just as Zhao Fu put away his Emperor's Domain, a blinding white ray of light, bringing with it a searing power, shot towards him. It was extremely fast and reached Zhao Fu's body almost instantaneously.

Zhao Fu expressionlessly stretched out his hand, once again casting his Emperor's Domain and easily blocking this ray of light.

Geoffrey coldly stood in the air and looked at Zhao Fu as he said, "Just who are you? Why did you slaughter so many people?"

Zhao Fu rolled his eyes and said, "It's me!"

Geoffrey's expression became one of shock. Even though he could not see this black-cloaked figure's face, he remembered that voice, which was etched onto his heart. Geoffrey immediately realized who this person was and yelled, "Don't come over; this person's Great Qin's Legatee!"

Upon hearing this, the other people flying over immediately turned and ran.

"Great Qin's Legatee, we're so far apart, so I'm sure we've never offended you before. Why did you kill these people so cruelly?" Geoffrey asked with a furious expression.

Zhao Fu looked at the people running away and then looked at Geoffrey, feeling quite speechless. "Do you really think I did this?"

Geoffrey coldly harrumphed, "Great Qin's Legatee, you're still trying to pretend it wasn't you? That domain you used before was like the domain that slaughtered Moonlight City!"

Zhao Fu felt quite angry that the blame had been put on him, and he said coldly, "It wasn't me; it was the Demon Race in the world next to ours. When the time comes, America will be the first to perish, and I won't care at all!"

Ordinary people would not understand Zhao Fu's words, but Geoffrey's expression became incredibly serious. He was not like ordinary people, and he knew more about the Heaven Awaken World. He knew that there were countless worlds out there.

After hearing that there was a demon world next to theirs, Geoffrey started to feel incredibly nervous. Great Qin's Legatee definitely knew more than him, and he already knew that there was a demon world next to theirs.

Geoffrey thought about it and realized that Zhao Fu had most likely not done this. His expression became quite awkward as he said, "I'm sorry, Great Qin's Legatee. I wrongly accused you. Can you explain the situation to me in detail?"

Seeing that Geoffrey was one of the eight Legatees, he did not make things difficult for him and told him what he knew.

After hearing about these things, Geoffrey's expression became incredibly grave because it was extremely likely that the human world would soon be invaded by the Demon Race. When that time came, the human world would be in terrible danger.

"What should we do? Should we let the others know?" Seeing that this matter could concern the survival of the human race, Geoffrey decided to let Zhao Fu take charge. In his heart, he already understood that at a time like this, Zhao Fu was the most important person.

Zhao Fu thought about it. Since they had confirmed that this was done by the Demon Race, it was possible that the human world could suffer a demon invasion, so they had to discuss this with the others. Great Qin could not stop the invasion of the demon world by itself, so Zhao Fu nodded and decided to tell the seven other Legatees.

After receiving this news, the Legatees' expressions became serious, and they dropped whatever they were doing and immediately headed to the Northern Continent.



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