Ye Ningshuang hurriedly cried out, "Honey, don't harm them!"

Zhao Fu did not kill them and only used his power to seal them, throwing them to the side afterward.

Ye Ningshuang let out a sigh of relief and looked at the ghostly qi-filled region below. She understood that Zhao Fu's identity was not simple at all. She could tell just from that dignified and domineering aura that he naturally gave off.

"Honey, just who are you?" Ye Ningshuang could not help but ask.

Zhao Fu saw that she could tell something and slightly sighed. He lightly put his arm around her slim waist and said earnestly, "I'm sorry, but I can't tell you right now. However, I promise that I will never harm you!"

Ye Ningshuang felt a warmth in her heart; this promise was enough for her.

Within the Dark Demon world's real world, the Generals who had submitted to Zhao Fu started to move. They had already heard that Ye Cang's plan had succeeded in the Heaven Awaken World. The change in power in the Night Dynasty was not something that could be stopped anymore, so they could only obey Ye Cang.

They took their people and rushed into the residences of the Ministers, who were all unconscious, and had them tied up. All of those who were loyal to the Night Dynasty, including Generals and the imperial family, were bound up.

These people were in the Dark Ghost World, and because they were still in battle, they could not exit the Heaven Awaken World. The Dark Ghost World was cast using the City Lord Seals of Great Cities, so those without City Lord Seals would not be able to escape it.

Now that everything was in his hands, Zhao Fu ordered for the Dark Ghost World to be canceled, and everyone who woke up received all sorts of system announcements. They quickly left the Heaven Awaken World but found that they had been tightly bound up.

Ye Canhong furiously shouted, "Who did this? I'll have him chopped into a thousand pieces. I am the Emperor of the Night Dynasty; I'll kill him!"

None of the soldiers by his side paid any attention to him; an Emperor without any power was nothing.

After the various Generals and Ministers who were still loyal to the Night Dynasty returned to the real world and saw this scene, they all sighed. They then returned to the Heaven Awaken World and knelt before Ye Cang, saying, "We are willing to serve Your Majesty!"

Things had completely changed – Ye Cang was not only the Legatee, controlling the Night Dynasty in the Heaven Awaken World, but he also controlled the Night Dynasty in the real world now. They could only submit, or else there would only be one outcome – death.

Of course, there was a small minority who was not willing to surrender. Zhao Fu did not show any mercy and ordered to have them all killed.

After this was done, Zhao Fu controlled Ye Cang's body to accept everyone's surrenders. He then officially ascended to the throne and became the new Emperor.

The Night Dynasty's ordinary subjects and soldiers had no idea what had happened – after waking up from their sleep, the power in the Night Dynasty had suddenly shifted. However, after hearing that the new person in power was the Night Dynasty's Legatee, they did not oppose this, as it was someone from the Ye family anyways.

After Ye Cang ascended to the throne, he immediately enacted some laws that were beneficial to the common people, such as reducing taxes, promoting talented people, and punishing corrupted ministers, garnering much popular support.

The Night Dynasty's future seemed incredibly bright, and the various new laws made the ordinary people incredibly happy. Those who had submitted were also treated quite well, and the nation was in a period of stable development. All of the important people in the Ye family had been caught by Zhao Fu, so they were unable to start any rebellions.

This matter shook the entire world, and countless people were shocked to find that the master of the Night Dynasty had changed in a single night. The villager Ye Cang had actually become the ruler of the Night Dynasty, which was simply too surprising. Everyone wanted to know just how Ye Cang had done this.

The Demon Path Sect was also quite shocked about this matter. After all, Ye Cang had only been an Outer Court Disciple, and in the span of one night, he was now on equal grounds with them.

The most surprised within the Demon Path Sect was Mo Yao'Er. After finding out that Ye Cang was the new Legatee, she had been quite startled. However, she figured that the Night Dynasty would not acknowledge someone with such a lowly background, and as the daughter of the Sect Master, she had some ambition.

After hearing that the Night Dynasty was looking for the Legatee, Mo Yao'Er had leaked Ye Cang's information to them in order to do them a favor.

Mo Yao'Er had never thought that Ye Cang would really become the ruler of the Night Dynasty. Not only was he the Legatee, but he also took control of the entire Night Dynasty and became the Emperor.

When she thought of this, Mo Yao'Er's expression became quite unsightly. She had heard that because of her leaking the information, Ye Cang's entire village had been slaughtered, and he would definitely hate her for it. Thinking back to Ye Cang's lovey-dovey eyes when he looked at her, she felt quite regretful.

What should she do now? Should she go and ask for forgiveness? Thinking back to Ye Cang's intoxicated look, Mo Yao'Er still felt a bit of confidence. After all, she was the number one beauty in the Southern Continent, and every man wanted her. Even the previous Legatee had fallen in love with her for a while.

Mo Yao'Er was quite confident that Ye Cang would still be interested in her. However, she was the daughter of the Sect Master of the Demon Path Sect. The Demon Path Sect was a top-tier faction that was not any weaker than the Night Dynasty. If she just went and asked for forgiveness, wouldn't that be too shameful?

Mo Yao'Er continued to think about it. Ye Cang now controlled great power, and there was hatred between them. Even though she had not slaughtered his village, it had happened because of her.

In the end, Mo Yao'Er decided to discuss this with her father. This was not a small matter, and it might even cause a conflict between the Night Dynasty and the Demon Path Sect.

After hearing about this, the Sect Master Mo Xun thought for a while before saying, "Yao'Er, you did nothing wrong this time. Giving up an Outer Court Disciple's life to get a favor from the Night Dynasty was worth it.

"However, who would have thought that Ye Cang, with his lowly status, mediocre talent, and low Cultivation, would be able to become the ruler of the Night Dynasty. Right now, all factions in the Southern Continent are wondering about this. There has been no information leaked from the Night Dynasty, and I feel that this matter is not simple. Moreover, is Ye Cang really so infatuated with you that he would do anything for you?"

Hearing this, Mo Yao'Er gave a pleased smile and said, "Of course, father. Don't you know how charming your daughter is? I didn't even say anything and he told me that he was the Legatee.

"Back then, I said I wanted a Deon Celestial Flower. That silly boy spent more than a month and nearly died to get me one. I only said it casually and wasn't completely serious, but he actually did it."

A trace of a smile appeared on Mo Xun's face. "If he really is so infatuated with you, Yao'Er, you should try to control him. If you can control him, that will be equivalent to controlling all of the Night Dynasty. That will be a great help to our Demon Path Sect, and we will be able to use the Night Dynasty for our own purposes.

"However, Yao'Er, you must be careful. You need to test him first before doing anything; don't put yourself in danger!"

Mo Yao'Er smiled and nodded her head, and she confidently went to prepare.

Within the Night Dynasty, Zhao Fu gathered the women from the Night Dynasty's imperial family. Looking at all these beautiful women, Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile. It was not a lewd smile but rather a smile of fulfilling a promise.



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