These system announcements greatly startled Zhao Fu; he had never thought that such a thing would happen. When Zhao Fu heard the system announcement about the Race Invasion, he knew that this was not a small matter and that it could affect the entire human world.

Who would have thought that nothing would come from the most dangerous world, the Dark Demon world? Instead, the invasion came from the least dangerous world, the Water Race world in the south.

Zhao Fu did not know what the situation was like, and it was quite a surprise that the Water Race would take the initiative to invade. If they really were invading, things would be incredibly serious, and the entire human world would be in danger.

Zhao Fu understood how serious this matter was, and it was most likely that the entire world had received this information. Zhao Fu immediately got up, used the Trans-Boundary Teleportation Channel, and went to the Southern Continent.

The Southern Continent was mostly the territory of Africa. This was Akhenaten's territory, and Zhao Fu wondered what it was like there – had the Fish Scale race already started their invasion? Zhao Fu started to feel quite nervous and quickly flew towards the Southern Continent's boundary.

The other Legatees also looked quite anxious and hurried over.

When Zhao Fu arrived, the scene before him made him feel quite shocked. Normally, at the Heaven Domain Boundary, there was a foggy barrier making it difficult to see anything.

However, things were different now – there was a big rip that was millions of kilometers wide, and there was another world on the other side.

That world had a blue sky, white clouds, and a boundless ocean. The sound of the waves could be heard from this side, and the sound was so loud that it was almost deafening.

Akhenaten and some others were already there, and they stood by the side as they looked over in shock.

Following this, the rest of the Legatees arrived and also felt quite shocked when looking at this grand scene.

"What's going on?" Tina Pendragon came to Zhao Fu and Akhenaten's side and looked at them as she asked.

Zhao Fu shook his head, indicating that he did not know.

Akhenaten said with a serious expression, "I don't know what's happening; I only heard a large explosion and hurried over here to see this!"

Geoffrey looked over and said, "Luckily we don't see the Fish Scale race yet. This means that they didn't do this to invade. When I heard the system announcement, I felt quite worried that the Fish Scale race would suddenly invade with millions of soldiers!"

Hearing this, everyone else nodded. They had also been thinking the same thing. When they heard the system announcements, that had been their first thought too.

They had all imagined countless Fish Scale people preparing to rush into the human world and commit a massacre. Since everything had happened so suddenly, the Southern Continent definitely would not be able to defend against an invasion, and it would be turned into hell.

Now, it seemed that this was not the case; this had most likely been caused by an accident, and it was possible that the Fish Scale race did not know what was happening either.

However, because of this, both worlds had been sent into an Invasion Stage. Even though neither side had done anything yet, that would not necessarily be the case in the future.

At that moment, a few figures appeared on the surface of the ocean in the Fish Scale world. They had humanoid bodies, but their bodies had small fish scales, and they also had gills next to their ears. From how they looked, they were most likely amphibious.

Immediately, Zhao Fu and the others' expressions became serious. If they could walk on land, they would be able to invade. They did not feel safe anymore, and sensing the powerful auras that the other side gave off, they deduced they were most likely the other world's Legatees.

Zhao Fu now felt that they had been careless, assuming that the Water Race was not dangerous. However, this was a big mistake, as no race in the Heaven Awaken World should be underestimated.

"What should we do?" Akhenaten asked. The Southern Continent was his territory, and now that such a thing had happened, he was the one who was the most worried. If anything happened, the first one to suffer would be him.

Tina Pendragon said in a grave tone, "Of course we should gather the big factions in the southern side and start constructing a defensive wall as a precaution. We should also start making preparations for a large battle; after all, this is a battle between worlds, and if the Southern Continent is not prepared, it could fall."

Akhenaten nodded and said, "I understand; I'll have some people take care of this soon. What about all of you? Will you be able to help?"

The Legatees all came from the various Continents, which were separated by a vast ocean. Each of them had to cross countless regions to arrive here, which was quite difficult, so it would be incredibly hard to move entire armies.

That was what Akhenaten was most worried about right now. If the Southern Continent did not receive any support, they would have to face this invasion by themselves. This put immense pressure on him, and if they could not fight back, it was possible that they would all die.

Tian Pendragon thought before saying, "When the time comes, I will support as much as I can!"

Geoffrey also said, "I will also do my best to support you to defend against the invasion. After all, this concerns all of humanity, and we need to be united."

However, apart from these two people, no one else said anything for a while. Si Ji and Oleg had other considerations, while Masanori Hano was one of the weakest Legatees as she had received her City quite late. Her faction was weaker than the others' factions and could not provide much support.

Babilon was also quite weak, and even though he had a Clan Armament, he did not have a Legacy or a City. It had always just been him, so he couldn't send any soldiers to help.

Masanori Hano and Babilon thought for a while before saying that they were willing to help as much as possible, and after this, everyone else also agreed to support him.

Following this, everyone looked over to Zhao Fu, who had not spoken this entire time, feeling somewhat nervous. If Great Qin, the strongest faction in the world, did not support them, they would not feel very confident.

Zhao Fu could tell what they were thinking and lightly laughed as he said, "How could I not help for something like this? Also, it's best to let everyone in the world know about this; we alone will not be able to make a great difference!"

Hearing this, everyone let out sighs of relief and smiled.

Following this, Zhao Fu said, "However, we can't always just passively defend; we can also take the initiative to attack. There are lots of rewards for invading, and there is an ocean of Fate available. If we can increase the human world's Fate, this will benefit the entire human world!"

While this was going on, the Fish Scale world's side was also discussing what to do.

An ugly-looking big man said, "We should invade them first – I'm sure there will be great gains. Those humans haven't even prepared yet, and if we attack their world first, it will be of great benefit to the Fish Scale world!"



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