However, this was to fulfill Ye Cang's wishes, and since Zhao Fu had made this promise, he had to fulfill it. Seeing Mo Yao'Er like this, Zhao Fu picked her up and went at it again before receiving her service afterward and slowly put on his clothes.

Mo Yao'Er also put on her clothes. Zhao Fu had planted a Six Desires Demonic Seed within Mo Yao'Er's body, which would cause her to remain incredibly excited at all times.

At the same time, it was quite beneficial to her, as she could also cultivate the Six Desires Celestial Art. However, it was only the very basic version and was not as powerful as the one Zhao Fu cultivated. However, it was still a top-tier Art that was immensely powerful.

"Master!" Mo Yao'Er affectionately said as she hugged Zhao Fu's arm after putting on her clothes.

Zhao Fu smiled and lightly patted her, while Mo Yao'Er looked incredibly happy. At that moment, Zhao Fu looked over at Ye Cang and found that there were tears leaking out of his eyes, making Zhao Fu feel quite confused.

What was going on? How could Ye Cang still cry? Wasn't he controlling him? Could it be that a part of his consciousness still remained?

Zhao Fu felt incredibly surprised, but the golden dragon explained, "It's most likely a reaction caused by his memories. However, seeing that his consciousness is gone and yet he can still have such a reaction, it seemed that he really loved this woman!"

After hearing the golden dragon's explanation, Zhao Fu looked at Mo Yao'Er, who was looking at him lovingly and felt quite complicated.

Looking at Zhao Fu, Mo Yao'Er said charmingly, "Master, do you want me to serve you again?"

As Mo Yao'Er spoke, she kneeled down and was about to undo Zhao Fu's pants again, but Zhao Fu stopped her and had her stand up.

Just then, she had told him all about how she had wanted to control Ye Cang and the Night Dynasty. Zhao Fu smiled and said, "Go back and tell your father that the plan was very successful and that the Night Dynasty is willing to ally with the Demon Path Sect, then bring two of the Ancestors out."

Zhao Fu had obtained all sorts of important information about the Demon Path Sect and wanted to use Mo Yao'Er to control it. If he could control the Demon Path Sect and combine the two massive factions, he would be able to create the biggest faction in the Southern Continent and fulfill another one of Ye Cang's wishes.

"Make sure you reward me properly then, master!" Mo Yao'Er said cutely as she hugged Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded. The Demon Path Sect was a cultivation sect, so it had many powerful people. They had eight Ancestors in total, and if they could control two of the Ancestors, together with Mo Yao'Er, Zhao Fu could control a third of the power in the Demon Path Sect.

Of course, both of those Ancestors were women and ones Zhao Fu could do it with. Zhao Fu felt that the Six Desires Celestial Art was simply too powerful, and it was like a bug in a game. There was no woman who could resist it, and Zhao Fu felt that he really was becoming a licentious and lewd person like the ordinary people said he was.

If possible, Zhao Fu would have liked to have been a pure man, both in body and spirit.

However, things could not always go as he wished. For Great Qin, his subjects, and the entire human world, he could only become someone who he did not wish to become. In the end, Zhao Fu just wanted to be a good, pure man.

After tussling about with Zhao Fu again, Mo Yao'Er finally left.

After returning to the Demon Path sect, Mo Yao'Er sought out Mo Xun and smiled as she said, "Father, the plan was very successful. Ye Cang's willing to do anything I ask of him, and we can ally with the Night Dynasty, obtaining even greater gains."

Mo Xun was delighted and smiled as he nodded, saying, "Yao'Er, you've done well this time."

Mo Yao'Er lightly nodded, and thinking about the other task that Zhao Fu had given her, she said, "Father, if there's nothing else, I'll be going now."

Mo Xun looked at Mo Yao'Er as she left. She suddenly felt that his daughter had become even more enchanting, and her aura seemed to have become a bit more powerful. He felt a bit surprised, but Mo Yao'Er was the person he loved and trusted the most. He could give everything to her and fully trusted whatever she said.

As the daughter of the Sect Master, Mo Yao'Er was able to easily gain the trust of those two Ancestors and lure them into Zhao Fu's ambush, and they were soon captured by Zhao Fu as well.

Looking at the two women hanging in the air, Zhao Fu smiled. Mo Yao'Er affectionately hugged Zhao Fu's arm as she also looked at the two Ancestors in the air.

One of the Ancestors looked around 40 years old and had a very voluptuous figure. She had pretty looks and looked like a simple and honest person. She was called Pu He.

The other was incredibly beautiful and had a slim figure, and she wore a white dress that made her look like a celestial. She was called Shui Ruoliang and was someone from the same generation as Ye Ningshuang. Not only was she incredibly beautiful, but she was also incredibly talented and had become an Ancestor at such a young age.

It was said that Ye Ningshuang and Shui Ruoliang were rivals, and they often fought when they met. Zhao Fu had heard this from Mo Yao'Er, but he had never heard Ye Ningshuang mention it before.

The two Ancestors furiously looked at Zhao Fu and Mo Yao'Er, and one of them said coldly, "Who are you? Why did you suddenly attack us? Also, Mo Yao'Er, how dare you betray our trust and sell us out? Don't think that just because you're the Sect Master's daughter we won't dare to do anything to you. You're too impudent!"

Mo Yao'Er lightly harrumphed, "Ancestors, I'm helping you right now to experience the happiest thing in the world. Soon, you'll be thanking me."

"The happiest thing in the world?" The Ancestors felt quite confused and could not understand Mo Yao'Er's words. However, from Mo Yao'Er's lustful expression and lewd smile and seeing Zhao Fu walk over, they felt that the situation was quite grim. They immediately started to struggle and curse at Zhao Fu.

In the end, it was useless, and soon, three bodies rolled about and intertwined, and the two women continuously moaned before powerlessly collapsing to the ground.

Mo Yao'Er, who had been waiting to the side, impatiently leaped into Zhao Fu's embrace, and she said embarrassedly, "Master, hurry up and give me my reward!"

Zhao Fu smiled and started to do it with her too. Afterward, three women lay on Zhao Fu's arms. Pu He was not a virgin, while Shui Ruoliang was a virgin. Comparatively speaking, Pu He looked even more satisfied because she had gone on for longer. Zhao Fu had taken pity on Shui Ruoliang and did not do it with her for as long.

Mo Yao'Er coyly laughed, "Ancestors, I didn't trick you, right? Are you very happy? Shouldn't you be thanking master and me?"

Even though neither of them wanted to admit it, both of the Ancestors felt as if they were addicted to Zhao Fu. That feeling penetrated deep into their bones, and they could not shake off the feeling.

Hugging the three women, Zhao Fu felt as if he had sold his body. It was simply too tiring being a man. After cuddling for a bit, Zhao Fu got up and told the two Ancestors to work together with Mo Yao'Er from now on.

Now that the Night Dynasty's situation had stabilized and it had allied with the Demon Path Sect, it had become the most powerful faction in the Southern Continent, and there was not much for Zhao Fu to worry about anymore.

Even though the Dark Demon World still had the Eastern Continent, the Western Continent, and the Northern Continent, with their strength right now, they could not invade his world. For now, his Dark Demon world adventure had concluded.



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