Finally, there were naval mines. Because water was a conductor of electricity, naval mines would be more effective than on land. Before, people used to use this method to blast fish, killing many with each blast.

However, this was not commonly seen anymore, as it was quite dangerous. Moreover, this was also quite cruel, and those who did it would be called out to be immoral.

Zhao Fu did not have naval mines, but he had two human nukes, who were Binoche and Kerache. In the defensive battle, Zhao Fu had heard of their performance, launching a combined forbidden spell that had blasted out a ten-kilometer-wide crater, making it so that millions of soldiers did not dare to approach.

This time, Zhao Fu wanted to rely on them to seal that forbidden spell into an item. If they could do this, simply throwing that item would be able to unleash the forbidden spell's power, which would be incredibly effective. This would be similar to a magic scroll.

Zhao Fu decided to use high-purity energy crystals. They were 15 centimeter long crystals that were incredibly transparent and had many small edges like a diamond. The light that it refracted looked incredibly pretty.

These sorts of energy crystals could contain immense amounts of power, and only such items could contain a forbidden spell. Normal items would not be able to withstand the destructive power of the forbidden spell at all.

However, these crystals were incredibly expensive and cost 10,000 gold coins each.

Zhao Fu gave a few crystals to Binoche and Kerache. Because the forbidden spell took up a massive amount of strength and mental energy, even though Zhao Fu bought them all sorts of recovery items, they could only produce two Destruction Crystals per day.

Destruction Crystals was the name of the crystals after the forbidden spell had been put into them. They looked quite different, with one side being icy-blue and the other being fiery-red, giving off a terrifying aura of annihilation.

In a month or so, Binoche and Kerache had created 75 Destruction Crystals, which Zhao Fu would use to blast the Fish Scale people. They were incredibly powerful and could make people feel immense despair.

After making these preparations, Zhao Fu did not directly attack because it was soon the New Year. This was one of the most important festivals, and Zhao Fu wanted to let his soldiers properly relax in order to prepare them for the year of cruel battles ahead.

At the same time, Zhao Fu hoped for good luck in the coming year, and he wanted Great Qin to properly celebrate.

Compared to Great Qin's raucous and cheery scene, everywhere else was filled with misery and gloom. No one could eat until they were full, so how could they be happy? As such, they were not happy at all as they welcomed in the new year and were incredibly worried. They hoped that these natural disasters would pass soon in the new year.

Over at the Southern Continent's boundary, the 100-kilometer wide rift was still the same. The breeze from the other world continuously howled, and the sound of the waves was just as deafening.

The three million people who had kept watch here for over two months now were incredibly bored. There had been no signs of attacking from the other side, so they did not feel too worried. Inwardly, they believed that the Fish Scale people would not dare to attack the human world.

The night was quite dark, but it was even darker than normal. There were no stars out, and the moon was not out either. All light seemed to have been devoured, and the darkness of the night seemed quite scary.

The flames in the torches on the defensive wall wavered as a few soldiers held a pot of wine and sat together, complaining to each other.

One of the soldiers said groggily, "I'm bored to death here. All we do is just stand guard and keep watch. The Fish Scale people definitely won't attack, and it's been such a long time. When's the leader going to call us back? At least if the Fish Scale world invades, it wouldn't be as boring!"

The other intoxicated soldiers nodded in agreement because they also felt quite dissatisfied.


Suddenly, a gigantic rumbling sound could be heard as the ground started to tremble. A terrifying and suffocating aura rushed out, and the three million soldiers on the defensive wall felt their bodies freeze up as if they had dropped into freezing water, and their souls trembled.

The many soldiers hurriedly got up and looked towards the rift because that was where the aura was coming from.

Because of how dark it was, the soldiers could not clearly see what was ahead. They only saw countless pairs of eyes that were as big as two-story houses looking back at them, and the eyes gave off a blood-red light.

"Enemy attack!" an extremely frightened voice cried out, causing the dark night to seem even more horrifying.

The ground continuously trembled, and the soldiers shot out massive flares in terror. The searing white light tore through the darkness, illuminating what was ahead.

As the darkness receded, everyone became even more afraid, because they could finally see what was attacking.

There were incredibly massive aquatic beasts that gave off despairingly powerful auras. There were groups of crab-like creatures that were ten or so meters tall and crocodile-like creatures that were 100 meters long. There were also snakes that were 1,000 meters long and shark-like creatures that had two legs and could walk upright.

There were also fish that were 50 meters long with pairs of wings and octopus-like creatures that were hundreds of meters tall and had countless tentacles. Furthermore, there were sword-like fish that hovered in the air and tortoises that were as big as mountains.

There were countless aquatic beasts, and they were like a massive flood that brought with them a deafening noise as they rushed at the defensive wall.

"Run!!" None of the soldiers had the heart to resist. The aquatic creatures were not only gigantic, but their numbers were also innumerable. What's more, there were still even more of them pouring through the rift into the human world.

The soldiers were so terrified that they could not fight at all, and they hurriedly started to run for their lives. A small minority mustered up the courage to shoot arrows, but those arrows could not break through the aquatic beasts' defenses at all and were completely useless.


The countless aquatic beasts gave off frightening auras as they excitedly and madly rushed forwards. They were incredibly fast, and soon, the enormous tide of beasts smashed against the ten or so meter tall defensive wall.

After being rammed by countless aquatic beasts again and again, the tall, firm wall collapsed. There was nothing else stopping the advance of the aquatic beasts, and the grand defensive wall that was millions of kilometers long collapsed just like that without having any effect.

The soldiers were unable to escape at all, and they were either trampled to death by the massive beasts or eaten in one mouthful. Howls tore through the night, and in just a few moments, three million soldiers had perished.

"Roar!!!" A 10,000-meter long aquatic beast that looked like a flood dragon with no legs raised its head and gave off a world-shaking roar. The other aquatic beasts followed in suit and roared, the noise sounding out in the surrounding 10,000 kilometers. The invasion had officially begun.



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