With another four aquatic beast kings joining, there were now eight in total. The original four aquatic beast kings all stepped back a bit, and the eight aquatic beast kings surrounded the five humans, giving off sky-toppling auras. Their auras made it seem as if this space had been completely locked down, and their might was so powerful and concentrated that it felt corporeal.

The eight aquatic beast kings were aquatic beasts that ruled the eight cardinal directions in the Fish Scale world. The Fish Scale people had no way of dealing with them, so they lured them into the human world to wreck the human world. So far, their plan had been incredibly successful.

With these eight aquatic beast kings and the countless other aquatic beasts, the Fish Scale people lived tough lives, and comparatively speaking, life in the human world was much easier.

"I told you all to run. Now that we've been surrounded by these eight aquatic beast kings, no one will be able to escape," Zhao Fu said as he sighed.

"But if we run, what will you do?" Masanori Hano asked in concern.

Zhao Fu did not reply, because three aquatic beast kings had already been enough to heavily injure him. Facing eight of them, he had no hope at all.

"We should create an opportunity to run. We need to gather more people to deal with monsters of this caliber! 100 or so boss monsters dealing with a single aquatic beast king should be no problem. It's a pity that the system main cities have been slaughtering players, so the boss monsters have been freed of their restrictions and can go wherever they please and do whatever they want," Akhenaten said seriously. Even though they would not die a true death, dying here would result in great losses, so no one wanted to die.

Swish, swish, swish…

The Heaven Cloud Jellyfish was the first to attack. Its countless tentacles whipped towards Zhao Fu like the wind, each one of them bringing with it a cold light. Judging from the power those tentacles contained, even steel would be ripped apart.

Zhao Fu had already started to consume his best medicinal pills, and his body quickly recovered. The five of them turned into rays of light, splitting off into different directions. Out of the four Legatees, only Tina Pendragon had the confidence to face off against an aquatic beast king by herself; the others were not so confident.


As the countless tentacles hit the spot where Zhao Fu and the others had been, the ground there was reduced to smithereens, which was a terrifying sight.

Even though the five people had dodged the Heaven Cloud Jellyfish's attack, the other aquatic beast kings now started to attack as well.

The Three Soul Great Snake, Earthwater Dragon Tortoise, and Reef Lizard sought out Zhao Fu immediately. There was hatred between the first two and Zhao Fu, and the third felt that Zhao Fu was an easy target.

The Netherocean Demon Whale and Sin Flood Dragon started to attack Tina Pendragon, as they could sense that she was the most powerful out of the other four. The Ghostscale Flame Bird fought Masanori Hano, the Sift Metal Stingray fought Akhenaten, and the Heaven Cloud Jellyfish fought Geoffrey.

It was not just Zhao Fu who had quickly recovered; the aquatic beast kings had astonishing recovery as well. By now, the heavily injured Three Soul Great Snake and Earthwater Dragon Tortoise were more or less fine again.

The Reef Lizard was the first to attack. Its back trembled as countless reefs, bringing with them immense piercing power, shot towards Zhao Fu. The Earthwater Dragon Tortoise also condensed countless water balls and sent them flying at Zhao Fu, while the Three Soul Great Snake madly spat out three black laser-like rays.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

Explosions continuously sounded out as these attacks inundated Zhao Fu's body, and the ground continuously shook. The three aquatic beast kings madly attacked for a while, obliterating the surrounding ten kilometers.

There was now a lot of dust in the air, and the three aquatic beast kings felt quite pleased, as they were quite certain that they had killed Zhao Fu. At that moment, a black light shot out from within the dust and flew away.

Even thought the three aquatic beast kings had covered a wide area, the amount of damage they had dealt was not great. Zhao Fu put all of his strength into his Emperor's Domain and continuously moved to the edge of these attacks. After surviving this wave of attacks, he was not in the mood to fight anymore; running away was his primary task.

"Roar!!!" Seeing that Zhao Fu wanted to run away, the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise furiously roared, exploding out with a powerful aura. Over a thousand water pillars rushed up from the ground, blocking off Zhao Fu's escape route, and the Three Soul Great Snake also furiously hissed as it threw itself at Zhao Fu.

Both of them had been seriously wounded by Zhao Fu, and their bodies still ached. They hated Zhao Fu to death, so how could they let him off so easily?

With the path ahead blocked off and the Three Soul Great Snake biting at him, Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and could only stop.

He looked at the Three Soul Great Snake and felt quite angry, and he sent his power into the Sin Dragon Sword. Three water dragons rushed out ferociously, knocking the Three Soul Great Snake away.

After crashing to the ground, the Three Soul Great Snake's massive body smashed out a large crater, sending out a lot of dust into the air. The ground once again violently quaked, and countless trees were toppled.

Just as Zhao Fu was about to move again, his body froze and was unable to move at all. An extremely strong sealing power had bound his body.

The Reef Lizard's green eyes looked at Zhao Fu mockingly. This was another one of its skills, 'Ocean Prison.'

The Earthwater Dragon Tortoise was delighted and opened its mouth, shooting out an extremely fast water ball towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu felt the Reef Lizard's gaze and felt quite annoyed. He struggled out of the bind, but the water ball had already arrived. Zhao Fu lifted his sword and used it to block, but because of how much power the water ball contained, he was still sent flying.

After heavily landing on the ground, Zhao Fu coughed up a large mouthful of blood, while the Reef Lizard once again attacked. Countless reefs gave off terrifying sounds as they shot towards him.

Zhao Fu's expression became savage as he took out the Seraph Sword and held it in his other hand. Zhao Fu held the two swords in his hand as he locked onto the incoming reefs.

As the reefs started to reach him, Zhao Fu started to slash out with both swords, creating a sharp sword wind that tore the reefs into tiny pieces.

After stopping the Reef Lizard's attack, Zhao Fu suddenly raised the Seraph Sword, and an image of an angel appeared above Zhao Fu's head. It gave a pure smile and spread its six pairs of wings, causing countless rays of bright light to appear as a powerful holy light energy rippled out.


Zhao Fu vigorously slashed down, and a gigantic ray of white light, bringing with it a searing heat, rushed towards the Reef Lizard. The Reef Lizard was given a big fright, but it did not dodge. After being struck by the white light, the searing hit burned its entire body, causing it to screech in pain.


The sound of the air exploding sounded out, causing Zhao Fu's hairs to stand on end. He felt an incredible sense of danger, but before he could react, he was whipped flying by a black blur. He smashed against a hill a few hundred meters away, the impact destroying the hill.

At that moment, the Three Soul Great Snake had attacked with its tail, hitting Zhao Fu with immense force.



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