The Sift Metal Stingray's gaze was cold as it continued to summon metallic wind storms and send them towards Akhenaten.


At that moment, Akhenaten waved his staff, and a large, bandaged hand stretched out of the vortex, giving off a boundless and terrifying aura. It sent the Sift Metal Stingray flying with a single punch.

The Sift Metal Stingray's massive body fell from above, causing it to howl in pain. It then flapped its fins, shooting towards Akhenaten – it seemed that the Sift Metal Stingray was enraged now.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

The Ghostscale Flame Bird spread its massive wings, forming thousands of blue fireballs, which gave off an enormous amount of heat. It then flapped its wings, sending the countless fireballs flying towards Masanori Hano.

Masanori Hano was currently shrouded in devil qi, and her eyes were completely black. She darted back and forth as fast as lightning, avoiding the incoming fireballs.


Seeing Masanori Hano dodge its attacks with ease, the Ghostscale Flame Bird flapped its wings and shot forwards like an arrow. Masanori Hano was unable to avoid its massive body, and she was sent crashing against the ground like a sandbag, blasting open a large crater.

"Skreee!" the Ghostscale Flame Bird piercingly cried as it flapped its wings and rushed down, its sharp claws grabbing towards Masanori Hano in the crater.

"Hah!!" Masanori Hano was covered with blood, and looking at the Ghostscale Flame Bird descending towards her, she cried out and jet-black devil qi shot into the sky. A blood-red full moon appeared, giving off boundless devil qi and a terrifying might.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

An extremely monstrous power burst forth from Masanori Hano's body. With her at the center, the ground around her started to collapse and disintegrate.


The Ghostscale Flame Bird grabbed at Masanori Hano with its claws, while Masanori Hano swept out with her devil halberd with immense force, blasting the Ghostscale Flame Bird back.

"Skreee!" the Ghostscale Flame Bird steadied its body in mid-air and gave a cry of pain. There was a two meter deep wound on its chest, where blood was continuously flowing out.


The Ghostscale Flame Bird's eyes were filled with fury and killing intent, and the blue flames around its body became countless times larger, completely covering its body. It had now turned into a blue, fiery bird, and it gave off an even more intense heat. Even those who were several kilometers away could feel this heat.

"Skreeee!!" an extremely piercing cry sounded out as the Ghostscale Flame Bird once again flapped its wings and charged at Masanori Hano.

A trace of madness appeared in Masanori Hano's eyes, and she waved her halberd as a massive blood-red aura flame appeared around her. She tapped off the ground, causing the ground to crack as she rushed into the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Massive explosions sounded out in the surrounding hundreds of kilometers as the Ghostscale Flame Bird and Masanori Hano began the climax of their fight.

Elsewhere, Geoffrey swept out with his spear, and the hundreds of angel images around him gave off holy light energy as they flew towards the Heaven Cloud Jellyfish.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

Before the angel images were able to even get close to the Heaven Cloud Jellyfish, they were stopped by a formless barrier, which caused them to explode.

This formless barrier was the Heaven Cloud Jellyfish's most powerful defensive skill, and it was called the Heaven's Wall. The Heaven Cloud Jellyfish was incredibly slow, so it used this powerful defensive skill to survive. The Heaven's Wall was incredibly tough, and ordinary City Lords would not be able to break through it at all.

Swish! Swish! Swish…

After blocking Geoffrey's attack, the Heaven Cloud Jellyfish also attacked, its countless tentacles shooting towards Geoffrey.

Geoffrey dodged incredibly quickly because if he was caught by these tentacles, his body would turn into fragmented bits of meat.

"Heaven's Spear!!" After dodging the attack, Geoffrey rushed towards the Heaven Cloud Jellyfish, and his white spear of light gave off a brilliant light, making it seem like a terrifying sun.


Geoffrey reached the formless barrier, and he roared as he stabbed out. A white ray of light, bringing with it unstoppable power, shot out at the formless barrier.


The formless barrier rippled, and the white ray of light suddenly tore through the barrier, hitting the Heaven Cloud Jellyfish's body. The Heaven Cloud Jellyfish's body continuously shook, and even though it could not make noise, it seemed injured. Geoffrey felt incredibly delighted; he had finally hit it.

However, in the next second, Geoffrey felt his hairs stand on end because on the top of the Heaven Cloud Jellyfish's body, a white eye had appeared.


Geoffrey's body was sent flying by a formless energy, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood. After flying backward for a few seconds, he steadied his body, but another wave of formless energy arrived, forcing him to dodge and defend.

However, the white eye flashed with a cold light, and ten massive waves of formless energy once again sent Geoffrey flying.


Back at Zhao Fu's side, Zhao Fu sent the Reef Lizard flying with a slash, and it knocked over a peak in the process and coughed up a large mouthful of blood. Zhao Fu coughed up a mouthful of blood and was not in a good condition either, as his abdomen had been pierced by a piece of reef, and blood continuously flowed out.

It was not just Zhao Fu's situation that did not seem good; one of Tina Pendragon's arms had been crippled, and her knight's dress was torn.

The Netherocean Demon Whale and Sin Flood Dragon had moderate injuries as well, but they were stronger than Tina Pendragon in terms of power and recovery. Now, Tina Pendragon could only wield her sword with one hand, defending with great difficulty. She was completely suppressed by the two aquatic beast kings and was in danger of being killed at any second.

Akhenaten was in an even worse position – his body was covered with countless wounds, dyeing him completely red. He was barely able to fend off the Sift Metal Stingray's attacks, and him falling was only a matter of time.

Masanori Hano had been blasted into the ground and was on her dying breath. She had already lost and was only a single step away from death.

However, the Ghostscale Flame Bird was also heavily wounded and was covered with countless wounds, where blood continuously flowed out from.

Elsewhere, Geoffrey felt as if he was a ball being kicked around – he was sent flying in one way by the formless energy, then suddenly another way by another wave of formless energy.


As Zhao Fu was observing the battlefield, the Three Soul Great Snake suddenly shot out a ray of black light towards Zhao Fu's back. After being hit, Zhao Fu stumbled and coughed up a large mouthful of blood, and he almost fell to the ground.

Zhao Fu's eyes were filled with killing intent and rage as he looked at the Three Soul Great Snake. The Three Soul Great Snake instinctively retreated a bit in fear, but it then felt humiliated and hissed at Zhao Fu.

By now, Zhao Fu had made a decision, and he ignored the Three Soul Great Snake as he transmitted his voice out, "All of you, get away from the aquatic beast kings!"

None of the Legatees understood what Zhao Fu was going to do, but hearing this, they all complied and made some distance between them and the aquatic beast kings.

The aquatic beast kings furiously rushed up, wanting to continue to attack, but their bodies suddenly froze as they felt a sense of fear that they had never felt before.



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