The dikes at the Southern Continent were created through the efforts of countless people, and they were 40 meters tall and ten meters thick.

Because the floodwaters were too fierce, they first used mud, then added large trees and rocks. Even though they looked quite tall and tough, they could not withstand a single blow from a City Lord.

This was not sufficient, so they had also added all sorts of talismans and runes to the dikes. They had also gathered 1.5 billion people.

They came from all over the world, and there were both players and indigenous residents. Because the Fish Scale people planned to wipe out all humans, the indigenous residents could only help as well. Many City Lords also came to help, as did players from other continents.

Dams and dikes filled the entire Southern Continent, forming an impressive scene. The construction of these dikes could be said to be a miracle, and the 1.5 billion people standing on them did not feel crowded at all.

From here, everyone could see the Fish Scale world. A barrier formed from 1.5 billion people would be incredibly firm, but because everyone was so spread out, the human world barrier was slightly weaker than the Fish Scale world barrier.

After the powerful barrier had been set up, everyone's uneasy hearts became more settled, and they no longer felt as panicked or terrified.

The human world naturally formed a massive alliance, and there were not only the governments of various countries but also various Dynasty Legatees. The greatest powers in the world had all gathered here.

However, even though they were on the same side, no one was willing to submit to anyone else. As such, this alliance had no alliance master and was directed by the 12 most powerful countries. All of the other countries did not have as much authority.

After spreading the news about the Fish Scale people's plan, Zhao Fu had returned to Great Qin to treat his injuries. After a few days of recuperating, he had returned to his peak condition.

"Your Majesty! Even though this is a crisis for the human world, it is also an opportunity that can greatly benefit Great Qin!" Li Si said as he smiled and stepped forward.

Zhao Fu felt a bit confused and he asked, "What do you mean, Li Si?"

Li Si replied, "The Fish Scale world invading the human world is a massive crisis, putting a lot of pressure on everyone. Now, Great Qin can use this opportunity to have even more City Lords join us.

"All we need to do is say that Great Qin is strong enough to protect them, and they will naturally choose to submit to Great Qin. If Great Qin cannot defend against this disaster, they will be even more powerless.

"All of the City Lords know about this news, and if they don't believe it, they can go there themselves to take a look since there are so many teleportation channels to the Southern Continent right now. They aren't stupid and will make the wise decision!"

After hearing this, Zhao Fu immediately understood and sent out people. Before too much time had passed, 102 City Lords had expressed their willingness to join Great Qin. This was an incredibly pleasant surprise, and Zhao Fu could not help but happily laugh.

The reason this had gone so well was because of various factors, including the Fish Scale world's invasion, Great Qin's strength, and Great Qin's foreign policies in sending ambassadors and establishing friendly relations.

The more familiar Great Qin was to those people, the easier it was for them to submit to Great Qin.

Before, Zhao Fu had not attacked because he was worried that as soon as he attacked, the City Lords would feel threatened and ally together. Now that there were no restrictions on travel, they could easily form a massive alliance.

Even though the northern side was Vietnam, which Zhao Fu would not move against yet, the three other sides would each have at least 100 regions allying together if he attacked. The more threatened they felt the more people would join.

In fact, 300 regions allying together was actually a small figure; it was possible that 600 or more regions could ally together in response to such a threat.

Assuming that each region had about 300,000 soldiers, ten regions would have three million soldiers, 100 regions would have 30 million soldiers, and 300 regions would have at least 90 million soldiers. It would be quite difficult for Great Qin to defend against such a number, let alone against the forces of 600 regions.

As such, Zhao Fu no longer acted as domineeringly, and he instead established friendly relations. Without enough military power, Zhao Fu would not go out and attack more regions.

Now, their foreign policy had proven to be extremely useful. Without shedding a single drop of blood, they had been able to obtain 200 or so regions so far. The 102 City Lords provided Great Qin with 50 million residents and ten million Stage 1 soldiers, causing Great Qin's strength to once again greatly increase.

By now, Great Qin had 470 million residents and 60 million soldiers. They were definitely the faction that had benefitted the most out of the Fish Scale people's invasion.

Now, another 32 regions had been emptied out, and Great Qin started to clear out those regions. If everything went to plan, after clearing out those 32 regions, Great Qin would be able to level up into a Level 4 Capital City.

Zhao Fu did not send any soldiers to the Southern Side not because he was not willing to help but because he did not trust the other factions. Most of the factions were made up of players. It would not matter if players died, as they could revive, but if indigenous residents died, they would stay dead.

If they suddenly attacked Great Qin, Great Qin could lose its entire army. Even though they were facing a common enemy, he could not help but be cautious. The other factions simply feared Great Qin too much, and Zhao Fu had to respond accordingly.

In the future, the Great Qin army would act by itself and try not to combine with other forces. There were not any large-scale battles yet, so he could still use his army for clearing out the regions for now.

After dealing with these things, a soldier came to report that the Southern Continent alliance had invited him to participate in an important meeting.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu decided to go.

There were countless chairs placed in a lavish hall, and there were already thousands of people there. They were all the leaders of various factions, and they all had important and distinguished statuses.

Tina Pendragon and the other Legatees had long since arrived and sat on a row of chairs at the front. The scene was quite bustling, as this meeting gathered the main forces of the human world's defense against the Fish Scale world's invasion.

After a while, a bearded man could not wait any longer and called out, "We've waited for so long already; why haven't we started the meeting yet"

Those next to him nudged him and said quietly, "There's still someone who's not here yet; of course we can't start without him!"

The bearded man felt even more displeased and called out, "Who's that person making so many people wait for him? I hate those kinds of people!"

Everyone else around him rolled their eyes, "He's Great Qin's Legatee. Try saying that after he's here."

After hearing that name, the bearded man no longer looked angry and immediately smiled as he said, "Ah, forget about it, we can just wait for a bit longer. I heard he sealed the eight aquatic beast kings this time, and it's said that each of those aquatic beast kings is more powerful than even a few hundred City Lords. Do you think they're really that strong?"



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