It was a starry night, and countless stars twinkled in the sky. Even though the moon was not out, it was not dark at all, and it was possible to see far into the distance.

After this battle, the human army's morale plummeted. They lost all battle intent and were not as excited and passionate as they had been before. Before, they had not known the Fish Scale people's true strength, and after this fight, they understood just how terrifying the Fish Scale people were.

Now, everyone felt quite afraid of the Fish Scale people, and if they could not overcome this fear, they would lose before they even fought the Fish Scale people the next time.

This total defeat rocked the entire human world. Everyone felt a sense of crisis, and the commoners started to feel terror as well. Unease filled the entire human world, and more and more people became willing to head to the Southern Continent to defend against the Fish Scale invasion.

Now, many countries appealed to people's sense of patriotism, hoping that more people would join the resistance.

There were only one billion people standing guard on the dikes, and none of them felt that confident. It was at that time that the Fish Scale people started to attack.

Arrows shot out from the water towards the humans on the dikes. Many people were caught off guard and hit by the arrows, causing blood to splatter everywhere. Cries of pain tore through the beautiful night; this was the beginning of another big battle.

The humans quickly responded, putting up shields to block the arrows. At the same time, the Archers started to fire back.

The human side quickly counterattacked, while the Fish Scale people leisurely attacked. Their plan was to destroy the dikes, not actually fight with the humans – the Archers were just a distraction while the other soldiers destroyed the dikes from underwater.

The Fish Scale people slashed out with their weapons, causing icy lights to slam against the dikes made of mud, trees, and rocks. However, because the dikes were reinforced by talismans and runes and protected by a barrier, a glow appeared on the dikes to defend against the attacks. Otherwise, a Stage 3 General would be able to pierce through the dikes. Without the reinforcements, the dikes were simply too weak.

However, the power of the talismans, runes, and barrier could not last forever. They were gradually whittled away by the constant attacks and would soon break.

As the Fish Scale people continuously attacked, the glow on the dikes became weaker and weaker. Seeing this, many humans realized what was happening and yelled in fear, "There are Fish Scale people underwater attacking the dikes!"

Only then did everyone understand what was going on. The Archers immediately started to aim towards the bottom of the dikes, but the Fish Scale people were prepared – many of them carried large shields.

After being shot 30 meters into the water, the arrows were already greatly weakened, and with the large shields, it was very easy for the Fish Scale people to defend against the arrows. As such, they were able to continue attacking the dikes without any pressure.

While the humans' attention was on the bottom of the dikes, the Fish Scale Archers once again started to ferociously attack. Countless arrows shot out of the water, resulting in many deaths, and howls continuously sounded out.

As the countless Fish Scale people attacked underwater, the glow on the dikes became fainter and fainter. If this went on, the dikes would definitely be destroyed.

Above, 10,000 City Lords exploded out with power and unleashed their City Lord Seals, wanting to stop the Fish Scale people underwater. However, the Fish Scale City Lords also responded in kind, and a battle between City Lords erupted in the air.

Explosions continuously sounded out, and a destructive aura could be sensed throughout half of the Southern Continent.

The human side finally thought of a way to deal with the Fish Scale people underwater – they started to throw down large amounts of Ice Powder. The player factions had used it when attacking Great Qin before, and after the powder fell onto the water, it quickly started to freeze the water.

As the Ice Powder landed on the water, ice began to spread at a rate observable by the naked eye, and traces of cold air started to rise. The Fish Scale people underwater were greatly startled and quickly retreated, but those who reacted slowly were completely frozen.

In just an instant, the 50 meters in front of the dike were frozen into thick ice, forcing the Fish Scale people back. Seeing this, the human side was greatly delighted.

However, the Fish Scale people did not seem fazed. Soon, people wearing robes and holding coral staffs walked out, and there were countless soldiers gathered around them.

The soldiers gave off powerful auras and sent their strength into those people, who raised their coral staffs. They started to chant incantations, and an extremely dangerous aura spread out. The seawater started to roil, and everyone could tell that the Fish Scale people were doing something dangerous.

"Hurry and stop them!" the human commander yelled. Everyone looked quite frightened as they drew their bows and shot towards the robed Fish Scale people.

However, the Fish Scale army was prepared, and Fish Scale Shieldbearers holding reef shields easily blocked the arrows.

"Sea God!" the robed Fish Scale people shouted in unison, and an enormous aura rippled out like a massive wave. Tens of millions of aquatic beasts were formed out of water, and they gave off monstrous power as they rushed towards the thick ice.

Of course, the aquatic beasts formed out of water could not compare to the aquatic beast kings, but they were not weak at all. The 50-meter thick ice was instantly shattered, causing ice shards to fly everywhere.

Following this, the aquatic beasts continued to charge into the dikes, causing the dikes to violently tremble and for the glow on the dikes to become even dimmer.


The aquatic beasts once again crashed into the dikes, causing them to start to crack. The barrier had already been dispelled, and if the aquatic beasts rammed into the dikes again, they would collapse.

"Hurry and retreat to the second line of dikes!" seeing that they had already lost, the commander immediately loudly yelled out an order. Everyone hurriedly headed to the teleportation channels they had prepared and went to the second line of dikes that had been recently constructed.

As the human army retreated, the Fish Scale people did not hold back anymore and attacked the first line of dikes with their full power.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the grand dikes collapsed, allowing seawater to surge forwards and instantly flood countless more regions.

The Fish Scale people were delighted to be able to break through one of the human side's last defensive lines without any great losses. Soon, they received news that the humans had already constructed a second line of dikes.

This caused the Fish Scale people to feel quite surprised; how could the humans have constructed a second line of dikes so quickly? However, they did not care too much. Since they had broken through the first line so easily, why did a second line matter? They would confidently destroy it as well.

Originally, the human side had wanted to use firm rocks to build the second line of dikes. However, because the situation was so urgent, they could only continue to use mud, trees, and rocks to build it.



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