Over the next few days, Zhao Fu stealthily made a map of the locations of system main cities before starting his operation. Great Qin now had 500 or so City Lords of Great Cities, and in order to kill the Fish Scale City Lords as quickly as possible, he put 20 City Lords in a team. They could either quickly kill a single City Lord and relocate the system main city or split into two teams of 10 City Lords to simultaneously attack two system main cities.

Each of the teams was responsible for conquering the system main cities in a region. After doing this, they could not be greedy and had to return to the human world immediately, or they could be in danger.

With the 500 or so City Lords, Zhao Fu made 25 teams that could destroy 25 regions. This way, he would not only be able to obtain a large number of cities but also many Invasion Points.

In order to ensure their safety, Zhao Fu prepared many things: isolation barriers, which could temporarily stop teleportation channels to stop the word from getting out; items to hide their auras; and two Destruction Crystals each in case of emergencies.

After making preparations, all of them snuck into the Fish Scale world and quietly waited. They had to all act simultaneously so that they could destroy 25 regions quickly and safely.

Once word got out, resulting in many City Lords coming over, it was possible for many of them to die. As such, they could not be careless or greedy; they had to do everything in the blink of an eye and quickly return.

Zhao Fu went near a system main city and silently waited. Zhao Fu could not afford to have his identity exposed, or he would be in great danger; he could not defend against the entire Fish Scale world. If he could not use the other City Lords' powers, if 50 or 60 City Lords attacked him together, he would not be able to deal with them.

Time gradually passed, and because this was hundreds of meters underwater, it was quite dim. However, because the system main cities all had magic formations providing light, it was always daytime there.

However, there were no creatures that were awake for the entire day without resting, so Zhao Fu was waiting until they went to rest.

Following this, the time for the operation arrived, and all of Great Qin's City Lords simultaneously attacked. Zhao Fu directly rushed towards the City Hall.

The City Lord quickly sensed Zhao Fu and woke up, feeling quite startled. However, Zhao Fu had already arrived in front of him, and his whole body was covered with his cloak so as to prevent his identity from being exposed.

The Fish Scale City Lord grabbed his reef stone spear and roared, "Who are you?"

Zhao Fu did not waste any words and rushed up, his sword giving off an immense sword light as he slashed towards the Fish Scale City Lord.

Sensing Zhao Fu's power, the Fish Scale City Lord's expression fell, and he exploded out with his full strength. He gripped his spear with both hands and blocked in front of him but was still sent flying. He heavily crashed against a wall, and a sword light pierced through his chest.

The Fish Scale City Lord instantly died, and his City Lord Seal floated out of his corpse. Zhao Fu grabbed it and hurried towards the City Heart. The system main city was in complete chaos right now, as the teleportation channels could not be used, and a large number of soldiers gathered at the City Hall.

Zhao Fu directly charged over to the City Heart and did not waste any time. He chose to conquer and relocate the City before turning into a black ray of light, disappearing into the distance as he headed to the next system main city.

Zhao Fu released his power and shot into the City Hall of another system main city. A General was the first to discover Zhao Fu, and he yelled as he rushed over. Zhao Fu disdainfully slashed out, cutting that General's body into multiple parts.

Back then, Zhao Fu could not defeat even a single General and almost died trying to fight a City Lord even after using his Nation Armament. However, things were completely different now. Let alone Generals, even City Lords could barely put up a fight against him.

After killing this city's City Lord as well, Zhao Fu quickly conquered and relocated this system main city before turning into a ray of black light and disappearing.

In just a short while, Zhao Fu had destroyed four system main cities and obtained a Region Treasure Chest. Now that his task was complete, he knew that he should just leave, but his body headed towards a second region.

In fact, Zhao Fu wanted to throw down a Destruction Crystal to kill at least 300,000 people. Killing any Fish Scale people gave rewards, regardless of whether they were players or indigenous residents.

Back then when the Fish Scale people had flooded 400 or so regions and killed all living creatures, they would have obtained an astronomical number of Invasion Points. As such, Zhao Fu also wanted to blast these Fish Scale people.

However, Zhao Fu realized that the shockwaves from the Destruction Crystals would be too big and would alert many other City Lords, causing their plan to fail.

A while later, Zhao Fu finished destroying the three system main cities of the second region. Even though he knew it was best to not be greedy, he could not help but fly towards the next region.

After obtaining seven system main cities so quickly, Zhao Fu simply felt too excited.

After destroying two system main cities in the third region, Zhao Fu quickly escaped because he could sense many dangerous auras heading towards the third region. He had been discovered.

Hundreds of City Lords furiously chased after Zhao Fu, but none of them were able to catch up to him. In the end, Zhao Fu was able to safely escape.

Following this, thousands of Fish Scale City Lords angrily stood in the sky above the island of ice. The pressure they gave off made it difficult for the ordinary people to even breathe and was incredibly terrifying.

Akhenaten quickly heard that the Fish Scale City Lords were preparing to attack the island of ice, so many of the Southern Continent's City Lords also headed over.

Neither side had the confidence to win a decisive victory against the other, so neither side attacked. The Fish Scale City Lords knew that their own soldiers could not go near the island of poisoned ice and that they were no match for the humans on land.

Even though they could survive on land and in water, they spent the vast majority of their time in the water. They were used to swimming, and if they went on land, their battle power would go down drastically; this was something that they knew clearly.

Moreover, the humans had their soldiers there to support them; if the Fish Scale City Lords rushed over, the ending would be just like before. They had mostly come to deter the humans from doing such a thing again and to show that they were not people who could be easily bullied.

After all, both sides were enemies, so they could not say much about the humans suddenly attacking them.

After facing off in a stalemate for a while, the Fish Scale City Lords finally left. The Southern Continent City Lords all felt quite confused and did not understand what this was all about.

Soon, they heard from some scouts that an unknown human faction had wiped out 27 regions in just a short while.

This news shocked all of the Southern Continent City Lords and players. None of them had any thoughts about invading the Fish Scale world, and they had never expected a faction to be able to destroy 27 regions in such a short amount of time. If that faction had had a bit more time, it would have simply been terrifying.

Akhenaten's expression became grim. Without even thinking, he knew who had done this; Great Qin's strength was simply horrifying.



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