Right now, Zhao Fu only had one type of powerful beast, which were the Wyverns. The mature Wyverns had Stage 5 strength, and with their powerful bodies, if he gave them City Lord Seals, the effects would be extraordinary.

However, while Wyverns could destroy some lower-grade creatures, they would be completely suppressed when facing higher-grade creatures. After all, Wyverns were the lowest grade of Dragons, and all of their stats were quite ordinary; there was nothing exceptionally strong about them.

By now, Zhao Fu no longer saw them as his biggest asset, and he now planned to use these City Lord Seals to help them evolve. While fusing, it was quite likely to go through mutations.

However, they would have to do this in a place with a large amount of attribute-type energy. Zhao Fu immediately thought of the world of fire and ice in Gloomy Jungle, which would likely be able to satisfy this.

After going through mutations, the Wyverns would definitely become much stronger. Even if they could not compare to true Fire Dragons or Ice Dragons, they would definitely be a lot stronger than ordinary Wyverns and would help the Wyverns continue to evolve.

By now, Great Qin had 1,527 Wyverns, and 1,200 of them were capable of fighting.

Black Forest and Moon Wolf, who were 100 meters tall, Zhao Fu smiled and had them go back to their normal forms. Their 100 meter tall bodies were their battle forms, and they were able to go back to their original sizes as they pleased.

After going back to their normal sizes, the two of them affectionately played with Zhao Fu. Soon, another figure leaped into Zhao Fu's embrace, a chubby white cat.

Fat Cat had been with Asani, but after sensing the changes in the two beasts, it had quickly hurried over. It leaped into Zhao Fu's embrace, looking at him with watery eyes, begging for the same treatment.

Zhao Fu smiled and sent a City Lord Seal into its body before placing it on the ground so that it could slowly fuse with the City Lord Seal.

Following this, Zhao Fu led 1,200 Wyverns to Gloomy Jungle. The sight of a thousand dragons flying together was quite a rare and majestic sight. Their massive might caused beasts below on the ground to all lie on the ground, trembling in fear and submission.

However, the Black Forest Horses were not as affected by the dragon's might that the Wyverns gave off. Their Den how had a trace of divinity, and they all had a faint trace of divine power, giving them more power and resistances than ordinary creatures.

After reaching the depths of Gloomy Jungle, Zhao Fu had 600 Wyverns stay in the icy region and 600 Wyverns entire the high-heat region before sending 1,200 City Lord Seals into their bodies.

Their bodies withered, and their eyes became lifeless as all of their flesh and blood, as well as traces of icy air and flames, were absorbed into their bodies, causing their bodies to be covered with a layer of ice or fire.

Their transformations would take some more time, as they would also be mutating and gaining attributes as well. Zhao Fu left immediately and came back three days later. The Wyverns had completely transformed, looking incredibly different.

Their gray scales had disappeared and were replaced by icy or fiery scales. They were also 150 meters long and were either incredibly cold or incredibly hot. Their auras were also much more powerful, and their strength was around Stage 6-8 to 6-9. Now, they would not be at a disadvantage even when facing Stage 7 dragons.

This method of increasing their strength by using City Lord Seals was simply too powerful. However, under normal circumstances, who would be willing to destroy a Great City and give up on a City Lord Seal?

Now, Zhao Fu had around 2300 City Lord Seals left. He then thought of another powerful creature, which was the Corpse Soul Commander. Corpse Soul Commanders also had Stage 5 strength, and with their Corpse Soul Power, they were stronger than normal Stage 5 soldiers.

Zhao Fu wondered what would happen if he fused City Lord Seals into them; seeing the effects the City Lord Seals had on the creatures so far, Zhao Fu felt quite curious to see what they would do to the corpse Soul Commanders.

Zhao Fu currently had 7,400 Corpse Soul Soldiers and 137 Corpse Soul Commanders. He called over the Corpse Soul Commanders, who were 6 meters tall, had gray skin, and had powerful bodies. Their eyes were blood-red, filled with violence and bloodlust. Any ordinary person standing in front of them would feel terrified.

Zhao Fu stretched out his hand, and 137 unusable City Lord Seals appeared around him. He pushed his hand forwards, and the City Lord Seals turned into rays of light that shot into their bodies.

"Roar!! Roar!! Roar!!" three hours later, roars tore through the sky, and 137 monsters that were 70 meters tall appeared. The Corpse Soul Commanders all looked incredibly terrifying – their bodies gave off gray auras, and their faces looked incredibly savage. The single horn on their heads and their blood-red eyes made them look like devils.

Their strength now reached Stage 7, and it would be no problem for them to fight the City Lord of a Basic City.

The strengthening of the Wyverns and Corpse Soul Commanders instantly boosted Great Qin's strength by a terrifying amount. Now, Zhao Fu almost felt like sweeping through the entire northern side of the Midland Continent.

However, Zhao Fu's rational side told him to stay calm. After all, there were around 2,000 regions, meaning there would be at least 7,000 City Lords and 600 million Stage 1 soldiers to deal with.

Zhao Fu still had around 2,200 City Lord Seals. Zhao Fu did not want to use them on ordinary Corpse Soul Soldiers, and there were not any more mature Wyverns. As such, Zhao Fu decided to keep them until he had more Wyverns and Corpse Soul Commanders.

These unusable City Lord Seals were incredibly rare and difficult to obtain. After all, one had to destroy a Great City to obtain such a City Lord Seal. Since they were so valuable, Zhao Fu did not want to waste a single one.

A few days later, the poisoned ice had become a gigantic island, and Akhenaten and many of the Southern Continent factions had built a City there, making it so that the Fish Scale people did not dare to invade anymore.

After all of the poisoned water had been drained, the ground underneath was quite gray, and some of the poison still remained. All of the plants there had withered to death, and 400 regions had become regions of death without a single trace of life within them.

Although it looked bad, the world had self-regeneration abilities, so the 400 regions would eventually recover.

Zhao Fu went to the place where the black spear was, which was where he had sealed the eight aquatic beast kings. He had come here to try to subdue them.

The aquatic beast kings were incredibly powerful, and if they submitted, Great Qin's strength would once again be greatly boosted.

Back then, Zhao Fu had used up half of Great Qin's Fate, so he had to make up for it somehow. Otherwise, it would be a great loss.

Zhao Fu gripped the black spear, and the 1,000 meters wide Emperor's Seal appeared. Zhao Fu's body slowly sank downwards into the ground. He arrived at a massive sealed region, called the God-Sealing Region, one of the King's Crown's powers.

Within the sealed region, the eight aquatic beast kings were bound by chains and suspended in the air. When they saw Zhao Fu, they immediately started to struggle and furiously roar.



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