Looking at the eight furious aquatic beast kings, Zhao Fu did not show any mercy. He stretched out a hand and pressed against the air, causing the chains locking them up to tighten. After feeling this immense pain, they became a bit more subdued.

"If you don't want to stay here forever, you must submit to me. Don't hold on to any hope; there's no chance for you to escape!"

Zhao Fu spoke in the Fish Scale language; the aquatic beast kings had ruled countless aquatic beasts, so they were quite intelligent and could understand Zhao Fu's words. Since the boss monsters of regions could speak, these eight aquatic beast kings most likely could speak as well.

The Heaven Cloud Jellyfish said first in a mature woman's voice, "Don't even dream of having me submit to you, human!"

The Sin Flood Dragon said in a hoarse elderly man's voice while wildly laughed, "Human, you think you're qualified to conquer us? What a joke! Even the Fish Scale world's World Protector could not control us, so how could your human world's World Protector do so? An absolute joke!"

The Netherocean Demon Whale said in a gloomy man's voice, "After I break through this seal, I'll definitely eat you. You humans are much more delicious than Fish Scale people, and I want to eat you all and savor your flesh!"

Hearing their words, Zhao Fu's expression became cold, but he did not say anything. He started to draw out a magic formation and ignored them.

The Earthwater Dragon Tortoise said in an ancient-sounding voice, "Human, as long as you release me, I'll promise to never step in the human world again, and the hatred between us will be wiped clean!"

The Sift Metal Stingray said in a boy's voice, "I also promise to never enter the human world again. As long as you release me, I'll give you all of the City Lord Seals and City Creation Stones I ate. I'm sure they're very important to a human like you!"

The Ghostscale Flame Bird said in a woman's voice, "If you let me go, I'll also promise to never step in the human world again, and I can give the 60 City Creation Stones I ate to you!"

"The three of you are cowards! As aquatic beast kings, how could you concede to a human and make an agreement with him?" Another man's voice sounded out – it was the Three Soul Great Snake.

"Hmph! I definitely won't submit to a human. Kill me if you can!" the Reef Lizard said in a barbaric-sounding woman's voice.

The Ghostscale Flame Bird and Three Soul Great Snake started to argue. The Ghostscale Flame Bird coldly harrumphed and said, "I didn't concede; it's merely a trade. I don't want to be stuck here forever, so if you want to stay here forever, don't try to drag me down with you!"

The Three Soul Great Snake loudly laughed, "You say that's not conceding? You promising to never step into the human world again is already conceding and showing that you're afraid of this human!"

The Earthwater Dragon Tortoise was about to say something as well, but Zhao Fu had already finished the magic formation. He placed some energy stones on it and coldly looked at the eight aquatic beast kings before activating the magic formation.

Countless ferocious arcs of electricity traveled along the chains, attacking the eight aquatic beast kings' bodies. The immense pain caused the eight aquatic beast kings to ear-splittingly roar and scream.

The electricity suddenly stopped, and before the eight aquatic beast kings could even take a breath, flames started to climb along the chains and burn their bodies, once again causing them to howl in pain.

Following this, wind blades cut at their skin, followed by freezing air that froze their bodies. There were also metal needles that continuously stabbed into their bodies.

After all of this, the eight aquatic beast kings were covered with injuries, and blood covered the countless chains and dripped to the ground. It was an incredibly wretched scene.

"I'll say it one more time: are you willing to submit? Otherwise, you'll be punished like this every day!" Zhao Fu did not have the ability to convince them using his words, so he could only punish them like this and have them submit. If they submitted, the City Creation Stones and City Lord Seals within their bodies would be his anyways.

However, the eight aquatic beasts in immense only loudly roared at him, wanting to devour him. None of them were willing to submit.

Zhao Fu did not mind too much because he had all the time in the world for this battle of attrition.

After leaving the God-Sealing Space, Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin and made some inquiries about the various factions, finding out that none of them were planning to invade the Fish Scale world.

This made Zhao Fu feel quite disappointed because he wanted to gain more Invasion Points to exchange for Capital Cities. This was incredibly important to Great Qin – after all, they already had one Capital City, and after obtaining two more, they would be able to fulfill the requirements for Great Qin to obtain a Royal City.

Using Invasion Points to exchange for Capital Cities would be much faster than leveling up a City and would save them a lot of time.

However, if no one else was willing to invade, Zhao Fu did not dare to do so either. Even if Great Qin sent out its entire army, it would be wiped out when facing the entire Fish Scale world.

Zhao Fu understood the difficulties of invading the Fish Scale world – the Fish Scale people all lived hundreds of meters underwater, so if the humans wanted to attack them, they would have to go underwater. However, as experience had shown already, humans simply were not a match for the Fish Scale people underwater.

As such, no one wanted to invade the Fish Scale people, as they clearly remembered the lesson they had been taught last time. Moreover, the Fish Scale world was the domain of the Fish Scale people, and none of them knew how many would come to defend.

Thus, Zhao Fu could only give up on invading for now, as it was completely unrealistic. However, Zhao Fu wanted to go to the Fish Scale world to at least earn a big profit and quickly come back.

Zhao Fu decided to use the same method that he had used before when he had destroyed 50 system main cities in a single night. He split his City Lords into teams to quickly attack system main cities and then quickly leave.

Zhao Fu did not dare to do this in the human world, because once he did this, too many people would feel threatened and attack. Great Qin was not strong enough to face so many enemies yet.

However, doing this to the Fish Scale world was different – after doing this, Zhao Fu could hide in the human world, and the Fish Scale world would not be able to take revenge against Great Qin. They could launch another invasion, but with the entire human world defending, Zhao Fu did not have to worry about Great Qin's safety.

However, he could only do this once by catching them off-guard. He would not be able to do it a second time, as they would be much more alert, making it much more dangerous to try again.

Moreover, Zhao Fu needed an accurate map of where the system main cities were, making it easy to kill City Lords and run away.

After making some preparations, Zhao Fu snuck into the Fish Scale world and scouted around. After quite a while, he finally found a system main city; without sufficient preparations, this plan would not work, as just finding a system main city had taken a long time.

The Fish Scale people's system main cities also had tall City Walls and a barrier that blocked off the water. Everything else was quite similar to human system main cities.<script>chaptererror();</script>



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