After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu grinned as he went through what they had obtained. Firstly, for system main cities, there were 85 of them in total.

These system main cities belonged to Fish Scale people, so humans could not use them. However, the Exchange Stone Stele had Origin Water, which could restore a City Creation Stone to an unused state.

However, after thinking about it, Zhao Fu decided not to do this. It was very difficult for humans to deal with aquatic creatures in the water, so Zhao Fu decided to develop an army of Fish Scale people. In the future, if they had aquatic fights, they would be very useful.

There were not any oceans or seas near Great Qin, but there were many water regions, though many of them were freshwater. Zhao Fu decided to go and capture some Fish Scale people in the future.

He would make them City Lords and have the system main cities spawn Fish Scale people, and when they had enough people, he would develop a Great Qin navy.

They had also obtained 27 Region Treasure Boxes from this raid. Zhao Fu opened all of them, obtaining many materials and equipment. Zhao Fu did not care about most of them, but one of them made Zhao Fu incredibly happy.

It was a City Upgrade Stone for Great Cities, and Zhao Fu already had three of them. He had obtained two of them back when he had opened the 70 or so Region Treasure Boxes and one from when he had opened 35 Region Treasure Boxes. With this one, he now had four.

With these four City Upgrade Stones, Zhao Fu could directly level up a City into a Level 5 Great City, then use EXP to level it up into a Capital City. After all, City Upgrade Stones for Great Cities could not level up Great Cities into Capital Cities.

Just like this, Zhao Fu almost had another Capital City. The amount of EXP required to level up a Level 5 Great City into a Capital City was not that much to Great Qin anymore. Now, they only needed one more Capital City before they could level up the Great Qin City into a Royal City, which was quite exciting.

Zhao Fu started to ponder about which City to level up into a Level 5 Great City. He had two main candidates, which were the previous candidates: the Maurya City and the Fire and Ice Cities.

The Fire and Ice Cities were special cities and were more powerful than ordinary system main cities. This was especially so with Binoche and Kerache, the two powerful mages, as their City Lords. However, the Cities were only Gold grade, which was not that great.

The Maurya City was the Maurya Dynasty's Legacy City, and it was Legendary grade. However, Zhao Fu did not feel too good about this, as it was another country's Legacy City.

However, in terms of stats and power, the Maurya City was more powerful than the Fire and Ice Cities; after all, it was the Legacy City of India's most powerful Dynasty.

In the end, Zhao Fu decided to use the Maurya City. Zhao Fu thought of Shama's little sister, Daphne, as she had the Maurya Dynasty's bloodline. However, Zhao Fu had to consider future battles, so he had to test if she was suitable or not.

Zhao Fu decided to leave this matter for later. Apart from the City Upgrade Stone, the Zhao Fu had also obtained another three Dragon-Slaying Ballistae, so Great Qin now had eight of them.

There was another item that was quite special – it was a three-colored ball of clay that gave off a faint fragrance. Zhao Fu was not quite sure what it was, so he looked at its description.

[Item Remodelling Clay]: A mystical clay that can change the shape of an item into any form without any changes to its stats.

So this was something that could reshape items. Zhao Fu immediately thought of the King's Crown – the King's Crown was currently Legendary grade, and if he could subdue the eight aquatic beast kings and absorb their King's Aura, the King's Crown would be able to become Epic grade.

The King's Crown was an incredibly powerful piece of equipment, and Zhao Fu used it all the time. It was the best item for sealing and restricting people.

However, Zhao Fu did not quite like the fact that it was a western-style crown, so reshaping it would be quite good. However, what should he change it into? A sword? Or another type of weapon?

Zhao Fu thought about it and decided that he had enough swords already. He did not need any weapons, and what's more, only the shape changed and not the stats. Swords were used for attacking, while the King's Crown was used for support and control.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Fu made a decision. He took out the King's Crown and fused the three-colored clay into it. The firm King's Crown gradually became softer and softer until it became a soft clump.

Zhao Fu started to mold the King's Crown into the shape he wanted, and in the end, it became a golden eyeball. Apart from the fact that it was golden and seemed metallic, it looked just like a real eyeball.

Holding this golden eyeball, Zhao Fu smiled in satisfaction and fused it into his left eye, which had activated Vision, and it gently accepted the golden eyeball.

"Roarrr!!!" a gigantic bestial roar sounded out in his mind suddenly, and Zhao Fu felt as if his head was going to explode. His mind went white as a gigantic, devilish beast wrapped in chains and a human skull shining with golden light appeared in Zhao Fu's mind.

Zhao Fu's left eye continuously leaked blood as if it was going to explode, and Zhao Fu cursed at himself for being so stupid. He had not made any preparations and had just fused the King's Crown into his eye, and now, he was paying the price for it.

Zhao Fu could do nothing about the massive pain in his eye except cover it with his hands. The blood from his left eye continued to flow out, seeping through his fingers.

In his mind, countless traces of blood rushed out from the surroundings and headed for the God-Sealing Beast. The God-Sealing Beast furiously struggled and roared, but it was soon inundated by blood. Both the God-Sealing Beast and the golden skull both disappeared.

At that moment, the pain in Zhao Fu's left eye gradually weakened, and he could now open it with great difficulty. He found that the golden eyeball had completely fused with his left eye, and he could now no longer take it out.

Before, Zhao Fu's eyes had triple-layered pupils – two layers were blood-red and one layer was white. Now that the golden eyeball had fused into his left eye, his left eye had four layers: apart from the blood-red and white layers, there was also a golden layer. The blood-red layers gave off killing intent, the white layer gave off gentleness, and the golden layer gave off an aura of nobility.

Moreover, the shape of the eye became different as well. After fusing with god Kerr's Divinity, Zhao Fu's eyes had become slitted, but after fusing with his golden eyeball, his left one once again became a round eye. The fourth layer was golden, but the outside of the pupil seemed to have a thin golden chain around it.

The left eye seemed quite terrifying, and the three auras fused together gave off a massive might that made people unable to look at him directly.

Zhao Fu's right eye was still a slitted eye with two blood-red layers and one white layer.

Zhao Fu was quite shocked to find that he could now use some of the God-Sealing Beast's power. This was not through the King's Crown but through his own body. This meant that Zhao Fu had obtained the God-Sealing Beast's power.

Zhao Fu waved his hand, and a few chains shot out from the air. He found that his usage of the chains was more practiced and nimble as if they were part of his body.



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