Chapter 1159 - Matching Up against a Grand Lord

"Alice, have you lost your mind?! I'm still here!"

Starstreak was furious as he glanced at the descending fireballs.

Violet Cloud's shadow blades still had him pinned down. He did not have any concentration to spare for an escape. If these fireballs struck, he would get caught in the impact.

With no other options, Starstreak decided to use his final Lifesaving Skill, his Epic boots' Additional Skill, Flash Steps. The Skill allowed him to teleport to any location 15 yards away. It had a 1-minute Cooldown and three charges.

Starstreak used Flash Steps twice and instantly moved 30 yards away.

Meanwhile, although Violet Cloud desperately blocked the incoming fireballs with her shadow blades, the fireballs were unaffected. She also had no hope of dodging these attacks.

Similar to her shadow blades, Alice controlled these fireballs. Not only did they contain massive power, but they also had a wide attack range. With so many of the fireballs, if Alice wanted to, she could even destroy the entire stage.


Phoenix Rain, who watched the fight from a VIP room, could not help but shake her head.

The Asura Battle Team had lost this competition.

Although each competition in the Dark Arena had five matches, the Asura Battle Team had only brought five members. Once they lost this match, regardless of whether the battle team won the next or not, the Evil Dragon Battle Team would win the competition. After all, the final two matches were three-on-three. The Asura Battle Team did not have enough members to participate. Hence, so long as the Evil Dragon Battle Team won one of the first three matches, the competition would be over.

"Sure enough, defeating the Evil Dragon Battle Team is impossible for the Asura Battle Team." Phoenix Rain was, more or less, disappointed.

Although she hadn't bet any excess resources on this competition, with how lively the Dark Arena was today, they would still earn a significant amount if the Asura Battle Team won.

However, she had only considered the idea.

In another VIP room, Purple Jade gritted her teeth as she watched the massive fireballs above the stage, frustration flashing in her eyes.

However, that feeling wasn't due to the match's ending.

Rather, she was frustrated with herself.

The Witch of the West had made her feel like a child, new to the world.

Before this match, she had believed that she was only a thread away from the virtual gaming world's pinnacle. Looking back at it now, however, the idea was laughable. She was far weaker than Alice regarding both combat techniques and items. It was no wonder why her Guild Leader constantly told her to work on her foundations and explore the world with Yuan Tiexin more often.

"Jade, do you see it now? This is a battle at the pinnacle of God's Domain. If you wish to challenge these people, you need to grasp your own Domain," Yuan Tiexin advised Purple Jade. "But don't feel down. You are still young. Unlike this old man, who no longer has any hope of reaching that realm, you will join their ranks one day."

In the past, he had also dreamed of leading the Secret Pavilion towards the apex of the virtual gaming world.

However, only after encountering people of that realm did he realize that the virtual gaming world was not as simple as he had assumed.

Virtual reality games had been popular all over the world for over a century now. With the world's population being so high, countless gaming experts from the younger generation emerged each year. Furthermore, God's Domain gained more influence with each passing day.

Meanwhile, on the stage, Shi Feng abruptly jumped towards the massive fireballs, meeting them in the air.

"Guild Leader?" Violet Cloud, who was desperately trying to counter the attacks, was confused.

Shi Feng activated Heavenly Dragon's Power, his aura immediately transforming. Golden divine runes flickered across his body as if he had donned golden armor.

Alice sneered when she saw Shi Feng activate a Berserk Skill.

The massive fireballs were the result of the Flame Monarch's Tier 3 Curse, Wrath of the Stars. Each fireball was powerful enough to rival a Grand Lord. Tier 1 players had no hope of defending against such attacks.

The difference in power was simply too great!

Even if Shi Feng had a Skill that provided invulnerability, she could simply control the 36 fireballs to attack him one after another. Invulnerability Skills generally had short durations. If she hit him once every second, she could continue her attack for 36 seconds.

As Shi Feng was about to collide with a fireball, he activated Blade Liberation.

Immediately, power flowed into him from Killing Ray, allowing his Attributes to soar once more.

Looking at the fireballs before him, Shi Feng tightened his grip on the Sacred Sword in his right hand and swung it forward.

Thundering Flash!

Combat technique, Four Moon Lotus!

Like a sharp blade, arcs of blue lightning sliced through the massive fireballs, one after another.

All the crowd had seen were four streaks of light leaving Shi Feng's hand.

In the blink of an eye, 23 of the 36 unstoppable fireballs split in half and exploded like fireworks.

Silence fell over the arena.

No one had expected this shocking reversal.

Even Alice was stunned.

A Tier 1 player had sliced the fireballs, which contained the Strength to rival Level 65 Grand Lords, in half. No matter how she looked at it, this was impossible, yet Shi Feng had done just that.

"Just how powerful is he?" Phoenix Rain's gaze was fixed on Shi Feng, who remained in midair. She could not bring herself to believe that the man she was looking at was the same person she knew.

"Just who is he?" Thousand Miles unconsciously tightened his grip on his swords as he watched the detonating fireballs.

He knew full well how powerful the Fire God's Eye's Flame Monarch was. After all, he had handed the staff to Alice personally.

Yet, a Tier 1 player had sliced one of the Flame Monarch's team-wipe moves in half. This was simply inconceivable.

If this competition had been held before Shi Feng's visit to the Fallen Ark, he wouldn't have been able to repel the Flame Monarch's attacks. However, he had obtained Epic pauldrons from the killing the Mythic Fossilized Tyrannosauruses. They were called the Tough Pauldrons. Aside from Epic ranked Basic Attributes, these pauldrons only had one Skill. Moreover, it was a Passive Skill.

The Passive Skill was called Power of Destruction. When the player faced attacks with higher Strength than their own, the wearer's Strength would increase by 35%.

Against weaker enemies, this Skill had no effect whatsoever. However, against stronger enemies, this Passive Skill was godly. Hence, Shi Feng's Strength had increased by 35% as he fought the massive fireballs. In addition, he had triggered Angry Tyrant's second Passive Skill, Angry Blow, which had doubled his Strength. It was only thanks to those Passive Skills and Thundering Flash's effects that his plan had succeeded.

However, after a brief silence in the arena, Shi Feng activated Wind Rider and charged towards Alice, who was over 30 yards away.

While he had neutralized the fireballs, he was still helpless against the Flame Monarch itself.

Once Blade Liberation's 20-second duration ended, he would be powerless to turn things around.

"You want to kill me?" Despite seeing Shi Feng flying towards her, Alice was neither surprised nor afraid. On the contrary, she was a little excited. It had been a long time since she had faced such a challenge. "Unfortunately, that won't be possible!

Saying so, Alice merged her body with the Flame Monarch's.

Without hesitation, Shi Feng executed Chop against the Flame Monarch.

However, before Killing Ray slid even one meter into the Flame Monarch, its advance halted. The Sacred Sword couldn't reach Alice in the Flame Monarch's core.

"I've already told you that you have no chance of victory. I know that you can't maintain this power for long. Unfortunately for you, my Flame Monarch can last for five hours." Alice said, shaking her head. She then controlled the Flame Monarch to attack Shi Feng.

"That's not necessarily true. Don't forget; I'm not your only opponent," Shi Feng calmly stated.

Suddenly, realization dawned on Alice as she looked across the stage.

Immediately, she noticed Violet Cloud swing down Death's Sigh in her direction.

Compared to when Alluring Summer had used Dimensional Fracture, Violet Cloud used it at full HP. The instant Violet Cloud swung the scythe, the spectators faintly saw a giant phantom appear behind her; the sight was enough to make them shudder.

Starstreak, who had planned to help Alice, was stunned. He felt as if his body were full of lead.

"Death's Phantom! It's the real thing!" Endless Scars was astonished when she saw this, waves of emotion crashing in her heart.

Space above the stage suddenly split apart.

With its hulking body, the Flame Monarch couldn't dodge the attack in time. In the blink of an eye, both the Flame Monarch and Alice split in half.



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