Chapter 1187 - Deterring Might

"Commander, that person's trying to steal our kill!"

"Damn it! I knew we should've killed him earlier!"

"Commander, let's send a group of speedboats to take care of him!"

When the Freedom Alliance noticed Shi Feng launch an attack at the Sea Serpent King, they burst with rage. Since joining the game, their Freedom Alliance had been responsible for taking advantage of others, and never once had others taken advantage of them.

"Alright, enough. What are you all so worried about? That's a King-class Sea Monster. Do you think a single speedboat can do anything to it? We can deal with him once we've killed the Sea Serpent King." Although Passing Monarch was furious, he knew full well that they could not afford to split their forces at this critical moment. If they did, they really would let Shi Feng take advantage of them.

As soon as Passing Monarch finished speaking, Shi Feng fired the Dragon Cannon after aiming at the Sea Serpent King.

In the next moment, a black beam flew from the Swift Dragon Speedboat's deck, piercing through the rising waves and slamming into the Serpent King's belly.


The Sea Serpent King cried out in pain as its HP plummeted by 322,849. The attack dealt even more damage than the Freedom Alliance's Thunderbolt Shells. Moreover, based on the sea monster's pained cry, one could tell that the attack had injured the Great Lord. Even after so many attacks, this was the first time the Great Lord had cried out.

"What a powerful cannon!"

"Is this for real?! What kind of speedboat is that? Even when we fire the Thunderbolt Shells from the Bronze Speedboats, we only dealt around -120,000!"

Everyone was shocked by the Dragon Cannon's might.

"Commander, apparently that other party is no weakling. That speedboat is definitely better than Bronze rank. It is likely that it's a peak Mysterious-Iron Speedboat!" Blue Joy said, shock filling her heart as she looked at the swift Dragon Speedboat.

She wasn't shocked by the speedboat's damage against the Sea Serpent King.

After all, to the Sea Serpent King, that damage was far from enough to destroy the Great Lord's remaining 1% HP. With the Great Lord's battle recovery, it would be exceptionally difficult for Shi Feng to kill the Serpent King by himself.

What had truly shocked her was the Swift Dragon Speedboat's rank.

As players of a naval empire, they had fought sea monsters ever since they had left their beginner towns. They also had a much easier time obtaining speedboats than land players. Even so, they, the Freedom Alliance's Third Fleet, had only obtained four Bronze Speedboats. They had also relied on these Bronze Speedboats to gain a considerable amount of authority for their Third Fleet in the Freedom Alliance.

Yet, the speedboat before them was Mysterious-Iron rank. Not even the Freedom Alliance had ever found a speedboat of this rank. Only the first-rate Guild based in the Sea's End had obtained one. Due to that speedboat, said first-rate Guild had secured a considerable amount of influence in the Sea's End, becoming a power that few would dare to provoke.

After all, a fleet led by a Mysterious-Iron Speedboat was much stronger than a fleet led by Bronze Speedboats. If not for the Freedom Alliance's absolute advantage of the number of Bronze Speedboats they had, the alliance would not stand on equal footing with the first-rate Guild.

Hence, finding a Mysterious-Iron Speedboat before them right now was unbelievable.

What a high Defense! As expected of a King-class Sea Monster! Shi Feng was slightly astonished when he saw the Dragon Cannon's damage.

The Dragon Cannon was even more powerful than ordinary Tier 3 Spells, yet its attack against the berserk Sea Serpent King had been insignificant. Fortunately, the cannon had injured the Great Lord, causing it to bleed and sustain a certain degree of damage.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng had achieved his initial goal.

In reality, he hadn't considered killing the Serpent King by himself. A Level 52 King-class Sea Monster wasn't that easy to kill. He had only fired the shot to display his strength before the Freedom Alliance.

In God's Domain, only the strong were respected. Without sufficient strength, nobody would be taken serious regardless of what they said. Hence, he needed to show the Freedom Alliance what he was capable of.

After firing the first shot, Shi Feng stopped his assault. Rather, he sent Passing Monarch a message while waiting for the Dragon Cannon to finish its Cooldown. The Dragon Cannon's Cooldown lasted 15 seconds, which was slightly longer than ordinary cannons. Even if the Freedom Alliance did nothing and allowed him to attack the Sea Serpent King freely, he couldn't kill the Great Lord. After all, no single speedboat could easily take down a King-class Sea Monster.

As for Shi Feng's message, its contents were very simple. Let's work together to kill the Sea Serpent King. Afterward, we'll split the loot 50-50.

When Passing Monarch received this message, his expression twisted.

However, Passing Monarch did not reply to Shi Feng immediately. Instead, he shared the message in the team chat, letting everyone take a look before making a decision.

"This person is insane!"

"What kind of crap is he spouting?! We're so close to killing the Sea Serpent King, yet he dares to ask for half the loot?!"

"That's right! Does he really think we won't obliterate him?"

"The Sea Serpent King has less than 1,000,000 HP remaining. Even if that guy tries to steal our Boss, does he think he can escape so many speedboats? Moreover, even if he does steal the last hit, he won't be able to steal the loot right before us."

"That's right! Commander, our losses this time are so severe. We cannot split half our loot with him!"

The Freedom Alliance's members opposed Shi Feng's offer unanimously. Even with the Swift Dragon Speedboat, Shi Feng didn't qualify to stand toe-to-toe with them. If they were facing a fleet led by a Mysterious-Iron Speedboat, they might agree. However, the other party only had one ship.

Passing Monarch shared the same opinion. In any case, the Sea Serpent King had less than 1,000,000 HP remaining. With their fleet's remaining ships, they could take it down very quickly.

Following which, Passing Monarch replied to Shi Feng, stating, "Thank you for your goodwill. However, we hope to resolve our problems by ourselves."

Shi Feng simply smiled after reading the reply. There was not the slightest hint of anger in his expression. He then steered the Swift Dragon Speedboat away from the Sea Serpent King, showing no intention of stealing the kill.

Killing a King-class Sea Monster with just a fleet led by Bronze Speedboats?

If the Freedom Alliance succeeded, he would bow down to them in respect.

"Commander, he's leaving!" Blue Joy said, slightly confused when she noticed the Swift Dragon Speedboat sail away from the Sea Serpent King.

"At least he still has a brain." The other members laughed.

"He's gone?" Passing Monarch also could not help but glance at the departing speedboat. "Is he really not interested in the Sea Serpent King?"

However, Passing Monarch did not think too much about the matter. After all, they were still on a precipice.

Following which, the remaining speedboats attacked the Sea Serpent King desperately. Although the Boss dodged or blocked the majority of their attacks, when their attacks landed, they dealt around -100,000 damage, shaving away the Great Lord's HP.

When a Thunderbolt Shell demolished the Sea Serpent King's remaining 70,000 HP, the Freedom Alliance sighed in relief. They couldn't help their growing excitement.

"We killed the Sea Serpent King!"

"Hahaha! Our Freedom Alliance is invincible at sea!"

Everyone celebrated. Until today, not a single fleet in God's Domain had managed to kill a King-class Sea Monster.

"Huh? Something's wrong. Why hasn't my experience bar increased?"

"Don't King-class Sea Monsters give EXP?"

Some of the Freedom Alliance members realized that something was amiss. However, before they could react, a deafening roar echoed throughout the zone.

Before anyone knew it, a massive, crimson serpent broke through the water's surface. The serpent before them was not the same as the Sea Serpent King. Not only was it significantly larger, but the serpent also had two heads instead of one. A long, pitch-black horn grew from both heads, and one could faintly see arcs of purple electricity circling the horns. As this serpent appeared, the sky turned dark.

[Sea Serpent King (Complete State)] (Marine King Creature, King-class Sea Monster, Great Lord)
Level 52
HP 200,000,000/200,000,000



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