Chapter 1224 - Combat Power Assessment

"You have a Small Sailboat?"

Identical Summer stared at Shi Feng as if the man had told the funniest joke in the world. Although Identical Summer had not said anything else, there was no doubting the contempt in his eyes.

The other Freedom Alliance members smirked at Shi Feng's words.

"That brat sure knows how to boast. Even our Sacred Temple hasn't obtained a Small Sailboat until recently. How could an independent adventurer team with no background possibly have one?" The cloaked woman from the Sacred Temple chuckled softly.

The Sacred Temple was one of the Super Guilds that had begun to develop its naval strength early in the game, yet even now, it had only found a Magic Bottle containing a Small Sailboat, not an actual Small Sailboat. They had obtained this Magic Bottle from an ancient ruin in the Sea's End. For this Magic Bottle, the Sacred Temple had sacrificed dozens of experts and thousands of elites.

As for Silent Entropy and Identical Summer, while both had only acquired a Small Sailboat due to luck, they also had the support of powerful backers. The power supporting Silent Entropy, in particular, was intense enough that even the Sacred Temple avoided casually provoking it.

Passing Monarch was merely an independent player with great individual strength. The naval adventurer team he had formed lacked the support of any major power. It was a miracle that he had led his team to become the Freedom Alliance's Third Fleet. Obtaining a Small Sailboat was impossible for Passing Monarch.

"Brother Ye Feng, do you really have a Small Sailboat?" Passing Monarch stared at the Swordsman in shock.

He had already investigated Zero Wing and learned that the Guild didn't possess any particular naval power. The Guild hadn't even begun to develop its naval forces. Zero Wing had focused on competing with the various large Guilds on land all this time.

Just the fact that Zero Wing possessed a Secret-Silver Speedboat was astounding.

Even now, no one throughout the Freedom Alliance possessed a Secret-Silver Speedboat.

Blue Joy, who stood by a side, blinked in astonishment. She wondered if Shi Feng had simply made the claim to save the Third Fleet from humiliation.

"You'll know once you see it," Shi Feng said as he looked around him. He could clearly feel the doubt and contempt everyone aimed his way. Following which, he took a delicate crystal bottle from his bag and began to chant an incantation.

With each verse Shi Feng chanted, black mist emerged from the crystal bottle, shrouding a large section of the sea water before the Swift Dragon Speedboat. Suddenly, a silver sailboat appeared before these players. This silver sailboat was no smaller than the sailboat Hundred Leaves had summoned with the Magic Bottle. Moreover, magic runes decorated every inch of the silver sailboat. At first glance, it was obvious that the silver sailboat was a higher rank than the Common Sailboats Silent Entropy and Identical Summer had summoned.

This Small Sailboat was none other than the Bronze ranked One-horned Sailboat he had obtained from the King-class Sea Monster he previously killed.


"When did Small Sailboats become so common?!"

Everyone was stupefied. None of them could believe their eyes.

"Just who is that man?" Hundred Leaves shifted her gaze to Shi Feng when she saw the One-horned Sailboat.

First, the man had earned himself a bounty from the Demon God. Then he revealed a very high-rank speedboat. Now, he revealed a Small Sailboat. If someone claimed that this man wasn't supported by a major power, she wouldn't believe it.

"I have really underestimated you, Monarch. I never thought you would recruit such an expert. However, you'll never get to the island. At the end of the day, passing the inner perimeter's test depends on one's strength," Identical Summer snorted. He then steered his sailboat towards the legacy island to challenge the inner perimeter's sea monsters.

Passing Monarch's fleet might have crossed the outer perimeter with some trick, but the inner perimeter required them to face the joint attacks of a Grand Lord ranked King-class Sea Monster and two Great Lords. Without defeating these monsters, they would not be allowed to dock on the island.

Although Passing Monarch's fleet now had a Small Sailboat, the fleet's disadvantage was still obvious—the fleet lacked manpower.

The Third Fleet was only allowed to bring 90 members to the secret land, while Identical Summer, Silent Entropy, and Hundred Leaves's fleets each had over 100 people. Not only could they employ their Small Sailboats, which could accommodate 100 passengers, to their fullest potential, but they also had extra men to control multiple Bronze Speedboats. On the other hand, Passing Monarch's fleet did not even have enough players to exert its Small Sailboat to its full potential. How could Passing Monarch's fleet possibly defeat a King-class Sea Monster?

At the same time, the members of Third Fleet gazed at Shi Feng with admiration.

"Brother Ye Feng, thank you, truly. However, I still intend to give up on this grotto." Passing Monarch was extremely grateful to Shi Feng. In reality, Shi Feng could've easily decided not to help him. After all, both had already agreed that they would determine each other's harvest based on time. However, when Passing Monarch had seen the distant King-class Sea Monster, he had decided to relent.

[Magic Whale] (Marine King Creature, King-class Sea Monster, Grand Lord)
Level 55
HP 200,000,000/200,000,000

[Razorshark] (Marine King Creature, Sea Monster, Great Lord)
Level 55
HP 80,000,000/80,000,000

Seeing these sea monsters' statistics, even a naval expert like Passing Monarch felt powerless. Just one Great Lord ranked Razorshark was already a difficult foe, not to mention two and the Magic Whale. Without dozens of speedboats attacking at the same time, it was practically impossible to defeat all three sea monsters.

Meanwhile, the fleets Silent Entropy, Identical Summer, and Hundred Leaves commanded had some hope of victory as they each had around seven or eight Bronze Speedboats to assist them.

For example, Silent Entropy's Small Sailboat was currently tanking the Magic Whale while two other Bronze Speedboats dealt with the Razorsharks. As for the remaining speedboats, they focused their fire on the Razorsharks. Although each Bronze Speedboat only inflicted around -200,000 damage, the total damage from six or seven Bronze Speedboats still surpassed the sea monsters' battle recovery. It was only a matter of time before the speedboats dealt with the two Razorsharks. Once those two sea monsters had been dealt with, Silent Entropy's fleet would slowly, but surely, whittle down the Magic Whale's HP.

On the other hand, they couldn't even exert the maximum combat power of their Small Sailboat. How were they going to whittle away the sea monsters' HP?

Hence, rather than waste time here, exploring the other grottos would be more beneficial. With their fleet's strength, they wouldn't have any issues obtaining two Legacies.

"Brother Monarch, since you wish to give up, why don't you let me command the fleet for the first four hours?" Shi Feng asked.

Passing Monarch's decision hadn't particularly surprised him. After all, assessing an opponent's combat power was the basics of being an expert. If Passing Monarch couldn't even do that much, he would not have become an expert at all.

Only, Passing Monarch's assessment was slightly different from his.

"Brother Ye Feng, is there really a reason to waste time here?" Passing Monarch could not figure out what was going through Shi Feng's mind. It was already clear that they had no hope of victory, yet this Swordsman insisted on jumping into the jaws of death. However, when Passing Monarch saw the determination in Shi Feng's eyes, he had no choice but to nod, saying, "Alright, then. We'll follow your command for the next four hours. Once these four hours are up, we'll leave immediately."

Following which, both sides renewed their contract yet again. From the next four hours, the Third Fleet would be under Shi Feng's command.

After finding nothing wrong with the contract, Shi Feng stored it away in satisfaction.

"Let's go." Shi Feng smiled at the distant Magic Whale.

Others might not know the One-horned Sailboat's might, but he did. While King-class Sea Monsters were quite powerful, a Bronze Sailboat could not be underestimated, either.

Following which, Shi Feng allocated tasks to the Third Fleet's members. The Swift Dragon Speedboat and one of the Bronze Speedboats had a 20-man crew each, while each of the remaining three Bronze Speedboats had a party of six. The remaining fleet members would board the One-horned Sailboat and deal with the Magic Whale.

"This is nuts. We'll only have 32 people on our strongest ship? How are we going to hold back the Magic Whale?"

When Passing Monarch and the others saw Shi Feng's distribution, they were confused. The other fleets had three full MT parties each, splitting the Magic Whale's damage. Those fleets also had the other crew members on their Small Sailboats sharing the damage. Only then could they minimize the damage to their sailboats. Otherwise, before their respective fleets even finished off one Razorshark, their sailboats would be reporting for duty in Davy Jones' Locker.

However, Shi Feng insisted on this setup, and Passing Monarch had no choice but to agree. After all, Shi Feng now held authority over the fleet. Moreover, the sailboat belonged to Shi Feng.

As the One-horned Sailboat approached the island, a Magic Whale and two Razorsharks emerged from the water. Their massive frames resembled large mountains, blocking the legacy island from view.

"Begin!" Shi Feng fired the Thunder Cannon at the Magic Whale.



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