Chapter 1220 - Discovered

Inside the elegant hall, the Freedom Alliance's various commanders all had their own plans. They were all brimming with confidence about obtaining the Legacy of the Sea this time.

Just as the various commanders were conversing with each other, the female Elementalist Blue Joy led Shi Feng into the hall.

Although Shi Feng's appearance was not particularly conspicuous, as he looked just like the many other cloaked players within the hall, he still attracted everyone's attention.

"This person came in with Blue Joy. He should be the expert Monarch recruited to help, right?"

"Sure enough, Monarch really did come prepared."

"But why is there only one person?"

The various fleet commanders began quietly discussing Shi Feng as they looked at the Swordsman walking towards Monarch.

The fact that Passing Monarch managed to become the commander of the Freedom Alliance's Third Fleet showed that his individual strength was extraordinary. Otherwise, the other fleets would've long since overtaken his fleet.

However, seeing that Passing Monarch had invited only one helper confused everyone.

"It seems Monarch has really miscalculated this time."

Unlike the previous time, when the various fleet commanders had not invited even a single outsider to help out, they had all recruited plenty of helpers for the expedition this time. Even the lowest ranked among them had invited over ten people, while some had actually invited over forty people.

"Brother Ye Feng, did you come alone this time?" Passing Monarch asked quietly, feeling greatly perplexed as he looked at Shi Feng walking over to him.

Although he had invited Shi Feng, he never said that only Shi Feng alone could join. After all, the more people taking control of a speedboat, the more power it could display. A speedboat's ability to endure attacks from monsters would also improve with more players on board. Hence, in God's Domain, the more players a ship could accommodate, the stronger it would be.

In fact, he had even reserved 30 slots specifically for Shi Feng. Despite that, Shi Feng had come by himself.

"The others are all busy, so I didn't bother bringing them over," Shi Feng explained.

Currently, the majority of Zero Wing's experts were still stuck in combat inside the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest. Only a portion of them had come out so far, and those who had were busy leading expert teams to grind for weapons and equipment. After all, Zero Wing was currently mass-recruiting new members and was in dire need of weapons and equipment. Meanwhile, Aqua Rose and the others were inside the Secret Technique space and would not be coming out anytime soon.

Rather than bring a group of elite members with him, it was much better to let Passing Monarch's other companions, who were much more accustomed to naval warfare, enter the ruins.

Passing Monarch could not help falling speechless at Shi Feng's words. He felt that Shi Feng was underestimating the Legacy competition.

Although he could have his own subordinates take up the missing slots, their coordination with Shi Feng would not be particularly good since neither side had a great understanding of each other.

Meanwhile, at the same time as Passing Monarch was conversing with Shi Feng, Hundred Leaves, who sat a short distance away, had her gaze fixed on Shi Feng, shock surfacing on her flawless, white face. However, Hundred Leaves very quickly hid this reaction of hers.

"Leaves, is there something strange about that person?" the cloaked woman seated beside Hundred Leaves asked quietly.

"He is the person I'm looking for," Hundred Leaves said, a hint of excitement surfacing in her eyes as her lips curled up slightly.

At Hundred Leaves's words, the cloaked woman turned to look at Shi Feng despite herself and exclaimed in surprise, "How can this be? The Demon God sent the recovery order to every Dark Player in God's Domain. How could the person holding the Soul Orb possibly appear before us so easily?"

"I can't believe it, either. However, the Detection Crystal I spent 3,000 Magic Crystals to buy cannot be mistaken. As long as the Soul Orb is within 30 yards of me, the Detection Crystal will automatically sense it. Moreover, I've already used Detection on him and have already confirmed that the Soul Orb is indeed on that person's body." Hundred Leaves chuckled. "I never thought that I would be able to encounter the person holding the Soul Orb so quickly. My luck really is too good."

"Then, when are we going to make a move?" the cloaked woman asked.

"No need to rush. We'll have plenty of opportunities once we enter the secret land," Hundred Leaves said as she waved her hand. "Have Scorpion secretly keep an eye on them."

Once players entered the secret land, they would not be able to leave for a certain period. At that time, there would be no escape for Shi Feng.

"Alright, I'll notify Scorpion right away." The cloaked woman nodded.

If Passing Monarch heard the conversation between Hundred Leaves and the cloaked woman right now, he would definitely be shocked. After all, based on the way the two were speaking with each other, the cloaked woman from the Sacred Temple seemed more like Hundred Leaves's subordinate rather than a collaborator.

However, shortly after everyone began talking about Shi Feng, the entire hall fell silent once again as it was nearly time for them to set out for Sea Dragon City.

At this moment, a refined middle-aged man dressed in white robes entered the hall. Walking behind him were two robust men—a Level 43 Ranger with a dark gray longbow slung over his shoulder and a Level 43 Guardian Knight with a massive, white bone shield on his back.

The two could easily rank near the top of the Ranking List of any empire in God's Domain. Not to mention, both the bow and the shield these two men carried were currently radiating the Epic glow effect. The two men looked extremely conspicuous as they entered the hall.

"Since everyone has already gathered, let us begin, then," the refined middle-aged man said unhurriedly after taking a glance at everyone in the hall. "As is traditional, my First Fleet will dispatch 100 members while the other fleets will dispatch 90 members each for a total of 1,000 members. If there are no objections, we'll start right away."

Although the man's voice sounded mild, nobody present dared to look down on him.

After all, this refined man was none other than the founder of the Freedom Alliance. He was also the commander of the current First Fleet, Silent Entropy.

None of the commanders present said anything in response. Instead, they each took out a tablet fragment while Silent Entropy took out two tablet fragments.

When everyone present combined their tablet fragments, the fragments formed a complete circular tablet with an ancient magic array carved on it, and the instant the tablet was assembled, a spatial portal gradually appeared in midair.

When Silent Entropy saw that the spatial portal had stabilized, he took back his two fragments and said, "Alright, everyone, enter according to fleet ranks now."

Following which, the other commanders also stored their tablet fragments and entered the spatial portal together with their own fleets in an orderly procession.

The first ones to enter were the First Fleet's 100 members, followed by the Second Fleet's 90 members and so on. After the 1,000th player walked into the spatial portal, the portal vanished from the hall.

The instant Shi Feng entered the secret land, before he could even see where he had been transported to, the sound of a system notification reached his ears.

System: You have entered the secret land beneath Sea Dragon City. You are not allowed to leave before six hours have passed. After ten hours have passed, you will be automatically transferred out of the secret land.

When the system notification came to an end, Shi Feng was finally able to see his surroundings clearly.

He was currently standing in the middle of a massive cavern with an ink-black lake encircling his location. Moreover, fog hovered above the lake. He could barely make out passages at the far end of the cavern.

While Shi Feng was busy observing his surroundings, the members of the Freedom Alliance began releasing their ships onto the lake in an orderly manner.

Even the weakest ship released was an advanced speedboat. There were also plenty of Bronze Speedboats, which were originally very rare in the outside world. It was an amazing sight to behold.

The secret land did not place any restriction on the number of ships that could be brought in. However, the appearance of over 120 ships on the lake would immediately trigger a massive monster attack. Only after these monsters had destroyed the excess ships would they leave. Hence, the various fleets of the Freedom Alliance had agreed that each fleet could bring a maximum of ten ships each. Any fleet caught bringing more than the agreed number of ships would have their right to enter the secret land in the future taken away. Moreover, as everyone had signed a contract agreeing to this point, there was no escaping the penalty if they broke their word.

At this moment, the cloaked woman, who stood beside Hundred Leaves, covertly observed the distant Shi Feng as she quietly asked, "Leaves, should we take action now?"



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