Chapter 1229 - Glory and Collapse

Shi Feng's taunt instantly enraged his enemies.

However, due to Shi Feng's frightening performance and chilling killing intent, nobody dared to rush at him casually, either.

"We've got ourselves a tough one. Melees, distract him! Ranged players, assist from the sides! I refuse to believe that we can't take him down!" a thin Elementalist behind the group shouted.

The heavy pressure these players felt from Shi Feng vanished the moment the Elementalist finished speaking.

Five melee players then charged at Shi Feng.

A Guardian Knight used Justice Roar. A Berserker used Flame Slash; a Shield Warrior used Shield Bash; a Swordsman used Wind Blade, and an Assassin used Stealth and circled to Shi Feng's back.

All five were Level 43 and equipped with Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment. In terms of weapons and equipment, they were not the least bit inferior to Mad Beast. Moreover, these five had excellent coordination. While the Guardian Knight and Shield Warrior were distracting Shi Feng, the other three launched attacks from Shi Feng's blind spots. Even peak experts would have to retreat temporarily in the face of such an attack. After all, if hit, Shi Feng would definitely be at a disadvantage.

At the same time, the slim Elementalist waved his staff and double cast, sealing off Shi Feng's only path of retreat with an Ice Wall as well as sending five Great Fireballs following the Guardian Knight and Shield Warrior.

Amazing! Identical Summer was inwardly impressed by the timing and execution the House of Seas' experts displayed.

Whether Shi Feng tried to run or fight after repelling the Guardian Knight and Shield Warrior, the five Great Fireballs would strike the instant he pushed the two MTs back.

If Identical Summer had to face such a well-planned assault, he would die.

Contrary to expectation, however, Shi Feng smiled as the five melee players moved towards him. Immediately, he used Silent Steps and vanished. He reappeared behind the slim Elementalist and swung down his sword.


However, before Shi Feng's Killing Ray could strike the Elementalist, a layer of ice stopped it in mid-swing.

Impressive reaction time.

The Ice Barrier before him surprised Shi Feng slightly. He would not underestimate Mad Beast and the other House of Seas' experts. Otherwise, he wouldn't have used Instant Strike right from the start.

The House of Seas had been one of the six major maritime trading firms in the past. The wealth it amassed was unimaginable. Meanwhile, To grow one's business to such an extent, one first needed enough strength to protect it.

In fact, Mad Beast and the others represented the House of Seas' strength. They were all incredibly strong, and every one had been an apex expert that had reached Tier 5. Even on land, the House of Seas had been strong enough to challenge Super Guilds.

After Shi Feng's attack met the Elementalist's Ice Barrier, the other House of Seas members reacted and bombarded Shi Feng with attacks.

Dozens of arrows and Spells flew at Shi Feng, giving the Swordsman no other choice but to retreat momentarily.

"Be careful. This bastard as quite a few Instantaneous Movement Skills," the Elementalist warned his companions. "Don't hold back."

If not for Shi Feng's previous display against Mad Beast, even he would have been slow to react.

He was second-in-command in the House of Seas, nicknamed the Frost Saint. He had also been born with faster reactions than most ordinary people.

Even so, Shi Feng had nearly caught him off guard and killed him. This proved that Shi Feng's Basic Attributes and combat standards were extraordinary.

"I really never imagined that we would one day meet an opponent that could force all of us to activate our Berserk Skills and work together." The Shield Warrior sighed as he looked at Shi Feng, who remained unharmed. However, he did not take the situation lightly as he activated his Berserk Skill. Immediately, his HP doubled, soaring past the 70,000-threshold. His Strength and Agility Attributes had also improved significantly.


"This guy's too nimble! I'll try to restrain him!" a distant Ranger announced as he took five silver arrows from his bag.

"Savage, you're so generous!" the Shield Warrior chuckled as he glanced at the silver arrows.

The Ranger named Savage treasured these silver arrows, each worth 10 Gold Coins. Crafting the arrows required many rare materials. Aside from dealing with Grand Lords, he had never seen Savage use the arrows on anything.

Just one of those silver arrows packed enough power to injure a Grand Lord, not to mention five of them.

Even if he activated a Lifesaving Skill, he couldn't avoid the Ranger's treasures.

"He should be proud to die under my arrows," Savage boasted as he activated his Berserk Skill and released his bowstring.


All five silver arrows flew towards Shi Feng simultaneously.

As the silver arrows sliced through the air, they twisted the space around them.

Gravity Arrows? Shi Feng frowned when he saw the incoming arrows. Originally, he had intended to preserve some of his Skills, but he scrapped that idea. Without hesitation, he activated Thunder God's Descent, increasing his Movement Speed and Attack Speed 150%, damage by 50%, and decreasing all damage received by 50% for 30 seconds.

He then charged straight at the Shield Warrior and five Gravity Arrows.

As Shi tightened his grips on his two swords and brandished them, starlight sparkled around him.

Sword's Orbit!

Peng… Peng… Peng…

Shi Feng's blades repulsed the Shield Warrior instantly, forcing the man to take several steps back. As for Shi Feng himself, he was knocked back by roughly eight yards, his blades emitting a low hum.

"He blocked them!?" Savage's mouth twitched.

Sure enough, fighting so many Refinement Realm and above experts is taxing. Shi Feng revealed a bitter smile as he glanced at his trembling hands.

He had lost 10,000 HP when he had blocked the five Gravity Arrows. Without Thunder God's Descent, he would've lost double that. He only had around 10,000 HP remaining.

Normally, killing any one of these players in a one-on-one would be a piece of cake with his level, weapons, and equipment.

However, even he couldn't end this battle in a short time with these fourteen players working together. His best option was a battle of attrition, slowly wearing down his opposition. Unfortunately, it was obvious that he didn't have that luxury.

Currently, Identical Summer's men had already begun to clash with Passing Monarch and the others. It was only a matter of time before so many enemies annihilated Passing Monarch and his fleet.

It seems that I don't have the option of holding back any longer. Shi Feng sighed. He then activated Heavenly Dragon's Power.

He had yet to reach the legacy island. Nobody knew what would happen once they docked. In addition to the time limit, Shi Feng had wanted to conserve some of his strength in case of emergency.

However, now that the House of Seas experts had already their Berserk Skills, he had lost his advantage of higher Basic Attributes.

The slim Elementalist felt a chill crawl down his spine when he saw this situation. He immediately shouted, "Careful. He has used his Berserk Skill."

"Damn it! How is he so strong?! Frost, find an opportunity to use a Tier 3 Magic Scroll!"

"We'll pay for this trade."

The House of Seas' members wore serious expressions. They glared at Shi Feng was as if he were their greatest enemy, focusing on the Swordman's every move.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng no longer held back.

Wind Rider!

In the blink of an eye, Shi Feng appeared before the slim Elementalist, who had been 16 yards away. He swung down his sword.

It was a simple and straightforward slash.

However, despite such a simple attack, the Elementalist couldn't dodge in time. He was forced to use Blink, instantly appearing 15 yards away.

Too close! Although Shi Feng's sudden appearance had shaken the slim Elementalist, he had use Blink in time. With this, Shi Feng couldn't close in on him again so easily.

"Be careful!"

As the Elementalist refocused his attention on Shi Feng, he heard his companion's warning. Unfortunately, the warning came too late as Shi Feng already stood before him…

The upgraded Wind Rider increased Shi Feng's Movement Speed by 300%. With the Movement Speed and Agility buff from the Aura of Wind, Shi Feng could easily cross a dozen yards or so in the blink of an eye. His speed might not be comparable to Blink or Instantaneous Movement, but in such close quarters, he was not very far behind.


Although the Elementalist tried to retaliate, Killing Ray had already sliced open his neck, draining all of his HP.



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