Chapter 1233 - Breaking a Magic Array with One Sentence

Hearing this, Passing Monarch's expression darkened as he prepared for an attack.

He had less than thirty people. In contrast, Hundred Leaves and Silent Entropy had a force of over 150. Aside from the numerical disadvantage, his men had already used their Berserk Skills to deal with Identical Summer's men. Without their Berserk Skills, they were even less of a match for Hundred Leaves and Silent Entropy's people.

However, what Passing Monarch had not realized was that Hundred Leaves's subordinates had long since taken action.

Suddenly, a crimson barrier appeared around Shi Feng's group, enveloping them.

"Commander Monarch, I'll have to ask you and your crew to wait here while we go ahead," Hundred Leaves said, giggling as she glanced at Shi Feng, who stood beside Passing Monarch.

There was no limit to the number of people that could enter the Legacy's location. However, the sooner one entered, the higher their chances were of obtaining it.

If not for witnessing Shi Feng's combat power personally, she would've killed Passing Monarch and the others instead of wasting a magic barrier.

"Hundred Leaves, you're despicable!" Blue Joy gnashed her teeth, glaring at the female commander.

If the other party had simply wanted to fight, they could have accepted that. After all, they could have found an opportunity to escape into the Tower of Falling Stars. Once inside, they would enter a separate space. By then, Hundred Leaves and the others would not be able to touch them, and they could compete for the Legacy fairly. However, they wouldn't escape this trap for some time. If they were stuck in the barrier for too long, Hundred Leaves and the others might secure the Legacy before they broke free.

"Don't worry. I have a Tier 3 Magic Scroll. It should not be difficult to break this magic array." Passing Monarch shot Hundred Leaves a glare. He hadn't expected the woman to waste a magic array willingly. He couldn't help but smile bitterly as he turned to Shi Feng.

After saying so, Passing Monarch took out his only Tier 3 Magic Scroll, Storm Spear.

As Passing Monarch activated the Magic Scroll, a blue magic array appeared behind him. Several spears, shaped like tornadoes, bombarded the crimson barrier.

The attack struck the barrier six times. However, after trembling slightly, it quickly returned to its original state. Meanwhile, the fifteen players maintaining the magic array only lost 1% of their Mana.

"Don't bother. Although this is only a Basic Magic Array, it is among the best. Even Grand Lords of the same level need some time to break out," Hundred Leaves explained when she saw the grim look on Passing Monarch's face.

In reality, she had been reluctant to use the magic array. However, with the possibility that Shi Feng might be a Domain Realm expert, she could not afford to be careless.

Silent Entropy glanced at Shi Feng as well, before chuckling and said, "Commander Leaves, our agreement ends here. Once we enter the legacy location, we'll compete with our own abilities."

As the first person to have obtained a Legacy from the Sea Dragon Secret Land, he was familiar with how these locations operated.

Everyone believed that obtaining a Legacy upon reaching the location was easy. In reality, that was not true. One first needed to pass the location's trials.

Now that they had trapped Shi Feng, who possessed frightening combat power, they had one less serious competitor. Now, he only had to worry about Hundred Leaves.

After speaking, Silent Entropy led his men into the Tower of Falling Stars.

"That old fox really moves quickly." Hundred Leaves clicked her tongue. She commanded, "Let's go in. We can't let that old fox get ahead of us."

After Silent Entropy and Hundred Leaves entered the Tower of Falling Stars with their subordinates, only Shi Feng's group and the players maintaining the magic array remained outside.

However, shortly after Silent Entropy and Hundred Leaves left, Shi Feng, who had been silent all this time, grinned.

"Brother Ye Feng, you're still in the mood to smile?! If we don't get out of here quickly, they will get the Legacy!" Passing Monarch complained anxiously.

Despite their efforts to take down the magic barrier, the players maintaining the array hadn't lost much Mana. At this rate, they would need an hour of constant attacks before they could escape.

"Relax. We'll be able to get out of here quickly," Shi Feng consoled, chuckling.

"With just you? Maybe in another hundred years," one of the Elementalists maintaining the array laughed when he heard Shi Feng's boast.

"This magic array is a Six-star Crimson World, an extremely rare Basic Magic Array. It can even hold Grand Lords for a short time. Am I right?" Shi Feng chuckled as he asked the Elementalist.

"How do you know this array?!" the Elementalist cried out in surprise.

Before Hundred Leaves had given them this magic array, they had neither heard of it nor seen one before.

"What do you think?" Shi Feng did not bother answering. Instead, he offered a sophisticated smile.

In the past, the Six-star Crimson World had been the Sacred Temple's trademark magic array. The Temple had frequently sold the magic array for a steep price. Just one Magic Array Scroll had cost 5 Gold Coins. To complete the set, one needed 15 scrolls. The magic array had been used in Dungeon raids specifically. As players progressed to the game, encountering two Bosses at once in large-scale Team Dungeons became common. To cope, players had normally trapped one Boss while dealing with the other.

He couldn't possibly tell them that he had purchased the magic array in the past…

"So what if you know about it? Do you think you can escape just because you know its name?" the Elementalist asked contemptuously.

The other players maintaining the array nodded in agreement. They considered Shi Feng's words to be nothing more than baseless arrogance.

"You guys, attack the six corners." Immediately, Shi Feng commanded his group.

In God's Domain, all magic arrays had weak points. Only, players didn't usually know them.

Had his enemies used a relatively rare magic array to trap him, he wouldn't have known how to break it. However, he was very familiar with the Six-star Crimson World. If Hundred Leaves had to blame anyone, she should blame the Sacred Temple for selling so many Basic Magic Arrays in the past.

Following which, under Shi Feng's command, the team ruthlessly attacked the array's six corners.

The magic barrier, which had been unshakable, began to tremble violently. Their combined efforts were even more effective than Passing Monarch's Tier 3 Magic Scroll. Meanwhile, the players maintaining the array watched their Mana deplete rapidly. Each wave of attacks stole 2% of their Mana. After several dozen waves, the 15 magical class players' Mana fell below 50%.

"Brother Ye Feng, you're too amazing!" Blue Joy and the other members of Third Fleet gushed.

They had already been impressed after watching Shi Feng slaughter so many experts. Now, he had dealt with a powerful magic barrier with a single sentence.

"How is this possible?!" the players maintaining the magic array were going mad as they watched their Mana plummet.

The Six-star Crimson World was even capable of trapping a Grand Lord, yet it faltered in the face of a small team of Tier 1 players.

"Here's the final hit." As Shi Feng made the announcement, he activated Firestorm.

After reaching Tier 1, Firestorm's might had become extraordinary. In the next moment, little butterflies of fire landed on the magic barrier's corners. When these little butterflies touched the barrier, the resulting impact resembled that of a high-speed truck crashing into a wall.

After a mere three seconds, the Six-star Crimson World crumbled as the players maintaining it ran out of Mana.

Without Mana, magical class players were little more than Berserkers without weapons. Very quickly, Passing Monarch and the others massacred them.

"Let's hurry inside," Passing Monarch ordered.

Although they had been only stuck inside the magic barrier for several minutes, those minutes might give Hundred Leaves and the others' a lead in the race for the Legacy.

Meanwhile, inside the Tower of Falling Stars, Hundred Leaves received a notification from a subordinate, which included a video of Shi Feng breaking the magic array.

"Just who is this guy?" Confusion swirled in Hundred Leaves mind as she stared at Shi Feng in the video.



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