Chapter 1244 - Shattering the Alliance

The Resurrection Temple was not very large. Four or five Basic Mana Pulse Bombs were more than enough to cover the area.

As a result, Identical Summer and the others died again and again. Although they had not lost any levels, they had each lost five or six weapons and pieces of equipment so far; that was practically half of their items. Needless to say, their combat powers had decreased tremendously. Despite their numerical advantage, they were no longer a threat to Passing Monarch's fleet.

"Passing Monarch, you're going too far! At the end of the day, we are still members of the Freedom Alliance!" Identical Summer shouted at Passing Monarch and Shi Feng, who currently stood in the Resurrection Temple's entrance. "Are you trying to make an enemy of all ten of our fleets?!"

If these members were only from the Second and Fourth Fleets, Passing Monarch could pay them no heed. However, the players present included experts from every fleet, with the exception of Third.

If Passing Monarch made enemies of all ten fleets, he couldn't remain in the Freedom Alliance.

The Freedom Alliance was comprised of the independent faction and the small Guild faction. Meanwhile. Passing Monarch had only risen to the third seat in the Alliance due to the support from the other independent adventurer fleets. If Passing Monarch lost that support, with his fleet's current strength, he could easily be knocked down to the bottom of the Freedom Alliance. If Passing Monarch made enemies of everyone, he wouldn't even receive scraps in the future.

If that happened, it would only be a matter of time before Passing Monarch and his fleet were forced out of the Freedom Alliance.

Passing Monarch's expression darkened upon hearing this, glaring at Identical Summer. Although he was frustrated, he whispered to Shi Feng, suggesting, "Brother Ye Feng, if we continue this fight, every fleet here will become an enemy. If that happens, our future plans will be affected."

Part of the reason that he had become the Third fleet's commander was that he had worked with the other independent adventurer fleets during past city defenses. If he broke all pretenses with the other fleets here and were kicked out of their circle, it would become far more difficult to contest for the Freedom Alliance's first seat in the future.

"I understand." Shi Feng nodded.

Seeing Passing Monarch and his people halt their attack, Identical Summer chuckled and said, "Monarch, it's good that you are aware of the situation. Let's forget about this matter altogether. However, you must return the items our member lost. After all, they were originally ours."

He had suffered severe losses in this visit to the secret land.

Not only had he lost his Small Sailboat, but he had also lost half of his equipment. His subordinates had suffered severe losses as well. Recovering from these battles would take a long time.

With the situation now in his favor, he had to ask for the items back.

"Identical Summer is too shameless! He clearly attacked us first! Now that he knows he can't beat us, he's using the masses to pressure us!" Blue Joy was furious. However, she was also powerless to do anything about Identical Summer's shamelessness.

As Passing Monarch hesitated over his decision, Shi Feng used Silent Steps and appeared behind Identical Summer once more, his Sacred Sword slashing down on the Elementalist.

A streak of blue light bisected Identical Summer's body.


Only after Killing Ray had cut through his body did Identical Summer realized what had just occurred. He could not fathom why Shi Feng would dare to make an enemy of practically every fleet in the Freedom Alliance. Although Identical Summer wanted to say something, his vision had already darkened, and his body no longer reacted as it collapsed to the ground. Without hesitation, Shi Feng picked up the Dark-Gold staff the man had dropped.

Everyone was stunned. Passing Monarch's jaw hit the ground.

Passing Monarch even wondered if Shi Feng had understood his prior words.

"If you wish to leave this place, it is very simple. From now on, I'll give you three minutes. After three minutes, the 50 players still standing in this Resurrection Temple may leave. You can keep your spoils of war. Any who linger best prepare themselves." Shi Feng warned, smiling as he glanced at every enemy expert. He then walked towards the temple's entrance, checking the system clock.

Identical Summer might know how to use the masses to his advantage, but the Elementalist was ten years too early if he thought he that he could use an unstable alliance like this against Shi Feng.

"You're looking to die! Don't listen to him! He wouldn't dare move against us!" Identical Summer, who just resurrected, shouted.

However, as soon as Identical Summer finished speaking, another chaotic battle raged in the Resurrection Temple.

There was no longer an alliance to speak of. Nobody present wished to lose the weapons and equipment they had struggled to obtain. Moreover, when they thought about Shi Feng's demonic prowess, they stop caring about what was right or wrong. Finishing off the members of the other fleets was far more important right now.

Watching everyone kill each other, Mad Beast turned to the slim Elementalist beside him and asked, "Saint, what should we do?"

"Kill. We can't bet our fate on that lunatic, hoping he's not so bold as to provoke the other fleets," Frost Saint said, sighing. "Moreover, we can, more or less, make up for some of our losses in this slaughter."

"Alright." Mad Beast licked his lips. Immediately, he joined the fray. As for making a break for the temple's entrance, that was definitely not an option. Shi Feng instantly killed the few players that tried. He could only hope that Shi Feng would keep to his word.

Time passed quickly. Everyone inside the Resurrection Temple grew frenzied as they slaughtered each other. As soon as a player died and resurrected, they rejoined the battle. Players died just as fast as they had against the Basic Mana Pulse Bombs.

Watching the bloodbath, Passing Monarch and Blue Joy were shocked. When they looked at Shi Feng, who sat by the temple's entrance, cold sweat dripped down their backs. They inwardly celebrated the fact that they stood on this man's side. Otherwise, the consequences would be truly horrific.

With just a few words, Shi Feng had shattered the ten fleets' temporary alliance and turned them all against each other as he watched their strength wane.

A demon!

He was definitely a demon!

After three minutes, silence descended upon the Resurrection Temple. Some rejoiced, while others despaired.

Those who rejoiced stood in the center of the main hall. These people were the 50 survivors after the three minutes. As for those that resurrected after the time limit, they stood in the back of the temple, hatred shining in their eyes as they glared at the 50 survivors.

"As promised, you may leave." Shi Feng addressed the victors.

Hearing Shi Feng's words, these people breathed a sigh of relief. Fearing that Shi Feng would change his mind, they dashed out of the Resurrection Temple.

The remaining players were a miserable sight to behold due to the lost equipment and levels.

Inside the secret land, players would lose 5% of their EXP each time they died. Even so, these players had lost more than one level. The majority of the items they currently wore were no more than temporary replacements. Some even wore Level 30 Bronze Equipment…

As these players watched Shi Feng approach, fear filled their eyes. They all regretted participating in this operation.

"Aside from Identical Summer, everyone may leave after contributing a portion of your souls," Shi Feng announced after meeting each player's eyes.

Although they weren't sure what Shi Feng intended, after hearing that they could leave this demon's den, they agreed to his demands without hesitation. After all, a temporary Weakened state was far better than dying back to Level 0.

"Just you wait! I will not let a single one of you get away!" Hearing Shi Feng's words, Identical Summer's expression twisted. He then logged out of the game, ignoring the severe penalty the system would impose as a result.

Elsewhere, the other fleet commanders had received news of this situation, and every one of them was flabbergasted.



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